Travel Must-haves, traveling with toddler to Asia

Over and over again, this question reaches me: “What do you really think about when you travel with your child?”. Yes, what actually comes with what makes sense and what can you save?

Of course, the package is dependent on the destination, the number and the age of the children traveling. And even though I can give a recommendation on the basis of my experience, this will not fit for any traveling mummy. But, there are things I would always pack. Simply because they have proven themselves. Last year, I packed my backpack relatively haphazardly. It was my first trip to Southeast Asia, and with a toddler who was only 14 months old at the start of the trip. I had no idea what to expect. Simply no idea at all, no plan, nothing. And this was shown quite quickly by my luggage. So I took my baby carriage,

This time, I knew exactly what to expect. I could tell a lot better what to take and what can stay at home. Now, after over two weeks in Indonesia, I can say this time I’ve packed effectively.

Packlist for a trip with your toddler to Asia, what comes with?

Beautiful is, in many Southeast Asian countries there are the many small laundries. This means it does not need much clothing in the suitcase or backpack because as a rule, you can wash your clothes very cheaply. Especially in Indonesia, I feel the prices as very very cheap. But also in Thailand, the wash is favorable. However, you might want to leave expensive clothes at home or not to give the laundry service. Almost always the wash is treated with bleach and just last year I got the one or other garment back with bright patches. Not infrequently, the freshly laundered laundry is treated once again with a laundry of the penetrant type. If you do not like this, just let me know in advance. As a rule, the laundry can be finished the following day,

So, do not pack too much clothing. It does not need it. The temperatures are very warm and often sultry since light clothing is always the better choice. For this time I’ve packed four clothes and three skirts plus three shirts. In addition a bikini, as well as long trousers and a very light, but long-sleeved cardigan.

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For Baby, I took a little more. And yet, Baby’s wardrobe is No.1. plain and No.2. practical.

But what comes next? What is my Travel Must-haves in Travel Luggage?

I pack my suitcase for Asia with child, what comes with?

Besides clothing, of course, a few things may not be missing.

Baby carrier


Not without my baby carrier. Last year I had the baby car. Unfortunately, we have almost never been able to use it properly since, For example on sidewalks. That was too bad. So this time I just packed my summer baby carrier from Ergobaby. It saves me about our holidays.

Mimi is still very fond of wearing and I am incredibly flexible. Any kind of business is no problem. Last year, I carried Mimi most of the time in their stretcher through Southeast Asia. A wonderful experience. On the way, it can be so uncomplicated their lunch sleep or just everything from the back watching.

Even during the journey back and forth the baby carrier saved me. At the airports, I could rock them at any time with their help and had my hands free, transport my hand luggage, pass the passport or simply eat something. Small flight without a carrier, never never.


Pack a few diapers. They do not weigh much and you are on the safe side. Of course, you also get diapers in Asia, no question. But your baby did not like it so well last summer. This time it looks lucky, but if you have packed some, you are at least safe and well equipped.

You should prepare Swimwear, UV sun protection swimwear, sun hat, sun cream, they are so useful.

Last year I packed some disposable bathing diapers. This time only very few and we fortunately also hardly needed so far. Especially for small children, it is advisable to take a well-fitting bathing-diaper. You can, should something in the pants go, quickly and easily under the tap or in the shower wash. If you like, simply pack two bathing diapers, then you can change. I have found a cheap model on Amazon from 5$ to 45$ there. You can also find sweet alternatives in various online shops.

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Also recommended: UV sun protection swimwear in the suitcase pack. The sun shines day one day out and so the child is well protected from the sun. Also, do not forget a sun hat. I packed a little sun hat. Also, a cloth made of gauze, which we use as head protection.


There is also a good sun cream for children. Very important, please do not forget!

We packed one of La Roche Posay. It can also be applied to wet skin and is waterproof.

The ingredients in comparable Asian products are partly very adventurous.

If your child is accustomed to the Nuckel, then pack this (plus reserve). Last year I had stuck my nags in my backpack. In the end, there was only a single one whom we watched like our eyeball. Also, this time I took a small stock, sure is safe.

Since Baby still drinks from the bottle during the night, I have also packed a small supply of four bottles. Do not ask, but we have only one remaining. I now take a good look at this. For the day, we have the Magic Cup. I can always throw it quite carefree in my backpack when we are on the road. Nothing’s going to happen.


Good, solid footwear, which is suitable for the very warm climate and a lot of movement. Last year, we had a pair of leather sandals from Amazon. They have guided the baby through the whole vacation (and the following autumn). They were on the  Sea, the beach and in the city on the way. No pressing, no cutting, nothing. For this holiday I have exactly the same model again packaged.

Traveling with children, toys – yes or no?

Yes and no. I have hardly packed anything at the last time, apart from a few books – among other things their absolute favorite book, which I have to read to everyone, but also really every evening.

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Now our baby is almost two and needs some more employment. That’s why I packed four crayons, as well as a small plastic watering, can and a squeaker. As a rule, the children here are almost exclusively outside. The whole day is played and the surroundings are explored.

It does not need a toy, nature is toys enough.

Stones, leaves, flowers, and animals. Every day is a little adventure. Children get together, the locals as well as traveling children, and spend hours together. It does not really need many toys. Of course, you can still pack sand toys or a ball. And of course, what must never be missing, the favorite cuddly toy.

Arm floats


Almost everywhere there are pools or you go to the sea. You can also buy these on the spot, but they smell so bad after plasticizers, I would leave my fingers. That’s why I’ve also packed two pairs of swimming pools from home at the same time.

HERE  you can buy arm float for your family.

Mosquito repellent and long sleeping suit

Last year I was negligent in the matter of mosquito repellent to me personally and cash directly the receipt. Whether it would have spared me with sufficient mosquito protection, I do not know of course. But this time I am very consistent. Especially with Baby, I take care of the mosquito protection. Several times a day I rub them with the mosquito anti prime. In the evening I put on a long-sleeved pajamas to create a barrier. I do not want to take any risk.

The anti Mosquito spray is available for children under two and two years. Please take care of it at the purchase necessarily on it or leave you in the pharmacy advice. I actually use Mimi this time already the medium from two years – but as the pharmacist said, to the one month does not come now. Then rather be sure.

I sincerely hope that with this contribution I could help you a little!


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