Top gifts for people who love to travel on Amazon

We have Christmas here now! I have been looking online for some gifts for people who love to travel that would please any traveler and I have found some very original things, some of them very curious, but that could certainly triumph to give away these dates or for any other time of the year, birthdays, etc …

Maybe you’re also one of mine and hate to go shopping and be going around and around and around more crowds, so I’m going to make it easy for you. Here I leave you a list of the coolest with travel gifts thought especially for that familiar or that friend “crazy of the trips” and that surely none of them will fail.

Well, there we go. Hold on for curves …!

A portable washing machine to travel!


One of the best inventions for travelers! This is a gift for anyone who is going to travel for a long time. No longer do you have to ask if they have a washing machine in the hostels or hostels, or worry about bagging dirty clothes and waiting to get to the next city to do laundry. You and anywhere you can do it with this portable washer. You will not tell me that they do not put more and more facilities to travel … I ask for one!

Give a Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag.

Waterproof case for mobile phone and documentation

71B8172ByoHL 1How many times have we been in the pool or are we bathing in the beach slope that does not take away anything we have left on the towel, and especially the mobile? With this waterproof cover, worries are over. Take it with you to the water without fear of getting wet, and by not losing its tactile function, you can use it and make fun water photos. You can also put your documentation, cards and money. Another very useful gift for people who love to travel!

Internal money-bag for storing money and documentation

Internal money-bag unique travel gifts

There is nothing more important when you are traveling, than having all your documentation and all the money under control … always! These belts that are hidden under the clothes are ideal to keep our passport, cards, cash, important photocopies, etc … Essential for the traveler!

Extreme battery

Extreme battery travel gift ideas for him

Carrying an external portable battery can save anyone on many occasions. Being on the road, it is difficult for the mobile phone to not smoke, making hundreds of photos, and with that, the battery goes to less … Can you imagine needing the mobile in an emergency situation when away from home and not having a battery? Lately there are already many people who do not leave your home without this little device, which allows you to charge your mobile phone and other devices anywhere and at any time. Fundamental to carry it in your travels.

Gift a external battery for traveler

External hard drive

External hard drive gifts for travel lovers

Another device that can not be missing in a traveler’s backpack is an external hard drive. With this device we can store the thousands of photographs and videos that we are doing during our trip, allowing empty space of the card of the camera, the laptop, etc … and above all save them under insurance.

-> Do not miss the photos and videos of your trips … Buy it!

Universal Power Adapter + Charger

Universal Power Adapter gifts for someone traveling abroad

It will not be the first time someone arrives in another country and you find that the plugs are not the same as your country of origin and goes like crazy to find an adapter to charge the mobile, camera, laptop, etc. With universal adapters there will be no more problems and you can plug your devices wherever you go.

->Buy universal power adapter.

Ebook Reader

Ebook Reader gifts for travel lovers

Many of us like to read whatever the theme is, but when we go on a trip, all we want is to go as light as possible and not carry unnecessary weight. A Kindle or e-Book , is the solution to this problem. It’s the size of a tablet and here you can download and store hundreds of e-books to have at your disposal whenever you want. It is ideal for long trips by car or plane or if you are traveling for a long time and do not want to carry your luggage with “bundles” of books …

-> Give an eBook Reader!

Wireless headphones or headsets

Wireless headphones best travel gifts for her

Like reading, we love to listen to music, and if it is doing a Road Trip we still get a lot more into the trip. The problem is that when you finally got that mission impossible to slide your headphones, you are almost reaching destination and you have not heard the first 3 songs on your list, you understand me right? Give some helmets or wireless headphones and you will find that on your list you have many more songs than you imagined.

-> Gift Wireless headphones for travel lovers

Selfie Stick

Selfie travel gift ideas

Selfish sticks are invading us! It’s strange to meet a person who likes to take pictures and still does not have a stick of these … Even my grandmother has one, but she’s very modern. Surely you know of someone who does not have it and who would grace it. Now is a good time to give it to you.

-> Put a Selfie sticks in your life!

Blog of waterproof notes (special travel bloggers)

Waterproof Note travel themed gift

If you are reading, you are a good person and you want to continue reading articles on this blog, I would gladly accept this waterproof notebook, as the best ideas and moments of inspiration come when you are in the shower. It is a good travel gift for that blogger friend, or for anyone, you never know when you will come to the head the list of the purchase.

-> Do not let your best ideas escape underwater … Buy this note blog!

A travel or trekking backpack

Travel or trekking backpack gift ideas for someone going travelling

In our group of friends or family, we all have the typical “crazy travel” that when it is not anywhere, is thinking about where it might be … A backpack is a great gift for people who love to travel who with little thing above, has more than enough to go around the world. It does not have to be very large, a 40 liter is ideal, also perfect for not having to bill. And if you already have yours, a smaller trekking backpack is another good option, to make excursions or as a backpack to visit the city and carry the most essential things.

-> Give a travel backpack!

Straw water filter

Straw water filter travel gifts for men

This straw is a water purifying filter that filters up to 1000 liters of water, enough for one person for a whole year. It eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, parasites, and viruses, so if you are in the middle of nature and you run out of the water, you can safely drink without worrying about whether or not the water is contaminated.

-> Buy water filter.

Inflatable mattress for the car


If you are one of those who likes to take the car and go on an adventure whether for a day or a long weekend and do not mind sleeping in the car, here is the solution. This piece of inflatable mattress will make your accommodation budget … zero! So they say travel is expensive …

-> Buy inflatable mattress for the car.

Cooking set for hiking


Surely you know someone who likes to get lost in the mountains and disconnect from the world, you even imagine you rubbing two sticks or chopping two stones to make fire and to eat something. I will not tell you that you give him sticks or stones, but you could give him a lighter. But in addition, you can give him more things and give him a set of cutlery, plates, frying pan and pot. Someday, as a thank-you, you will be invited to eat in the middle of the forest, surrounding the fire and playing the guitar.

-> Give this set to eat and eat wherever you want!

World’s Ballhouse


Saving for your next trip? Surely this piggy bank will help you and motivate you every day to put some money to fulfill that journey that you have been waiting for so long. While you are saving you can go planning what tour you are going to do during your trip.

-> Start saving with this piggy bank.

The most traveling vinyl


Feel that you are traveling even when you are not. With this vinyl you can decorate the wall of the dining room or your room with a map of the world, airplanes, or the most famous monuments in the world. They molar a lot!

-> Decorate the walls with these travel vinyls.

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker gifts for the traveler

Have you ever been in the shower with your favorite singer? Now you have the opportunity as this speaker can get wet and also with the hands-free option you can pick up calls. It is compatible with all devices that can be connected via Bluetooth. Ideal to take you to the beach, the pool and how not to travel.

-> Give a speaker of these pimps.




There is always someone who takes the cake in arriving late to the airports and has experience in this of losing airplanes. Be a good person and do yourself a favor. Give him this suitcase with a scooter included or this scooter with the suitcase (whatever you want to call it), and you can discover that feeling of arriving with enough time to embark without the stress of losing another plane.

-> Buy this suitcase and you will never be late!

Camera / GoPro

Camera GoPro gift ideas for travelers

A camera is always a good travel gift, whether Christmas, summer or the saint of your cousin, especially if you know that the person to whom you are going to give, goes after one since a long time ago. If you also like adventure sports, scuba diving or any other activity, a GoPro camera is a very good quality option. They are gifts that make a special illusion to immortalize your trips …

-> Give a camera

-> Give a GoPro


Tripod gifts for people who travel

The perfect complement to the camera. A flexible tripod that can be adapted to any surface and can take photos from any point.

-> Give a tripod.

A Drone

drone gifts for travel lovers

With the arrival of these “bugs” flying, travel has another dimension, above all a vision never seen before. Can you imagine being able to record and photograph the cities from the air? No need to hire a helicopter tour … Lies! It would certainly be another very good gifts for people who love to travel. But with these drones, you can get really spectacular images, not to mention the videos that we can record our trips.

-> Give a drone.

A luxury gift … a floating island!

floating island gift ideas for someone going travelling

Even for summer … what better travel gift ideas than something you can enjoy sharing with your best friends. How many times have you been to a beach and seen in front of your noses the typical yacht of some rich man? It’s over! You do not need to have millions in your account to enjoy yourself as a king at sea. Can you imagine being with your friends in summer, on the beach, with a few beers on your super floating island? You will be the envy of all. The one that can be rolled up!

->I want my floating island already!

If you liked the gifts for people who love to travel on this list, you have found it useful, like the super washing machine to travel, or you have been freaking out and for a few moments you have already imagined lying on the floating island with friends and a few beers, share it with whoever you want, and for us it will also be a travel gift idea.






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