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Parody Products Idrink Black Box

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Discrete, sexy and fun, the idrink phone flask allows you to take your favorite beverage anywhere
Holds 4.5 ounces


Technology hipsters: heads-up! Here’s the most up to date, will have to-have gadget in your collection. Seriously! Introducing the iDrink Phone Flask by Parody Products. Ingeniously designed to be sleek and discreet, this Brand new day Flask holds as much as a cheeky 4.5 ounces of your favorite libation. Be it Sports Event, your favorite Opera, Concert, or Cinema? iDrink is perfect Phone Flask to bring along and enjoy stealthy, adult refreshment at the go. Some background: In 2010, a thirsty gent was once sitting at a football game, about to head to the stadium. In his hand, a cup full of a tasty, adult beverage. Seeing said cup would never be allowed into the venue, he pondered how one might find a way to discreetly bring a nip or two into any event. Hmmmmmm. From that situation, the iDrink Phone Flask was once born. Traditional flasks are metal and bulky. How could folks enjoy a Brand new day flask that was once specifically both discrete and passed for something else? He looked to his cell phone and thus started the 2+ year quest to bring to life the iDrink, a discrete, sexy, realistic Phone Flask that one would be proud to bring out to on the subject of any event where you are feeling enjoying a discrete libation is in order. Enjoy your Brand new Day iDrink Phone Flask, bring the fun! Specs are 5.95-inches Height x 2.87-inches Length x .72 inches Width’ totally fabulous, unique party favors or groovy gifts – but please enjoy responsibly!
Discrete, sexy and fun, the idrink phone flask lets you take your favorite beverage anywhere
Holds 4.5 ounces

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