Top 30 Mother daughter gifts

Sometimes, thinking about choosing mother-daughter gifts is a good way to make the mother-daughter relationship become stronger. The gifts prepared by heart, love, sincere, could easily melt the heart of anyone who receives them. Let us share with you all the meaningful mother-daughter gifts to give you an idea about gifting for moms and daughters.

There’s always a special connection between mom and daughter in a family. No word can describe the mother’s love for her daughter. They build up a mother-daughter relationship by sharing hopes, dreams, regrets, fears, futures, etc.


Mother-daughter birthday gift: Bath and body works candle

Bath and body works candles are lovely mother daughter gifts

This is a unique gift for the mother or daughter that she will definitely love. This kind of candle has a ton of smells for you to give a try, and let you enjoy relaxation during bath time. All you have to do is to know which smell your mother/daughter likes and make an order as soon as possible.

Mother-daughter gift basket: NYX gift sets

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All the girls love makeup. Imagine how happy she is when receiving these NYX lipsticks set from you. Whether she wants to put on lip gloss, matte or satin lip creams, and lipsticks, there’s something for her. Of course, the mother and the daughter can also share together.

Mother-daughter baby gift: Mother-daughter matching outfit

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Everyone would be excited to dress these adorable bodysuits with her baby. It’s a thoughtful way to celebrate many occasions such as baby showers, birthdays, mother’s day, etc.

Mother-daughter keepsake gift: A Modern Keepsake Journal and Memory Book for Parents

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Mother and daughter can write letters, and record special memories they share with each other or family members or even can exchange these books on a special occasion. It could be on the daughter’s wedding date, daughter’s graduation, daughter’s eighteen-year-old birthday, etc.

Mother-daughter bridesmaid gift: Wake-up light

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This cool machine is not just a normal alarm clock, it can simulate the sunrise or sunset with 5 different natural wake-up sounds to give an energetic wake-up and improve the mood in the morning. Or it also can be a reading lamp at night with 10 brightness settings. Your daughter might need this wake-up light for her daily life when starting a new life with her husband.

Mother-daughter bracelet gift set: Set bracelet

If the mother and daughter would like to express the unbreakable bond of their relationship, this set bracelet can be used to represent it. The bracelet set is adorned with meaningful symbols and makes the mother feel more connected to the daughter

Mother-daughter necklace gift: Mother-daughter necklace set of 2

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Wearing these matching necklaces is also a perfect idea. It presents the strong bond of the mother-daughter relationship and also means that although mother and daughter have to live away from each other, they are always together at heart.

Mother-daughter college gift: College backpack for women

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To prepare for the new life in college, the daughter needs a good backpack that can hold many devices and notebooks. This backpack contains multiple pockets and two water bottle sleeves; ideal for school. And sometimes the daughter can use it for a weekend trip with her classmate. 

Mother-daughter custom gift: Custom music box

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The wooden music box will be the perfect personal gift for the mom or the daughter you love. Every time she opens it, the beautiful rhythm starts to play while she looks at the sweet message that you want her to see engraved inside the box.

Mother-daughter cute gift: Personalized mom mug

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This gift might be a little bit simple yet essential. The mom can enjoy coffee or tea in the mug you gifted her while reading a book or watching her favorite TV show. Also, The mug is Vilight marble and entirely handmade for a good look, so it could be decored for the room or her table as well.

Mother-daughter distance gift: Long-distance necklace

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The special thing about this gift is that it can be personalized, engraved with the letter of the name and states, so the mother and the daughter will always stay connected no matter where they have been. This gift truly honors that!.

Mother-daughter Disney gift: Mickey ear hat


Disneyland Park is a wonderful place where every mom would love to come along with her daughter to explore and play around. These adorable Mickey ear hats have one size for an adult woman and one for a little girl aged 2-7, making both mother and daughter look super cute when wearing them for a Disney trip.

Mother-daughter engagement gift: Gold paperclip chain necklace

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For the special event in the daughter’s life, the gold paperclip chain necklace will be a good choice to mix with her dress for a dinner party, or also layer with another necklace to make her look more attractive. She also can use this beautiful necklace as the everyday go-to.

Mother-daughter gift for mother’s day: Custom recipe cutting board

There are various cooking recipes a mother has taught her daughter and they slowly turn into a family tradition that had passed through generations. Especially, if the mother is a cooking lover, the daughter can surprise her by capturing the family recipe on the cutting board. That would be the most emotional gift ever!

Mother-daughter graduation gift: Pearl high heels

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To prepare for the daughter on her graduation, the mother and daughter can go shopping online together to buy dresses and beautiful high heels to dress up nicely on that day. And later on, the daughter can wear them for other occasions too.

Birthday gift from mom to daughter: Music jewelry box

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This is every little girl’s dream jewelry box. It’s absolutely beautiful and well-made. The melody of The Fur Elise in the box will make your girl happy to sit and listen to it for a long time. An added bonus is that they can be engraved.

Mother-daughter trip gift: Travel neck pillow


This pillow has kept its shape, and is very soft yet firm, protecting your neck during the trip. Also, you can use it at home to make you feel easily fall asleep. Your mom would be glad when you pick this one for her.

Mother-daughter inspirational gift: ThoughtFulls Pop-Open Cards

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Life goes up and down sometimes and the mother or daughter may need encouragement to balance the mood and feel better. Use these thoughtful pop-open cards with different inspiring quotations, and write down your own messages at the back of the card then send them to her. Whenever your mother or your daughter feels bad, she can use it to brighten her spirit.

Mother-daughter wedding gift: Video picture frame with audio

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This ideal gift can save many moments for the daughter on her wedding day with parents, friends, and husband, then display the picture and videos on the screen in a bright and crystal clear effect. This device also integrates with other functions for her easily set up photos, videos, and music whenever she wants.

Mother-daughter gift perfume: Tom Ford perfume

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The sweet-smelling scent really captivates attention, yet is subtle enough for daytime wear. The mother and the daughter can share with each other to wear to the workplace or upscale events. 

Mother-daughter gift keychain: Silicon beaded keychain

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Is the mom or the daughter always getting frustrated to find keys? Not a big deal anymore. This silicon beaded keychain will be a great solution for her. It is stretchable and extremely comfortable on the wrist. Now your mom or your daughter will find it convenient with all the keys in one place in her hand. 

Mother-daughter matching gift: Heart puzzle piece necklace

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The necklace means that when the two puzzle pieces connect together, it creates a perfect heart. Like the connection between the mother and the daughter, although they are apart, their hearts will always be there for each other.

Mother-daughter memorial gifts: Memorial Picture Frame

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Relive memories with the mom or the daughter is to keeping their picture in memorial large picture frames and displaying them anywhere in your house to create a lasting memory. The picture frame also has space for your personalized message to the loved one to keep her close in your heart.

Mother-daughter quotes gift: Motivational quote calendar

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If you’re looking for inspirational gifts for the mother or the daughter, no further look. Every day, she will read the motivational quotes, positive affirmations, and self-reflection questions in the calendar to encourage herself and stay focused on her goals.

Mother-daughter pillow gift: Personalized cat pillow

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Cat mom would love to have a pillow with the shape and size of her cute cat on it and decorate on the sofa or her bed.

Mother-daughter pregnancy gift: Carter bodysuits

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Carter is one of the good brands for baby bodysuits. The material is always so soft with super cute designs or nice bold colors. The daughter will be excited by this gift and can wear it for her baby many times after she gives birth.

Mother-daughter picture gift: ArtPix 3D

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Do you want something special for your mother or daughter? This Artpix 3D is exactly what you need. It will transfer from a 2D picture into a perfect 3D sculpture model. Also, this sparkling material makes it stand out in any place in the room.

Mother-daughter robe gift: Barefoot Dreams Robe

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It’s worth it to buy this barefoot dreams robe for the mother or the daughter as it’s very soft and comfortable. She will barely take it off since she wears it. Also, it will be amazing in the winter.

Mother-daughter tea gift basket: Taylors of Harrogate Assorted Specialty Teas Box

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So the mother loves tea but she hates only having one flavor to pick from. What could be better than 48 tea flavors for her to enjoy? Her options are limitless as she not only can choose any flavor in the tea box but also mix some flavors to create a personalized one to her liking.

Mother-daughter jewelry wedding gift: Angara jewelry

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There’s so much love from the mother about this gorgeous ring, and also harbors a hidden message: The daughter is always in the mother’s heart.

Once you have an idea of which gift you want to give the mother or daughter, there’s always something here for you to select from these 30 mother-daughter gifts.

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