Gifts for the second birthday, ideas from us for you!

When your smallest member of family celebrates the second birthday. Toys for 2-year-olds Kids, that went pretty well. To your taste even much too fast. Never in your life would you have thought that time flies like this. That’s why you are especially grateful to your baby. A lot of quality time for us both. Play, cuddle, bathe, walk, even more, cuddle. For my opinion, this was a particularly beautiful and important time. Already you are thinking about what you want to give.

As always, our motto, rather less, was for things that are fond of and much and lasting.

After thinking we recommend four gifts for your kids on the second birthday. A small doll, a set of Lego DUPLO, an indoor slide and sand toys. The surprised and laughful toys for 2 year old are great when you will realize that your family comes up with the same good ideas. No child needs everything double and we want the small and very beautiful birthday celebration to end in happiness.

So which Toy do you give a child for a second birthday?

Age-related toys or even things, which are also interesting and interesting for a longer period of time are, in my opinion, a fine idea. How about an impeller? Every child has joy, it exercises the balance, encourages the movement, and yes, it’s just fun.

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Since we already have an impeller for Mimi, we decided to go for an indoor slide. For a long time, she will play with it every day. So we thought a slide would be a great addition.

Indoor and Outdoor slide

And for that reason, on the second birthday, there was the beautiful slide from Little Tikes.

Indoor and Outdoor slide is the perfect toy for kids

The design is discreet and taut, it just looks nice. This is not the primary concern, of course. The plastic is durable and so far has been able to endure the wrath of an energetic toddler PLUS her three ROUGH HOUSING BOY COUSINS! However, the slide is not only used as a slide and loved. It is also converted into a cave or a motorway.

The slide length is 5-foot and the slide is a suitable toy for children from 24 months to 6 years old.

Buy the Product Here.

You can search for Indoor and Outdoor slides Here.

A doll for the little girl or little boy

A small baby should be another gift from us. Your Kid is so interested in baby and puppy dolls of all kinds. My sister had the same idea and her doll came so well. The radiant eyes of your baby, as she put the doll gently into her arm and gave her the nipple. We all sat together at the table and were moved. There was so much love and care for this one doll. It’s really great.

Especially in preparation for the new baby, which we are expecting here in summer, the doll is certainly a good idea. I am also of the opinion that dolls are not just for girls. Also, guys are great doll parents. Or how do you see that?

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baby doll for 2 month Kids

A soft version is particularly suitable for smaller children. Why we chose Melissa & Doug Baby Doll. The soft body is lighter and beautifully soft, perfect for cuddling and also to fall asleep.

You can search for beautiful dolls for your kids on Amazon.

Glitzerknete, always a good toy idea for 2-year-old kids!

Our greatness has always liked to knead and still does it today. And Mimi also loves to create something. Painting, kneading, sand castles. All this makes her happy. Glitzerknete is particularly appealing to your kid. Feel, shape, build, knead.

Glitzerknete is really a good idea for children

Kneading is really a good idea for children. Kneading is always good and affects children. They learn to deal, exercise themselves in perseverance, see what they have created.

In addition, Glitzerknete is always a nice little thing, also as an idea for the next childbirth day in kindergarten.

The Play-Doh’s Knete is soft and therefore easy to handle even for the youngest.

Don’t Forget the cans HERE.


We are here Team Lego. Even I loved the small building blocks as a child and had two tons full. There was probably no toy, which gave me more pleasure and for many years to the teen age.

Lego DUPLO for Educational toys for Kids

For the youngest, there is then Lego DUPLO. The first sets are for children from the age of 18 months. The building blocks promote creativity and spatial thinking, support the development of the social behavior (play together) and bring a lot of fun!

Our little one loves Lego DUPLO and has for her birthday a set called “my first farm”. Since then this one is also played daily. Removed, rebuilt, played with the animals. It is nice to be able to expand Lego DUPLO again and again – with individual building blocks or through other themes.

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Search for your Creative Play and Educational Lego HERE.

Sand toys, perfect for spring, summer, and autumn!

Yes, and last but not least – sand toys. A little thing that does not cost much and is always a really good idea. Both my sister and we thought that. Why we put our sand toys kit for 2-year-old kids still packed aside. Children should spend as much time outside as possible – on the playground, in the forest, no matter. One reason I go with Mimi whenever possible to the playground and she loves it. She enjoys playing in the sand and making “ice”. The new sand toys were, therefore, a gift, which really well arrived at the child.

Beach and Sand toys for Kids

HERE you can buy sand toys.

So these are our gift ideas for the second birthday. I sincerely hope that I might have inspired you a little. Because too often you stand there and do not really know what a beautiful birthday present could be. A gift that makes sense and likes to be played.

Have a nice day.