Travel gift ideas for him: 20 Great Tips for Traveljunkies!

Again and again the same problem: You want to find Travel gift ideas for him or your friend something and have no idea what he like? This is often the case with me!

But: for travel junkies, it is not difficult with the Travel gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband. Here you will find 20 great ideas with which you can make Travel junkies a really great pleasure. There is also guaranteed for everyone something affordable. And do not forget: How expensive a gift is – that is not the point.

1. First Travel gift ideas for him – Pillow with world map

Whether for a sofa, a lounger on a balcony or a bed, the Weltkarten cushion is the ideal gift to dream of traveling – and at the same time to do something for your own geography!

The best: The pillow is not only nice and super comfortable, you can also participate in the design! Do you just want a certain continent on the front? No problem! Or the whole world? Only too! You want to have a specific word or even a sentence on the pillow? You can have it!

Sweet Dreams!

2. Gym bag

My gymnastics bag from Dawanda belongs to me now the standard inventory. It is simply super-practical because it is light and hardly takes any space away. Besides, he’s just cool. I’ve been traveling with him on many journeys, and I’ve been approached a few times. People always want to know where this gymnastic bag is.

You can choose whether you want to have it in black with white letters or in natural black. For an extra charge, the inscription is even personalized!

Tip: For travel, I would rather recommend black. I do not need to explain why right?

There are lots of cool motifs – it’s really hard to decide!

For just 14.90 dollars you can make a friend a huge gymnastic bag joy: gymnastic bag.

3. Rubel World Map

Do you already know the cool Rubbel world maps? Every time you come back from a trip, you can free the country you were in at home. So you free the entire world map piece by piece! This makes a super fun and brings real travel feeling into your booth.

Fingertips: In the smaller countries you have to concentrate well, otherwise you rub past the edges. But hey, you have to go straight to the country, that you have accidentally caught by rubbing!

Travel junkies love the World Map, because you always have in mind how well you know the world and on the other hand always in view, what still stands on your Bucketlist. For a Traveljunkie so just the right thing!

For only $18.99 you bring so easy traveler eyes to light: Rubbelweltkarte

PS: There is the ruble world map, by the way, in a lot of further comments!

4. Chain globe

With this necklace, you will always have a passion for your heart!

This is the perfect travel gift ideas for him with a taste for jewelry. For only 9.90 euros you get the world globe together with a compass and a globe pendant or a photo camera.

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I got the necklace myself from my girlfriend Natalie ( here is an article from her about Chile ) and got me mega happy. Next, to my beach chain, this is the only necklace I own.

If you like it, you can also buy a ring and/or ear plug with the same motif: chain globe

5. Travelicia Gecko suitcase trailer

With the Travelicia Gecko luggage trailer, you can always recognize your backpack or suitcase immediately when it meets you on the luggage carrier among others.

It is available in two cool colors – light green/blue and red/pink – and stands out from the dreary black suitcases. Geckos simply go always and are the absolute essence of travel. The pendant is made of leather and has a small address field at the back to close.

For only $15.95 you can enjoy a travel pleasure with it: Travelicia Gecko-Kofferanhänger

6. T-shirt of Sure

The shirts from SureDesign do not just look great, they also feel good. They are made of 100% cotton and therefore totally soft.

Call me someone who has come back from Thailand and has not bought a Sure T-shirt – or it knows at least! I love the things and have often annoyed me that they are not really well available in Germany. Friends of us have now opened an online shop. Mega!

For just 27,99 dollars you get this cool travel gift ideas for him: T-Shirt by Sure

7. Travel wall tattoo

With a world map wall tattoo, you show every visitor what your heart beats!

The wall tattoo looks cool and is easy to attach. It offers a great sight – and at some point, you can paint the world in your sleep. The tattoos you can easily also off again if you have no more bock on it!

I had a red wall tattoo with world metropolises in my last apartment in Berlin: Berlin, New York, Tokyo … it was also very nice!

Tip: If you are adding a package of pins to the gift, the Traveljunkie can start marking the places where he was already, after unpacking.

Depending on the size, this cool gift idea is just 34,95 dollars: Travel-Wandtattoo

8. Hanging mat

A hammock for hanging out and dreaming!

With such a hammock you get the holiday home. It is a must for the balconies or gardens of all travel junkies. No garden, no balcony? Then she fits into the room – why not? With this travel gift for him, you can not go wrong. Hanging mats are simply a dream! My parents have a colorful hammock from Mexico in the garden. I love that too!

For only $26.95 you can get your travel junkie friends in their own four walls: hammock

9. Keyboard protection and protection for MacBooks

Do you know that, too? A letter of your keyboard jamming and you need exactly this just in each word twice? I recently managed to pour red wine over my whole keyboard in Jericoacoara (Brazil) – and had to dry the computer before the fan.

Perhaps you are also afraid that your MacBook gets a scratch?

Then I now have the solution for you and your travel friends you want to give: With the protection keyboard and the protective sleeve for MacBooks you will never have these problems again. I came by the way because I met a few weeks ago a traveler who had both with it!

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Together there is the MacBook sleeve and the keyboard protector from 23.06 Euro: keyboard protection and protective sleeve

10. Cool travel case

These travel cases are made from old atlases! Cool, right? And all your travel documents find their place: no more searching and no rummage in the big bag! Everything with one hand at hand:
tickets, passport, money …

The travel case is definitely a unique and special gift for world travelers and globetrotters!

For only 9.50 dollars you bring order with it in every travel bag. At the lack of a backpack or backpack is not rare …: Cool travel case

11. GoPro

The GoPro HERO5 is the most popular action cam worldwide. So you can not go wrong with it!

You can fix it on almost any equipment – it is also waterproof up to 60 meters. The Cam can record professional videos in the 150 degree wide angle with 1440p / 48fps, 1080p / 60fps or 720p / 120fps and 12MP photos with up to 30 images per second.

This is my best purchase ever! By the way, you can also issue the “Fisheye” effect. I’m looking forward to testing my GoPro soon. My videos are all recorded with the GoPro. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel!

For 999 dollars, you’ll get a smile on the face of every travel junkie with this cam: GoPro

12. 1ooo Ultimate Adventures, Lonely Planet

You know a travel junkie that is on adventures? Then the book 1000 Ultimate Adventures by Lonely Planet is a perfect travel gift ideas for him!

For only 16.95 dollars you will find out which adventures you have to experience. (Just in case you run out of ideas.)

The world offers a lot of adventures! Enjoy the view over Cape Town after climbing the mountain itself? This is just one of 1000 suggestions from this unique paperback book, which is part of any Traveler bookshelf: 1ooo Adventures, Lonely Planet

13. Kindle

I know I’m also on real books! Honestly!

But since I have my Kindle, which I would not want to give back, in any case, I simply became an e-book fan! For a traveler, there is nothing more practical: you always have something to read without dragging a whole library!

Apart from this, the Kindle is so light that you can easily hold it with two fingers. And has not it happened to you that the book has fallen out of your hand, the pages have been hit and you have to search forever until you have found the page again? This never happens to the Kindle again!

For 189 euros you even get the Kindle Paperwhite with 3G. Other advantages? It is eye-protecting and its battery lasts up to eight weeks – so in contrast to a tablet does not have to be loaded daily: Kindle

14. Manduka Travel Yogamatte

Do you have a healthy lifestyle when traveling? I have discovered yoga for myself and feel very relaxed and comfortable. Clearly, I now have a yoga matte in my luggage. Normal yoga mats can be quite bulky – but the trip yoga matte of Manduka is an exception: it weighs only 900 grams and can be folded very small.

For 42 euros, you can get a cool travel gift idea for boyfriends who like to do yoga: Manduka Travel Yogamatte

15. Headphones

Backpackers and generally all travelers often travel long distances by bus, train or long hours by plane.

To make sure it is not boring, a pair of headphones is always in the luggage. Whether music, audiobook or film: nowadays almost everyone has always the small pegs in the ear.

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For only 15.99 dollars you do not only good for every traveler, but also for your ears! I must admit, I bought the things for the third time because I have lost them again and again! But they always pay off: headphones

16. Deuter Trekking Backpack Aircontact

The Deuter Trekkingrucksack Aircontact really leaves nothing to be desired: many pockets, high wearing comfort – and with the practical front opening you can get to everything quickly and easily.

From  $219.95 you can make every world-famous heart beat faster! Deuter simply has a supercute support system. The advantage of the backpack: You can open it from the side and not just fill it from above. That is annoying very fast!

The backpacks can be found in the Onlineshop of Globetrotter:

  • Deuter Aircontact 55 + 10 – Trekking backpack
  • Deuter Aircontact PRO 60 + 15 – Trekking backpack
  • Deuter Aircontact 50 + 10 SL Women ‘s Trekking Backpacks
  • Deuter Aircontact PRO 55 + 15 SL Women ‘s Trekking Backpack

The “SL” in the label are backpacks, which are specially designed for women. The “+10” or “+15” means you can extend your backpack by this number of liters!

17. Sleeping mask

Everyone needs a break, right?

With the sleeping mask of Tempur, you can switch off and relax. This makes it a practical and always welcome gift for all travelers. My friend Marcus has the thing- I can sleep everywhere. No matter how much noise or light is around me. Plane? Bus? Does not matter. When I’m tired, I sleep. But many do not like that, they need darkness to sleep properly.

For 30 dollars you can wish a travel-junkie beautiful dream: sleeping mask.

18. Voucher for Amazon

If you really do not know what to give, or if you cannot decide with these great tips, then I have the perfect solution for you: a gift card from Amazon.

The voucher value you can select yourself (eg 20, 30, 50, 75 dollars, etc.) and have the full cost control. Is voucher unsexy? Not really … Vouchers can always be used to fulfill wishes: Voucher for Amazon

19. Mandela Film

A DVD always goes! Provided the recipient has a TV or a DVD drive on the computer (I have no TV for example).

This DVD is very special:

“Few other people have influenced the world politics of our time like Nelson Mandela. The profoundly personal story of a man, who resolutely opposes all the obstacles to fight for a better life in his home country, is portrayed.

For 5 Euro you get the DVD with this unique story. Perhaps also for someone who has South Africa on his travel plan? Then the DVD is the perfect gift: Mandela Film.

20. Ticket for the DNX Berlin

Another great gift idea is a ticket for the first conference for digital nomads!

The conference is about finding a way to combine work and travel and cultivate a self-determined, happy lifestyle.

The price for the main event with aftershow party and access to the exclusive DNX community costs 197 $. In addition, there are other tickets, which include a complete day with workshops – as well as VIP tickets.

On the DNX, you are guaranteed to get to know a lot of unconventionally thinking people, who simply turn their dreams into action – finally! For you and your Traveler friends an ultimate experience gift: Ticket for the DNX Berlin

Travelers are usually very open people, who can easily be a pleasure. Everything that reminds her of her past or future travels or traveling at all, will be the greatest gift for a traveling joke that you can make him!

Travel motifs always go: world maps, motifs with exotic animals and plants, motifs of objects you need to travel (cameras, compass, airplanes, …) will surely give your Traveler friends a smile.

You also have other wonderful travel gift ideas for him? Then purely into the comments! I’m happy for that!