This toy is educationally valuable and good for your Kids

Dear Legos? The souls are separated in children’s toys. Here are four principles that help in the selection to choose good toys for your kids.

Toy stores can overwhelm families. While the adults search the shelves without orientation, the sprouts get into a feverish, all-want-to-do intoxication. Shops do not make it easy for mom and dad to find the right toy for kids. For what distinguishes good from less recommended toys? With the following four principles, not only parents (but also grandpa and grandma) buy the good toys for the offspring.

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So you can find the right toy for children


Children, especially small ones, like everything that moves and is loud. A talking doll, a winding clock or a self-propelled car thus exerts a certain fascination. But do not take long, because every child wants to design or discover.

So every game object, which challenges a child’s drive and the joy of experimenting, is good. Building blocks and legos are the best examples. Not only houses, towers, Kids Metal Wheelbarrow and animals can be built from this. The parts can be a wonderful substitute for other things in children’s imagination. So, all red legos are now for example tomatoes at the shop, all green beans etc.


If a child can not do anything with toys, the reason is often that it is either too young or too old for it. This can lead to frustration and weaken self-confidence. Good Toys for kids must necessarily correspond to the mental development and the fine motor skills. It must, therefore, be able to recognize the function of the game object and to carry out the movements in order, for example, to hit the building block with the play hammer. Age information on toys is the first guide. It is better if parents rely on their own observations and know what their sprout already can, what interests them and what they already understand.


It is amazing what toddlers can swallow or get stuck in their ears and nose. That is why the unwritten rule applies: the smaller the child, the larger the toy must be. Children ‘s toys must at the same time never be too square, discolored or even contain toxic substances such as plasticizers.

For the safety of a toy easier to recognize, there are quality seals, which guarantee different safety standards. The label “Spiel gut” enjoys the best reputation because it is awarded by the independent workgroup “Kinderspiel und Spielzeug”. Design, safety, durability as well as material and environmental compatibility are tested.

All the toys bear the seal “CE”, in short for “Communautée Européenne”, ie the European Community. It is compulsory for toys but requires only minimum standards, which are not controlled by a neutral body. If an object bears the seal “GS” on an object, the “tested security”, which has been tested by an independent organization.

“VDE” stands on electronic toys, to which the Association of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology certifies safety “when used properly”.


Especially when it comes to design, the formula “Less is more”. Finally, form and colors should make children curious and at the same time leave enough room for their own imagination. Good design is often very simple, but it encourages creativity more than too colorful and designed toys.

Parents should be better off to make cheap toys. If it is easily broken, there is a risk of injury. If it is made of materials that are too bad, the question remains whether the object is really harmful and environmentally friendly.

How many toys does a child need? Quantity is definitely not a criterion. When parents ask themselves why their offspring can not deal with and concentrate alone, it is sometimes the case that the big selection of toys overcame him. More importantly, good toys corresponds to the development of children.

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