Top 1 year old toy ideas to gift for the first birthday, our baby is a toddler!

There is already at the door, your baby’s birthday, the first day of honor. Twelve months, 52 weeks, 365 days. A wonderful, exciting, exhausting and magical time. It’s crazy. Where is the year? From next week, Your kid is officially no longer a baby. Hello Baby, where are you?! Surely, you want to gift your kid special toys for 1 year old.

What 12 months baby toys to give a child for the first birthday ever – what makes sense, what not ?!

I have a few thoughts and a few really nice parts put together. In the past year, I had presented you my Wish List. Today, however, it is about the little baby.

Small seating group, table with chairs

Table and chairs for kids

This small seat group is already waiting for you to be packed nicely. I’m still unsure if I want to put them in the living room or rather in our huge kitchen. But I’ve seen the table and chairs for kids on Amazon and knew this is the perfect gift.  Your kid always wants to be close to you and is increasingly demanding to be able to sit in the big chair. With this seat, your kid can always sit next to you and is always there. And I mean, how cute are these tiny chairs and the table.

Search for more cute tables and chairs for your kids here.

Children’s book: Knock Knock!

Book for 1 year old kids

Books – you know it, I can barely get a book by. When I saw Frosti’s snaps just two weeks ago, I discovered the picture book ‘Knock on!’ And ordered it directly. Too sweet. The book is made of solid cardboard and therefore also suitable for the youngest. ‘Knock on’ and find out what is behind the door. I can imagine that your baby will love this little book.

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Colorful parking garage

Colorful parking garage 1 year old toys

This toy is a huge parking lot of colorful wood and I can not help, but your kid is so on it. You kids will manage a multi-level parking garage is tons of fun. The toys for 1 year old inspire children’s imagination as well as promote kid’s physical and intellectual development. Don’t miss the toy for your kid.

So these are my 1 year old toy ideas for the first and maybe the second birthday. Do you have any more?

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