Top 10 popular toys for kids you will love

Toys is a basic activity in the child’s development. During his first years is the most important task, because not only amuses himself but also learns through him, socializes, stimulates his imagination, internalizes norms, expresses his feelings … Do you know what are the 10 popular toys for kids?

The ten basic toys and games for your children. Although the market offers infinite possibilities in toys, it is important to know how to choose well. The toy should stimulate the imagination, be fun and make the child the main protagonist. These are the 10 toys that every child should have at home.

1. Balls are the most popular toys for kids

Maybe the ball was one of the first popular toys for kids counted on. It promotes the physical abilities of the little one (running, coordination, control) and allows you plenty of possibilities, alone or in a company, for which you have to use your imagination.

2. A bicycle


The child should move and be active. The bicycle offers an unbeatable opportunity to achieve this. In addition, it grants some autonomy that will help you in the formation of your character.

3. Block Constructions


There are sets of constructions adapted to all ages when they are smaller in large blocks when they are larger in small pieces. The constructions are a very important stimulus to develop the imagination and the creativity of the child. In addition, he perfects his motor skills and his logical reasoning

4. Puzzles


The puzzles stimulate concentration and problem-solving ability. They help the child in their spatial organization and encourage visual memory and observation. For all this, it is one of the complete games that exist.

5. Dolls and stuffed animals


Through dolls and plush popular toys for kids. They can play the role that adults play in the real world, which helps them in their development, as they change into a role of “active” caregivers. Dolls and stuffed animals are, in many cases, also an object of great consolation for the child.

6. Books


Books allow the child to enter fully into the world of imagination. From the early stages of childhood, you can forge a taste for reading, with books of very different format and themes. When the child likes to read, he never feels bored.

7. Costumes

When the child disguises, he adopts another personality through which he can more easily express his emotions, his thoughts. Children’s costumes are a good way to fantasize about other realities and to create a world of their own, which is very beneficial in child development.

8. Paintings and crafts

Painting and crafts for Kids

The child must have materials of painting, modeling, and crafts to express the great creativity inside. The free artistic expression is a good help to raise your self-esteem and let you express your experiences.

9. Symbolic games

The child needs to imitate the adults, so the symbolic games (kitchens, meals, iron, driving …) are very useful. In this type of games, the little one becomes the protagonist of the stories and is learning to respond to the different situations that can arise, especially if he plays in the company.

10. Board game


Board games involving two or more children are essential for them to learn rules that are above them. In this sense, they are a very good formula for the child to learn to tolerate frustration when he loses.

That all of top 10 popular toys for kids, and I hope you will agree with me that the toys help kids learning, play fun and have a memorable childhood.

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