Tips to Incorporate Your Whiskey Passion into Your Wedding

Weddings these days are about personalization. Instead of going for the old tuxedos, maxi dresses, and cupcakes kind of wedding, most modern couples are turning the tables to suit their own style.

Not just as far as dressing goes but also as far as theme, wedding gifts and favors are concerned.

And if you are that kind of couple and whiskey is the drink for your soul, then you’re reading the right piece.

There are a lot of ways in which you can incorporate whiskey into your wedding. And no, it doesn’t involve guests and the officiant being tipsy all through. But we don’t promise they’ll be sober either.

In here, we have 5 fun ways in which you can incorporate your whiskey passion into your wedding as far as theme, gifts, and favors are concerned. So, read on.

Incorporate a Whiskey Tasting Station

liquor pouring on clear shot glass

This is the most fun way to have your love for whiskey written all over your wedding. Instead of offering one big, unvaried serve, you can opt for a whiskey station where guests will not only have the chance to taste your favorite types of whiskey but also experiment on new flavors.

You can set up this station at the reception, with an expert keenly explaining the basics of whiskey for the newbies and the subtle differences between different flavors for the more advanced drinkers.

But it doesn’t have to end there. Once the meals start coming off the kitchen, serve them up with small courses of different whiskeys for the ultimate sampling experience.

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Get a Whiskey Gift Set for Your Groomsmen

The guests are sure to have a blast. But what special thing did you get your groomsmen?

A whiskey gift set.

And for this one, you have a lot of options.

One common pick is the whiskey decanter set. You can have the boys savor through their favorite whiskey long after the wedding albeit nostalgic reminiscence of what a great wedding you had.

On the other hand, you can get them a gift set with a flask, shot glasses, and probably gambling set for the ones who love to hold ‘em while taking shots.

You can couple all these with a groomsmen cigar, for the sophisticated gentlemen who just can’t resist whiskey with a bit of smoke. Sure, they’ll love it!

Have a Distillery as the Wedding Venue

view of the lighthouse and mountians

How far can you go with your whiskey passion? This far.

Instead of blistering your head about theming a foreign venue with whiskey, why don’t you take the wedding straight to the distillery?

This crazy idea will need you to call a few distilleries to see if they have some open space to host your wedding. But if you live in areas such as New York, The Kings County Distillery is one place you won’t miss a spot.

The best thing about distilleries is that they not only offer killer whiskey themed wedding venues, but also offer the best whiskey tasting experience – since everything is coming straight from the barrels.

Also, you’ll have the most stunning wedding photos, thanks to the breathtaking backdrop.

Go for a Whiskey-Themed Wedding Vendor

As far as your whiskey wedding theme is concerned, there’s a lot more you’ll need than a tasting station and a distillery for a venue. What about the glassware, the tables, and whiskey stones?

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There’s a lot to think of.

So, your best bet will be to scout online and get the best vendor with the right accessories for such a theme. Importantly, they should match your budget.

These accessories may include glassware, barrels, and even guides. It’s also about Wedding Guestbook Builder, making sure your guestbook is not a boring pen and piece of paper affair. But rather, a unique barrel head one.

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