Toys that you can buy for children depend on their age

We tell you what toys that you can buy for children between 0 and 18 months. Playing is a basic activity in the life of your children, so you should know what toys a child should have depended on their age because it is not just entertainment, they also play a very important role: to teach children to develop their skills while playing.

As a mom, you always want the best for your baby, but when it comes to toys you have to know what you can use. Here are some baby toy recommendations from 0 to 1-year-old.

From 0-6 months: Baby toys from 0 to 1 year old will be simpler because at this stage you have almost no control over your body. Yes, he smiles when he hears a familiar voice, he enjoys the music, he is struck by sounds and textures but he still can not hold it. An ideal toy would be the Go Busy Elephant, it has different colors, textures, and sounds that help your baby stay alert and discover new things every day, from looking at yourself in the mirror to stirring your rattle.

Different colors, textures, and sounds baby Toys

From 6 to 9 months: The importance of knowing which toys to buy for a child should have depended on their age is vital because for example, at this stage of their life, a baby begins to have more control over his body and learns to sit, can take objects and both colors and sounds easily catch your attention. An ideal toy would be the Giraffalaff Tumble Top. This toy will keep your child entertained for a long time when he squeezes his head the colored balls inside it begin to move, so learn that by pressing with your hands you can have fun.

From 9 to 12 months: At this stage, it is common for your baby to start crawling, to reach for things, to move around and to explore. To help him develop this ability, he looks for a toy that will motivate him to follow him, like the Follows and Crawls Baby Ball when he rolls the ducklings they make sounds that attract the attention of your baby, motivating him to follow him.

Toys for 9 to 12 months like the Follow and Crawl Baby Ball

From 12 to 18 months: At this age, you do not know what to buy yet? Do

not suffer, knowing what toys that you must buy child depending on their age may seem difficult and more because at this stage begins to take their first steps, repeats actions, picks up objects from the floor and wants to touch everything. An ideal toy would be Rollin Ramp, which is a ramp in which your baby manipulates strollers that fall on a fun ramp and follow his way for him to chase them and improve his ability to walk.

Toys improve his ability to walk

From 18 months: Now that your baby has more control over his body, he knows how to communicate and seeks new challenges as he solves problems, his toy is: Friends to dress, an educational toy with which your child will feel very identified as it stimulates you to learn to dress only with five basic activities: close, button, adjust and tie, and learn to know the parts of your body.

Educational toys for Kids

Now you know what toy can not miss your child in its different stages, all these are designed to improve your baby’s skills. If you want to know more about these and other toys to buy for kids visit HERE.

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