With thousands of photos, selfies, and groupies jostling for space in your phone galleries and laptops, how do you make your most important memories special? We have come a long way from the days of Kodak photographs, bulky albums, and framed memories. 

Almost every moment is documented giving us gigabytes bursting with photos, most of which never make it to the printer even! But who can ever desist from preserving mementos of priceless moments? 

Despite the ubiquitousness of cameras, artificial poses and pouts, we all still choose to click away or get the high points of our lives faithfully documented by talented artists. From custom wedding portrait to oil painting reproduction to portrait reproduction, it’s trendy to turn photo into a masterpiece and create memories from real art. 

The story of photography

It may surprise many to discover that humanity owes it all to an Arab physicist who lived between 965 and 1040!  Yes! The first camera that was used to capture an image had been invented by Ibn Al-Haytham who managed to decipher the science behind the effects of light passing through a pinhole. It was this physicist’s work called ‘Book of Optics’ that turned out to be the foundation for other innovative scientists, who were similarly fascinated about acquiring images.

Despite many inventive minds trying to crack the puzzle, it was only in 1822 that Nicephore Niepce managed to create the first permanent photo etching. Human beings have indeed traveled a long way from daguerreotypes and black and white photos to the modern color photographs.

Memories bring back you

Memories bring back youIf one were to tweak the song by Maroon 5, the lyrics would perfectly summarise why we need these pieces of memories in our lives, ‘Cause the (snaps) bring back all the memories…And the memories bring back, memories bring back you…’ This is so true about some of our photographs. They are our most precious memories, frozen in time for us to relive the wonder of a moment lost in the distant past.

Framed, pasted in heavy albums or stuck to walls – since photographs were expensive and valuable, there were only these few options to preserve the treasures. However, with the advent of digital photography, one could click as many snaps as one wanted, until the satisfactory angle and pose were satisfactorily captured. There was no investment in film and time-consuming chemical treatment to get positive photos.

What next, you may wonder? The answer: after garnering a gazillion likes on Facebook and Instagram, how do you make the cherished moments more special? Would they finally reach the recycle bin or fade away into oblivion along with other data stored on computers and smartphones?

From photography to artwork

From photography to artwork

There can be nothing more beautiful and exceptional than converting a prized memory into a painting! One can now feel regal like the royalty of the bygone eras, who were fortunate enough to have their portraits painted by famous artists. 

Presenting your loved ones an artwork depicting their cherished memories would definitely be an irreplaceable and unmatched gift. All you have to do is spare some time in choosing a photo that can be converted into an incredible artwork. From digital photo to oil painting, it’s time to make your dear one feel very special. 

Oil painting reproductions of photos

You need not worry about paying a hefty amount to get yourself or your loved ones painted anymore. You also need not pose in unnatural positions for hours at a stretch to get a personalized artwork. Here is a simple and effective way to feel like royalty! Take a look at the amazing possibilities right here. 

From digital photo to oil painting

Our talented artists will help you acquire an oil painting reproduction of your personal reminiscences. After choosing a photo, all you have to do is to upload it on our website and we will get back to you with an ideal and distinctive piece of memorabilia that will lend a personalized dash of glamour to your wall décor. And is one of a kind masterpiece that you will not find anywhere else. 

Elegance in oil

Elegance in oil

As you know, the most famous classic artworks are those that were painted using the medium of oil paints. Oil painting is timeless and elegant due to the rich texture it provides, the layers that convey the depth, and the amazing details that can be seen thanks to the medium. The colors used in oil paintings are vibrant and would never lose the luster thanks to the higher pigments and coat of varnish that protects the colors. 

Photographs may fade, turn dull or yellow, get stained, or get stuck to the plastic covering in albums, leaving you without your reminiscences. Often the quality of paper used in printing photos leads to quick deterioration too. Silverfish damage is yet another common issue that plagues photos.

Safeguard the Memories

Preserving photos as oil artworks will go a long way in keeping your memories safe and protected from the ravages of time. One can also restore damaged photos using this technique, thus conserving family heirlooms for posterity. 

Transform the images of your grandparents and forefathers from the black and white era into beautiful oil paintings. If you are interested in immortalizing your photographs in royal style check out for some amazing inspiration.

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