What do I want for my birthday?

It is time is near your birthday, and you are confused by the question “What do I want for my birthday?” Let me help you figure out something very special and memorable for your day. If you are getting overwhelmed with choices for gifts, or you don’t know which activity you want to do most on your birthday, this article has some suggestion for you.

On your special day, it may be very busy and has many choices for you. Do you want to have a dinner with your family, a party with your friend, or a trip with your good boyfriend or beautiful girlfriend?

Let brainstorm some gift ideas, interests and experiments you want for a memorable birthday

What gifts do I want to get?

First, write down something you feel fun to do. Remember you hobby and think about some activities or items you used. For example, if you like painting or drawing, write some accessories you need like pencils, paintbrushes, or paints, linseed oil or turpentine. Where you want to go when painting, where you can find new ideas for your artworks.

If you like music, what is your favorite band or singers? Which is their new album? Do they have a concert next time? Do you want to update your headphone? If you love a sports team, do you want to watch their match, do you need some items to support them like jerseys, sweatshirts, and hats with your favorite team’s logo?

If you are a cooking lover, think what you need next time are great ideas. Do you want to update some pots, pans, or kitchen accessories? Some exotic spices instead also cool ideas, let try something new with your dishes on birthday.

If you love to play some sports like tennis, basketball, baseball. Sports equipment or accessories may be expensive. However, birthday is your special day, and you deserve the gifts.

Do you love electronic devices? You can ask for some new headphone, computer, phone or tablet, iPod, a smartwatch. If you love reading, an ebook reader is an appropriate gift for you.

Jewelry is a great birthday gift idea for men, and women. Do you want to get some necklace, bracelets rings with your birthstones from mom, dad, your boyfriend, or girlfriend? It is more meaningful if the jewelry is personalized with your name or lovely messages.

Another thoughtful gift I love most is a handmade gift. The gift is often special more than store-bought gifts. You may ask someone who is talent at sewing or kitting for a new scarf, hat, or sweater.

Birthday is a great day for you to do anything you like, you may also talk that with someone who asks you about what gifts you want for your birthday.

Where do I want to go?

It is so great if you can go to my favorite places on birthday. That is going to watch operas, plays, or concert, music show.  Do you want to go to support for my sports team and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere at the stadium? Do you want to go to a picnic and breath the fresh air of nature?

For your birthday, if you have a big budget, you may plan for a traveling to a place you have never been to. It is so special if someone can give you a trip as a birthday gift, you will have a great time with her or him. Some places you may think are another states or countries. Go for a cuisine, camping or park, and enjoy your new age with someone you love is a wonderful experience.

How do I get memorable experiments on my birthday?

Another thing you may want for your birthday is a new experiment, or try something new, which you had never done before. Some ideas for you are bungee jumping, caving, hiking, horseback riding, backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, scuba diving. You may spend one day to learn something new like dancing, martial arts, painting, or woodworking, or making pottery, flower arrangement art. You may also learn to cook new dishes or play a new instrument. It will be great experiments for you.

If you don’t have a lot of time, you may like the ideas to go to a restaurant and enjoy good food with my family, and then we can go to a musical concert. If the birthday is at the weekend, go to the aquarium or zoo will be fun experiences.

I think you find a lot of ideas for the question “what do I want for my birthday?” You have a list with many things you want, and now you must narrowing Down your Wish List. Think about what is most important to you. Keep people’s budget in mind if you want to ask for a gift from others. Let someone else decide with you. Best wishes for your birthday.

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