Top 20 Gifts for Travelers

They say that traveling is living. Whether or not you are in this group of people that we are enthusiastic about traveling, you will surely enjoy this selection of 20 gifts for travelers, either for you or for ideas to make a gift.

And is that many times there are travel articles that we do not imagine what they are necessary or how useful they would be until we know them or not try them, becoming essential in our suitcase. If you want something original and have a list of the 20 best gifts for travelers, there we go. Good trip!

Camera 360 degrees

This year, if you want to succeed in the world of travel, you will not only need a professional camera and a mobile. From now on, you’re going to need a 360-degree camera, with which to take photos and record 360-degree views and share your travels in virtual reality.

Camera 360 degrees for traveler

Camera 360 degrees (low cost)

And as we know that there are many travelers who do not want to spend so much on a first camera 360 degrees, we leave you a much cheaper but perfect option to start sharing your trips in virtual reality.

Cheap Camera 360 degrees for travel lover

Get your Andoer 360 Degree Panoramic Camera Action here.

Waterproof bag for mobile or documents

How many times have your mobile phone or documentation been wetted thinking you were in a safe place? With this waterproof bag will not happen again to carry everything you need to your side, even in times of rain, where carrying this protection is indispensable.

Waterproof bag for mobile or documents for a travel gift

Waterproof Bag Case here.

Mobile Modem

This has been one of our last traveler’s discoveries: since we have it we have not traveled without it. We just need to connect a SIM card from the country we travel to, put it on the modem, connect and have internet throughout the trip!

Mobile Modem for gifts for abroad travelling

USB Wall Charger

How many times have you arrived at the hotel, with the camera, the laptop and the mobile downloaded and you have found that there was only one plug? More than one, right? With this USB charger, you will not have that problem since with it you will be able to load several USB devices at the same time.

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Get your USB Wall Charger here.

Universal Travel Plug

With this gift travel plug adapter, the problems with charging your camera or any electronic device wherever you are are over.

716ClySBV4L 1Get your Universal Travel Plug here.

Travel guides

In addition to travel blogs, such as the, it is never too much to accompany you with a travel guide and if this is Lonely Planet, better than better.

Paris Travel guides for travel lover

Get your travel guide here.

Balance suitcases

Since some airlines have placed restrictions on hand luggage, every kilo counts, so there is nothing better than a scale to not take last-minute surprises, which will cost us guys …

Balance suitcases for traveler

Get your travel balance for a gift here.


If you do not want to escape any spectacular images of your trip, this is your camera. Small, submersible, easy to control and with professional quality. You love her, do not you?

GoPro HERO Action Camera for Traveling

Get your GoPro HERO Session here.

Accessories for GoPro

And if you want to go fully equipped with your super GoPro, you can not stop taking some (or all) of these accessories to one of the fashion cameras.

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Get your Soft Digits 50 in 1 Accessory for GoPro Hero.

Travel Dryer

As much as we do not want hair becomes a major factor in our travels and more if we have it rebellious, so what better than a travel hair dryer to make our holidays much more relaxed?


Get your Braun Satin Hair 3 HD350 Style & Go here.

Charger solar panel

Recharge your mobile or any other electronic device at a time with this solar panel charger. It ended up running out of battery in the most important moment of the trip or suffocate whenever you are proposed to make a route of several days in which you know that there will be no outlets to charge your camera.

Charger solar panel for travel outdoor

Get your Solar Panel Charger here.

Bluetooth Wireless Headset

How many times do you get the tangled headphones and lose more time in putting them well than in using them? With these headphones, this problem disappears and you only have to dedicate yourself to enjoy your favorite music.

Traveler love Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Get your Bluetooth Headset here.

Ear plugs

It seems to lie as something so small and simple can become so imperative gifts for a traveler. Night flight, noisy hotel, hostel room with many people, wagon companion who snores more than the bill … Whatever the occasion, having a pair of earplugs at hand can be the solution.

Ear plugs for traveler on air

Get your Ear plug now.

Pocket Tripod

There is nothing more comfortable than a pocket tripod and if you can also adapt to any surface, you have finished juggling with the camera or wait for someone (after 100 tries) to make the photo you wanted.

Pocket Tripod Gifts for Traveler love taking Photos

Get your Pocket Tripod here.


The dream of more than one traveler and although we know that there are many more professionals and also much more expensive, we think that to start, it is better to do with some affordable, with which to practice and perform great aerial shots.

Drone for Natural Travel Trip

Get your Syma X5C Quadcopter equipped with HD cameras 6 Axis Gyro.

TSA Padlocks

The greater security for your luggage since it is also TSA so the airport staff can open it without having to break it, something that can happen in the US.

TSA Padlocks for Travel Luggage

Get your TSA luggage locks here.

Diving mask with support for GoPro

With this super mask to dive, you can breathe through the mouth and nose at the same time as well as having a stand in which you can dock your camera and record incredible shots of the seabed.

Diving mask with support for GoPro for Sea Travel Trip

Get here your Diving Mask support GoPro Now.

Submersible Photo Camera

Many times we want to do some photos underwater but we do not want to spend too much money on a professional camera. With this camera, you can take great photos and not spend more than the bill.

Underwater Photo Camera for Travel gift ideas

Get your Waterproof Digital camera now.

Travel Planner

We loved this idea !! Plan your trips around the world with a marker …

Travel Planner

Get here your Travel planner.

World Map Wall Decal Sticker

Prepare your trips on the wall with this incredible world Decal on the wall.

World Map Wall Decal Sticker for travel Lover

Get Your World Map Wall Decal Sticker Now.

That all 20 best gifts we want to introduce for you in this articles. We hope our work gift you helpful ideas to choose a awesome gifts for travelers. Please share and comment your opinions blows.

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