All you need to choose Toys for babies in first 12 months

During the first year of life, the child is a born explorer. This time is very important for perceptions that babies obtain by the mouth since the one of the taste is a very developed sense. It is not enough to see things and touch them. Babies often have to “taste” them, since the taste sensation provides babies with information that is very relevant to babies. Choosing the right toys for babies must be researched carefully.

In those months babies like to manipulate objects: to take them, to throw them to the ground to check the laws of cause and effect, how they sound, to take them to the mouth to test its flavor. It also begins to move by crawling or crawling, which considerably expands its horizon of interaction. In this way, he begins to take the initiative by establishing contact with the nearby people and environment.

For Babies, everything is new, although, in babies his first months of life, what attracts Babies most is to be with mother or with any other person of attachment, because this is the one that provides the best stimuli. At babies side, he feels safe and protected; In fact, in the first months of life, the baby believes that mother and babies are the same people.

Do you know about Baby ‘s developments in the first year

Motor development of the baby. During the first year of life, the baby evolves at a dizzying pace. Thus, from a totally helpless being happened to become a small rebel with many more motor skills from which he was born. Not all healthy children have the same evolution, but there are certain common characteristics.

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It begins to hold. At four months, the baby is able to stand with babies’ arms upright. It is a good workout where you gain muscle strength when, later on, you have to sit down. At six months, raise your forearms even more to support the rest of the body.

It turns. By the end of the fourth month, many babies are now able to turn around from face to face …

Slide and Rotate. Or slide over your abdomen and rotate when they are face down.

Sitting for short periods. Over six months, the baby can sit for short periods of time, leaning on his/her arms.

First displacements by the ground. At seven months, many already begin to move by moving on the ground leaning on wave movements do with the abdomen.

He crawled! In the tenth month, most can already crawl.

Seated without support. At this moment they have already managed to sit on their own, without resting their arms on the ground.

Crawling … crawling. Some children will never crawl and will go straight from crawling to walking or shifting on their glutes. The important thing is that there is a desire to explore what surrounds them, regardless of the type of movement that they do to achieve it.

To get up! At this stage they begin to test the upright position, starting from the crawling position to raise arms and legs.

Exploring the environment. At eleven months they are very interested in the environment and will begin to cling to furniture or other supports to explore it and to stand up.

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Their first steps. Without hands! By 12 months, many babies are able to take their first steps.

Each has its own rhythm. Other children start walking a few months later. The period between 12 and 18 months is considered normal to start walking and exploring the world.

Choose Toys for babies in 12 months

In this first stage of development, the most appropriate toys for babies are those that allow you to experiment with different textures and those that stimulate the ability to move. Adults will have to act as intermediaries, as babies at this age have no initiative to play on their own.

It is convenient that the toys are of contrasting colors. If they include melodies, these should be cheerful and not strident. The repertoire of toys that are presented to the child must be limited because their interests are also limited. Apart from this, it is worth mentioning that this age range is especially important, so make sure that the toy meets all quality standards.

Recommended toys for babies under one year:

Carousels baby Toys for the cradle

Carousels for the cradle with music and movement.

Rattles Toys for babies

Rattles (soft material).

Teether toys of different textures for baby

Teether of different textures.

Small dolls for the baby

Small dolls that you can hold with one hand of different materials.

Multiactivity Mat

Multiactivity Mat.

Gyms toys for babies

Gyms for babies.

Large cubes toys for babies

Large cubes.

Rolling balls toys for babies

Rolling balls or objects that stimulate their movement.

Crawling encouraging toys for babies

Curlers to encourage crawling.

We hope that you could find the best Toys for your babies. If you have any ideas or feed back, we always to welcome to your comments below.

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