Top 10 Fun games to play over text You will Like

Why you need some fun games to play over text? Time and range have nothing to do when partners want to link, and what better way to do it than texting. Written SMS messages have become a vital portion of interaction. So next occasion when you want to text your girlfriend/boyfriend, boost those techniques and perform an activity instead! Written SMS messages activities are useful if you’re tired and you don’t like the general texting discussion. With these activities, you’re enjoying an activity over SMS. Also, when you are away from your spouse, a single text can bring you two nearer immediately.

You’ll feel even closer while playing fun games over text. Some of the games are ideal for texting with your girlfriend/boyfriend, while others are more for getting to know each other. Either way, you will have fun, and you can have a good laugh while having your phone. In this article, we have specific several fun games to play over text.

Where Am I?


The Game “Where Am I” is another fun wondering activity that will please you and your spouse for a long time. “Where Am I” texting activity is a fun activity that needs two of you to explain a particular position. It’s quite just like “I Spy.”

In this activity, you don’t have to be in that particular position that you want your buddy to think. But you must be accurate with your information. The place might be a distributed classroom or a significant landmark in your neighborhood or other areas of the world. You need to provide general information of the best position so your buddy could think of it. However, you should not say anything that’s too apparent or particular.

To make it more fun and fascinating, you should split it into tedious topics. If you’re enjoying it with a guy/girl that you’re enthusiastic about, you should make the activity light.

If your spouse is a lovely guy/girl that you want to get to know more, you need to allow your creativity to go crazy.
The two of you should alternate for developing the activity in crazy and fascinating ways. But you must have an algorithm, like enabling each to explain a position in five to six phrases and make sure the guesser has a couple of moments to think of the best position.

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Name Game is one of my favorite fun games to play over text

Name Game is an easy and fun term activity to perform over text. Both players select a subject entailing places, creatures, nations, or famous persons, stars. For example, your boyfriend/girlfriend text messages something, and you text another word, starting with the last correspondence of the other player’s last term. This activity can go on consistently. However, if one of you can’t come up with a new name, you know who’s lost.

Other Name Game you can choose to play with friend

Name 5 Game

Celebrity Name Game

Song Lyrics


Song Lyrics is an excellent texting activity for songs fans. It tends to be tedious for those who don’t like songs that contain collections. Nevertheless, it’s a kind of activity that you can perform when you’re out and while your boyfriend/girlfriend is in the house.

The action is performed by one individual naming some collection from songs and delivers it to the other via text. Each other will have to think the background songs that the line is from. This is excellent if you two both love songs. It can also consist of traditional collections from a film or a story. However, make sure that the two of you like to observe films online. Else, you can never guess the traditional collections.

Other Song Lyric Game you should Know

Spontuneous – The Song Game – Sing It or Shout It – Talent NOT Required (Best Family / Party Board Games for Kids, Teens, Adults – Boy & Girls Ages 8 & Up)

Guess the 1D Song Lyrics


This is an excellent activity that may even boost your terminology abilities. It doesn’t only decrease dullness but it also decreases pressure. The activity is simple, gamers select a unique term which needs to be broken apart and change its characters to obtain as many mixtures of terms as possible. You can select the period of a chance to 5 moments or more time, whatever is relaxed for both of you. Whoever makes more terms wins.

To make this activity more difficult besides establishing the deadlines, you could give extra factors for every type of term. For every circular, the two of you should get a consider make or make up the term and select as many units as you wish.

When you first think about this activity, you will probably think it is somewhat bland. But don’t ignore how fun this activity can be. It’s an excellent texting activity that may help in developing an association with your spouse, especially if you like him/her. This is also an excellent activity to successfully pass plenty of your time while you’re tired at perform. But make sure that you’re not captured by your manager enjoying during working time.

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Story Time

This is excellent for authors. As they say, two leads are usually better than one. With this activity, one gamer begins by texting the beginning term, phrase or a term to the other gamer. When the other gamer reciprocates with another term, phrase or name, another gamer reciprocates and so on and so forth. The solutions can develop a story that’s designed by the first gamer. Sometimes the tale created can be fantastic or terrible. It can also be a legendary or a real good tale. The back and forth claims can gradually develop a story over text.

Don’t be worried about the circulation of the story. You shouldn’t anticipate it to be elegant or smooth. But the perspective of the tale provides more detail that the two gamers are forced to keep the story going. Of course, you should make limitations. For example, you should restrict a variety of terms per text. You can begin by texting your boyfriend/girlfriend something like “Once upon a moment.” The second gamer will response with “in an area known as nowhere.” Then, your text buddy would react with another term or a thing, and so on and so forth.

Truth or Dare

True or Dare fun games to play over text

This activity can be unquestionably same way like it is taken aspect right before each other. You can make it more fun by discussing your image when selecting a challenge. Don’t ignore to remove the picture later! Although it’s performed at public events, it’s nice to play it over text without dropping its enjoyment and fun components. When you select “truth,” you should response the query in all honesty. Then, if the challenge is selected, the player’s digicam should be used to catch the proof of the problem.

What’s excellent about “truth or dare” activity on text is that your girlfriend/boyfriend will start to discuss facts than he/she would personally. It’s one of the reasons it’s an excellent activity if you wish to know somebody else on the line. But make sure that the concerns are not too unpleasant that you might harm his/her emotions. It’s also a fun activity because it makes a fun discussion as you learn more about each other.



Hangman is a fun activity you probably know from your child years. A text-based hangman is quite just like a sheet of document edition. Players set several factors, and after that, the first gamer text messages a number of emphasizes each comprising a correspondence of the selected term. The other player guesses a correspondence that they think might be a significant portion of that term.

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This texting activity is an overwhelming activity and each gamer will have to think more complicated. When enjoying this activity with a man or woman, you must have an objective in mind on how to develop the discussion more interestingly.

Emoji Interpretation (emoticons)


This needs you to both have emoji keyboard on your smartphone. If you do then this is an excellent activity to perform with your boyfriend/girlfriend. There are so many emojis that don’t seem to have any significance at first but stringing them together in a way that could appear sensible will most likely be fun. To make factors even more fun, use your creativeness and try to link using only emojis to see if you are able to understand each other. The good thing about this activity is that the two of you probably won’t be effective in interacting using emojis alone and this is what makes this activity crazy and fascinating. You need to think outside the box when enjoying this activity. And be sure that you have the newest computer keyboard so you can have as many choices as you want.

I Spy

It’s a preferred activity amongst family members for years. Although it’s usually performed during a long car trip, it can still offer enjoyment and fun when it’s delivered over text.

To accomplish this activity, you might begin by informing your girlfriend/boyfriend of where you are. Look around your environment to get something in particular. Your partner should think what you’ve spied. Of course, you’re going to provide him/her a hint but you’ll only provide the first correspondence of the item that you want him/her to think.

You can provide more signs for a bad think or restrict some guesses that are usually permitted in the activity.

What If


In this activity, one of you will begin to text a “what if” scenario and ask the associate what they’d do in that particular situation. There’s no wrong or right response, but it’s fun to figure out the other player’s reactions. This will also help you get to know more about your crush.

Buy this book “What If? is one of my Internet must-reads”


You can use some modifications above Fun games to play over text like making the query to be open-ended. There are several modifications that you can do with this activity to develop it more exhilarating.

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