Top 10 Good Birthday Gifts For Teenage Guys Every Parents Should Know

Perhaps, your teenage boy’s birthday is coming soon and you are confused on what Birthday Gifts For Teenage Guys to buy for him, right! The truth is that at times, most young people especially guys are really hard to please when it comes to birthday gifts particularly when you are of the opposite sex to them.

It’s a challenge to choose awesome gifts for teenage guys as they are so precise about their things, secondly, times changes and what was popular among teenagers a few years ago is totally old-fashioned today.

The fact remains that, if you are not properly equipped with the right information on guy’s gifts, you will certainly flop in your gift-giving activities because you will definitely be doing “pick and drop” kind of shopping, and your gift will end up either returned or dumped. I’m sure, you wouldn’t like that to happen to you.

But the good news is picking the right birthday gift is actually stress, free. If you are reading this post you have an advantage over others because you are going to discover 10 solid sweet gift ideas that will surely be meaningful and interesting to him.

Just before I start to write this caption “good Birthday Gifts For Teenage Guys”, I carried out a little informal survey among teenage boys. It was a single question kind of survey, I asked them to mention 4 things they will like to receive as birthday gifts this year; friends their answers were not really far from what I expected. Stuff like cell phones, laptop, games, movies, books, and wears topped the list.

If you want to pick the right gifts for young guys, you have to understand the fundamental desires of an adolescent male, I’m talking about their likes, desires and perhaps age; with your knowledge about their basic desires, it will be much easier to choose a gift that he will love. For instance, most teenage guys want to stay in contact with their friends as often as possible.

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Below are the top 10 best birthday presents for young guys.


There is something I just remembered now; even if you stop reading further after reading the next three paragraphs, I’m satisfied. Period!

It’s an advice from Jamie Jefferson.

You can skip them if you are in a hurry but don’t.

I’m serious, read them.

“Go Brand Name. It’s often a good idea to stick with brand-name items for teens. For many in this age group, nothing is more embarrassing for them than to turn up with a knock-off of something all their friends have. Today’s teenagers are very brand conscious. If they ask for an iPod, don’t get them a cheap discount MP3 player. If you can’t afford the brand name of what they want, get them something else entirely.”

“Let Them Create. Get them something that allows them to show their creativity. Teenagers may appreciate a kit that lets them make their own handbag. Boys may enjoy a skateboard embellishment kit. Personalization is the name of the game and if your gift allows them to put their stamp on the world, they’ll definitely appreciate it.”

Top 10 good Birthday Gifts For Teenage Guys:

Mobile phones:


– Nowadays, mobile phones are more of needs than a luxury. They are useful and chic at the same time. Smartphones are the real toy among teenage guys nowadays.

Laptop or Netbook:


– This is another great tech toy for teens. Every 21st-century guy wants to own a personal computer or at least Netbook, this kind of gift will be useful to them.

MP4 Player:


– Guys of all ages love tech gadgets, the reason being that we are in a generation dominated by technology. MP Player is a good item to give any teen boy during his birthday. It is such a multipurpose device that it can be used as DVD player and radio at the same time.

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– I’m not an advocate of buying cloth as a gift to anybody simply because buying clothes is very delicate and one can simply go wrong even with the best intentions; I included it here because it was among the most listed items by the few adolescent male that performed my “informal survey”. If the guy is fashion conscious, I strongly advise and also to be the safe side you should get a gift card and let him do the shopping by himself. In this case, both of your wins.

Video/Board games:


– Most teens enjoy playing games. Some are so addicted to it that they are crazy about getting the newest games in the market. While some prefer video or computer games, others tend to immerse themselves in the world of board games like bingo, taboo, scrabble, monopoly, and PictionaryPictionary. These are games that most adolescent guys would be happy to have. Ensure you check out the gaming platform he is using already- you can talk to his friends or parents or siblings for more info on his gaming boards.

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– Books make a good birthday for teenage guys. While it may not be an excellent pick for some guys, the right book can positively influence a teen’s life while providing him with the same amount of joys and excitement of the most popular computer games. Luckily, there is an ever-growing source of cool, engaging books to select from that will perfectly appeal to even reluctant guy readers. Avoid uninteresting books when choosing a book for a teenage guy, pick a fast-paced storyline and relatable heroes to help make sure it’s a success.

The world best-selling E-reader; the easiest way to read these days.



– Most young guys love watching movies especially movies that involve guns and big explosion if there is any movie that he loves; there could be no other good present for him. Simply get his preferred movie and put it inside a box, if you like you can add other stuff in that box or buying a movie ticket for the celebrant will surely make his day extraordinary and he will never forget this day.

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Sports-related gifts:

– This is for guys who are passionate about sports; there are abundant of gift ideas available in this category. Stuff like high tech running sneakers, or a ticket to the game that he loves. There is Armband that is designed to be integrated with Nano iPod so that he can track running data at the same time listening to his favorite music. If the guy likes to jog and listen to music at the same time then he will enjoy this gift. You can’t go wrong with a sports sweatshirt, hat or other items that are related to the guy’s favorite team or sports. Just make sure that you get the team/sports correct.

Homemade Birthday Gifts For Teenage Guys

Personalized boxer short

– If you are trying to be economically or trying truly hard to make Birthday Gifts For Teenage Guys that are special and will be appreciated, this option is the best for you. There are many homemade birthday gift ideas out there which you can do. The good thing about a homemade gift is that they are personal. For instance consider making comic T-shirts or personalized boxer shorts or towel with the guy’s name, face, favorite celebrity, and favorite photo.

Grooming tools:


– Normally, when guys are getting close to 20, the need to get more socialize grows. They want to hang out with new friends and engage in other social activities that involve meeting new people. For this reason, getting a high quality grooming kit will a fantastic birthday gift to the guy.

Above are the top 10 good Birthday Gifts For Teenage Guys there are still many more ideas out there, so feel free to drop your ideas or question at the comment section.