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Kenley Heat Powered Stove Fan with 2/4-Blade

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JUST PUT IT ONTO YOUR STOVE: The fan will start to move hot air into your room once the stove gets hot
CUT YOUR FUEL BILL: Warm your room up to 41% faster and save up to 16% on fuel costs
IMPROVED 2018 MODEL: High performing, ultra quiet model that makes your stove even more efficient


Save energy and cut your fuel bill
If you use a stove as a part of your home heating, the Kenley Stove Fan can save you money. One major issue with stoves is that heat rises, which continuously means that the area above the stove is baking whilst the sofa is in a chill. By moving hot air into the room, this Kenley fan breaks up the wall of heat, distributing air around the room. This means you are feeling warmer whilst the usage of the stove less.

How can it move without batteries?
It seems unimaginable, but this fan runs without batteries or electricity. It works because heat is a form of energy. A bimetallic strip in the base of the fan converts a tiny fraction of the heat passing through it into motion. This clever engineering also makes the Kenley Stove Fan self-starting and self-regulating. The fan spins as soon as a minimum temperature is reached and the hotter the bimetallic strip gets, the faster the fan turns and the more air it pumps out into the room. It’ll slow down and stop as the stove cools.

Ultra-quiet and easy to install
The unique blade design and lack of motor means that the Kenley Stove Fan is nearly silent. It’s quiet enough to use in a silent room and unnoticeable against background household noise, such as the TV or dishwasher. This Kenley fan is to be had in a 2-blade or a 4-blade design and made from anodised aluminium that allows you to not rust or decay. As there is no electricity involved, simply put it onto your wood or gas stove and It’ll start automatically the next time the stove gets hot.

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