Top 5 Unique Gifts for a New Home Owner

While everyone has a method they prefer to express gratitude and appreciation, you have to admit, words would feel pretty empty if they were used all the time without a gift to accompany them. Gifts make people feel special to somebody; they let them know that they are truly valued by the other person, and it shows that someone gave them a thought. In fact, the more thoughtful a gift is, the better it will make someone feel. Besides, don’t you find yourself thinking of people when you look at the gifts, they gave you?

When it comes to housewarming, gifts can mean a lot, especially to a first-time homeowner. They show that you are celebrating a loved one’s first steps into their new residence, and they go a step into lightening the financial load for the person. Everyone knows how stressful it can be moving into your first home, but those new home gifts do not just make us feel better, they go a long way to show us that we are not alone. That is why gifts for a first-time homeowner not only need to the thoughtful but need to be useful as well.

Here is a small list of five top gifts to give to a new homeowner.

A toolbox

While a toolbox is not as aesthetically appealing as flowers and freshly baked goods, it is a useful and much-appreciated tool, especially for a new first-time homeowner. It is an actual essential if the person you are giving it to has never owned a home before. It is something they will use often, and something they would have had to buy.

Of course, it goes without saying that it does not have to be a fancy toolbox with seven different kinds of pliers. It also does not have to be expensive to show that you have given it much thought. All it should have are the basic tools- a hammer, a pair of pliers, a multi-head screwdriver, a tape measure, level, and a box cutter. That should get them nicely started.

Put it in a nicely wrapped box or basket, put a bow on it, and voila! You have a perfectly thoughtful gift that will be appreciated.


A restaurant gift card

Whether the new homeowner is your loved one, someone you know briefly, or is a new neighbor of yours, this gift can be given by anyone. The key to giving a restaurant gift card makes it a close-by restaurant so that it can come off looking like a welcome to the neighborhood’s present.

The reason behind this gift is simple.

Most new homeowners don’t think about cooking dinners or looking around for a nice restaurant that is nearby. They are usually in the process of settling in. If they seem too busy, you can make it a gift card from a place that does home deliveries like a fast-food restaurant to save them time. If they are not too busy, you can make it a relatively fancy place depending on what you can easily afford.


A welcome mat

The first thing someone sees when they get to your doorstep is a welcome mat. It can make someone feel welcome and depending on how nice it looks, it can give a good first impression about the owner of the house. It can ‘hello’ without using so many words and tell that a friendly person lives inside. Besides, welcome mats can serve as entrance mats so that you don’t have to tell people to take off their shoes first and protect against dirt and dust.

A welcome mat is a good idea for a new homeowner, whether seasoned or first time because it is both useful and thoughtful.

Plus, it is a cheap way to show appreciation.


A houseplant or flower

Plants have a way of brightening up a place. Indoor plants have a way of making home decor seem refined and make a room feel more put together. Besides, studies have shown that indoor houseplants reduce stress, improve our moods and they make us more creative. You have to admit; they just lend life to a room.

That is why houseplants are a perfect gift to give to a loved one who just moved into a new place, or who just got their first house.

House plants look good, they seem like a thoughtful gift, and they are useful. You can go the extra mile to get a flower as an indoor plant to make the house smell nice, or add in a nice vase.



Freshly baked goods

People get very busy when they are trying to settle into a new house. That is why nice pastries can be a welcome break from the bustle of moving into a new home more so if the person has children.

The best thing is that you don’t actually have to be a domestic goddess or god to give a good freshly baked pastry. All you need is a nice-looking basket and a nice bakery shop.

That is it!

This gift not only seems thoughtful, but it also makes it look like you have put some effort into it.

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