What the Science Says About Green Tea, Weight and Fat Loss

Green tea is one of the foods most associated with metabolic activity and the process of burning fats, however, it is not known exactly how important is its effect on the body, so today, we do an analysis of different studies to To be able to show you what science says about green tea, weight loss, and body fat burning.

After reviewing some research on green tea about weight loss and fat burning, its antioxidant effect and its impact on energy metabolism, we conclude that what science says about it is:

  • In a small study, it was found that the green tea extract rich in catechins has a thermogenic effect that increases caloric expenditure and fat oxidation, due in part to the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system.
  • In research published in 2009, it was found after 12 weeks of three 60-minute exercise sessions each a week that the intake of catechins such as those possessed by green tea improves the changes induced by exercise on abdominal fat and Triglycerides in blood, but does not produce large differences in total fat.
  • An analysis of the ability of green tea catechins to control obesity demonstrates that the intake of 2 to 4 cups of green tea daily can be helpful in controlling body weight and adipose tissue, but can also Improve the lipid profile by reducing triglycerides and LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol.
  • Finally, a study found that the intake of green tea extract with a high content of catechins induces positive changes in lipid profile, waist circumference, fat percentage and blood pressure, which would benefit cardiovascular health to future.

In conclusion, the intake of green tea for weight loss and burning fat by its content in a particular species of antioxidant catechins can be of help to control weight and body composition for the benefit of health.

 What kind of green tea is best for weight loss

However, it is important to remember that green tea is not a miracle food and that while it may favor thermogenesis, induce metabolic expenditure and help us achieve good changes in fat mass in the body, the idea is to complement its Moderate intake with healthy lifestyle habits.

In addition, green tea should not be consumed in excess, because it has caffeine that in large quantities is not advisable if we want to take care of health, so, with an average of three cups a day and good habits that accompany their consumption we can take advantage of the effects of Green tea that science has shown.

5 Ways of drinking green tea for weight loss

There’s no more wonderful to gift tea for tea lovers.


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