Top 15 Best Gifts for Travelers in the Christmas 2019

Christmas is coming! So dear girlfriends, boyfriend, and other families, here I subtly leave you some ideas for my list of kings. And to you, dear readers, I see you also with the blanket on your head looking like crazy ideas to give to that boyfriend, close friend or your cousin, so surely you are served this collection of the best gifts for travelers in Christmas 2019. A post dedicated to all those useful travel gifts that we should have all lovers of travel.

If you think you are missing something, remember to pass this article on to your friend, boyfriend or brother so that this year you know how to give yourself and so (finally!) Right with it. There are a few ideas for traveling gifts!

Compact Tripod 3K Stand for best gifts for travelers

Compact Tripod 3K Stand is one of the best gifts for travelers

Designed to support DSLR and mirrorless cameras or devices weighing up to 3kg (6.6lbs). With a 360° panning head and 90° tilt, your GorillaPod 3K Kit is a must-have for any traveler, photographer, cinematographer or vlogger.

Multiple Purpose, Water Repellent, Portable, Durable Hammock


Super comfortable, easy setup for a couple enjoy on their trip. This is comfortable not only for me individually, but my girlfriend together laying next to me and we even have a bit of extra room.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


It has excellent sound quality for playing music. It is also comfortable, the earcups are soft, there is not a lot of clamping, and the top band is padded so it’s less annoying on the top of the head. You can get deeper into your music, or whatever you want to focus on your trip.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for Your Phone

Xenvo wide-angle lenses feature additional glass elements that correct unwanted lens distortion so straight lines appear straight. The high-quality, German optical-grade glass provides crystal clear images from edge to edge with no dark corners. It will bring perfect images on your trip.

Map of scratching

A classic that has been stomping in recent years, to the point that it seems that is dethroning the traditional map of thumbtacks. The good thing about this map is that in the end, however much you have traveled, it gives you the feeling that you still have a lot of worlds left to “scratch”. Maximum motivation to keep planning trips whenever you see them in your room.

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You can find a scratching map in a small format for 19 dollars here.

Map of scratching for travel gift ideas

Traveling Cork

Other versions of this map are the earth version in cork to put pins. Is it cool? You can find it available here.

Traveling Cork for travel lover

And if you prefer more cork roll than scratch there are also cork maps of all sizes so that you put ahead of the bed and dream of more trips. We have a giant XXL size in our house. Take a look at all the ones here.

Mobile battery

Basic today for all travelers or people addicted to mobile (like me) and social networks. You put it in the bag or in the backpack and ale, you can now give the button quietly without worries. When you run out of battery you put the cell phone to charge here and that’s it. Thanks to this portable battery you will overcome the greatest fear that we face the human being in the day today. No, they are not the cancerous hamburgers of processed meat, but we run out of batteries.

The price of a mobile battery for mobile round here the 25 dollars.

Mobile battery for a travel gift

World Map travelers DoorMat

To mark a little identity in the neighborhood and make it clear that this house is inhabited by a hustler. So your friends when they come to see you will not need to ask what the letter of your floor. They will recognize your house quickly.World Map DoorMat for traveler

But the most stupid mat there can be is the one we have in our house. Do not tell me it’s not original. Everyone who comes to our house loves it. You find it on Amazon for 35 dollars.

Welcome DoorMat for travel lover

Traveling Mugs

Without a doubt, the most original gift you can do to a photographer. It sounds like a fancy gift to me.

The price of this target mug is 13 dollars here. Do not tell me you do not love it!

Gift Traveling Mugs for travel lover

There is nothing better than having breakfast in the morning a cafetite is a cup as smooth as this. I gave it to my friends for my birthday match with the passport case and a tag for the luggage that I will now teach you and the truth is that I love it. Available on Amazon for about 13 euros.

Album for your travel photos

We already know that the best memory you can have on travel is the photos. It happens to us that from so much travel and so much photo we do not see them often and leave them something forgotten in the hard disk. So, having them sorted in an album or doing a Hofmann (although the Hofmann has to spend a lot of time) can be a great choice. If you want something simple and that is cool are the albums of Mr. Wonderful. For example, this album also has stickers to decorate it, they look great and it is done quite fast because you only have to select the photos, paste them and add the stickers to your liking that already come in it. You can also find Album travel photos with the price on Amazon is about 20 dollars.

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Album for travel gift ideas

Universal Power Adapter

No more messes in the USA, Asia, and Conchinchina. With this power adapter, you can move anywhere in the world without headaches. The price of a normal adapter is between 10 and 15 euros, although we use this one that for 18 euros also has two USB.

Best Gifts Universal Travel Adapter

Matching passport cover with luggage tag

Do not tell me it’s not really molona? I was given my friends matching with the tag for hand luggage.

best gifts for travelers passport cover tag luggage

If you have stayed with the desire to see more passport cases molonas you can look for more here.

And the label so that we do not miss the matching luggage. You have it available on Amazon for 14 dollars. You have a lot of gift ideas for this style here. Do not forget to take a look!

City puzzles

To spend the Christmas entertaining with the family I can not think of a better plan than to play cards, to some board game or to assemble a puzzle of one of your favorite cities. For example, there are puzzles from Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, New York or London.

You can find them from 20 dollars here.

NY puzzles are best gifts for travelers

Cabin suitcase for low-cost companies

One of the things that wear the most in the busy life of the traveler is the suitcase. It never hurts to renew it, so a cabin bag can be one of your star travel gifts. Do not forget to check the sizes of each suitcase allowed for airline and then avoid surprises, especially with low-cost airlines.

There is hand luggage for about 100 dollars.

And how about a themed suitcase? For example Star Wars (we are very fans) or Frozen for the little ones.

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Find Star Wars cases here. Spring eh! Do you want the truth?

travelers gifts suitcase star wars

Ebook Reader

Essential to kill time in the endless hours of flight. Also, it is very useful because it weighs so little that you can carry it in the bag or in a backpack without hardly noticing it. And super practical! Not only can you use it for travel, but also in your daily life.

Check out all the books out there for about 120 dollars.

Kindle Ebook Reader for travel gift

Cap survival kit + neck cushion + mask

Basic Survival kit containing anti-snore earplugs + cushion so your neck will feel comfortable + face mask that will come in handy if you’re like me, one of the things you hate most is that between the light out the window while I sleep.

You can find it here from 18 dollars.


Lonely Planet

A Lonely Planet guide is another of the best gifts for travel lovers. It really is a very practical gift, with which normally you usually hit. If the fortunate plans a trip, giving him the destination guide is success assured. And if not, you are already in charge of proposing new ideas.

You can find Lonely Planet travel guides from 21 euros here.

lonely planet guide for travel lovers

Selfie Stick

If your colleague is still not in the latest fashion with this selfie suit, something is failing. There may be two options: on the one hand, he abhors selfies; or that no good friend like you has given it away.

I recognize that although I am not very fan of the selfies I have one.

Gift Selfie Stick before traveling

The price of a selfie stick that is more or less well is about 15 dollars, but also have them for just over 10 dollars. Check out all the models here.

And … a surprise trip!

Surely this is the gift that you will like. Who would not want those best gifts for travelers was a surprise trip? If you want to see how I managed to organize a surprise trip to Brussels, do not miss this guide where I have hair and signs to organize a surprise trip (without raising suspicion ).

What do you think about the Christmas gifts for travelers? Would you contribute your little bit of sand and add some other? Leave us a comment, we will love to read to you!

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