12 things to do for his birthday make fun and surprise him

You are not alone if you have been considering ways to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday. My men birthday is coming up and I’ve been thinking about how to celebrate the special day, not just only birthday gifts for him. With a bit of research, I have come up with 12 potential ways to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday which I wanted to share with you fun and interesting things to do for his birthday.

1. Prepare a favorite meal for him

Favorite meal for him

For my men birthday, I intend to prepare some of his favorite foods a food he’s been requesting. When they are cooked for by a woman, men love it; after all, the best way to get to the heart of a man is through his tummy. Take him to a or to his favorite restaurant he’s been wanting to try if your man prefers to dine out.

2. Prepare his favorite dessert

Favorite dessert for his birthday

As a birthday cake is an excellent idea, why not try something different. My guy doesn’t love birthday cake. So I have decided to prepare a dessert for him. Do not forget to add candles. To make his day even more special be sure that you sing”Happy Birthday” to him.

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3. Send him a love letter

write a love letter

On holidays it’s easy to get in the habit of sending a text or an email to wish them a happy birthday. I am not saying that there’s anything wrong with this method. In actuality, I do it. For the boyfriend’s birthday consider writing him a letter. You could use the correspondence to tell him how much he means to you and to wish him a happy birthday. I am convinced this gesture will be appreciated.

4. Buy tickets to an event with him

super bowl tickets horizontal

Is there a particular concert or sporting event your guy would love to go to? In that case, surprise him. If the event isn’t on the birthday of your guy, give him a present on his birthday and inform him that you’ve got something special. To make it even more exciting, do not tell until you arrive, that you are going to the event.

5. Make a surprise birthday party for him

Image result for surprise birthday party

Traditionally, birthday parties have largely been for kids or those celebrating a landmark, like their 50th birthday. Maybe, this tradition can change by hosting your boyfriend a surprise birthday celebration. This is great if your man has family and friends he seldom gets to see but would love to. If you are hoping for a big turnout make certain to tell 2-3 months beforehand to guests. Be certain they know you are having a surprise party, so that they do tell your boyfriend.

6. Ideas to Plan a Romantic Birthday Outing

Romantic stroll through the park

Go for a romantic stroll through the park if it’s nice outside. Pick a park with gardens inside or some foliage. Stop and sit on a bench across the way and tell your significant other how happy you are to be spending their birthday.

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Go ice skating

Go ice skating if you are celebrating throughout the winter. In case you don’t already have any rent ice skates at a local ice skating rink. Help them, if your significant other does not know how to ice skate and allow them to hold on you. You will both be feeling the love as you’re holding hands and skating around the rink.

Lounge at the beach

Lounge at the beach if you reside near the sea or a lake. Go lease or swimming paddle boards. Hold hands and walk up and down the shore. You can keep them as a Great birthday memento to your significant other

Go for wine tasting

Research wineries in your area and schedule a tasting for two. Bear in mind that there’ll probably be charges include that in your budget. Be the designated driver and allow your significant other.

Take a day trip somewhere

Take a day trip somewhere. When there’s a landmark or attraction about visiting which they talking, surprise them and drive there for the day. You can leave it until you arrive if it is a short drive.

Go somewhere to see the sunset

Go somewhere to see the sunset if dinner doesn’t run too late. Have a late dinner, if you believe your significant other would enjoy seeing the sunset and watch the sunset. Find a vantage point, on a rooftop or like at the top of a hill, for the best view. Bring a picnic basket along covered strawberries or champagne.enjoy music in jazz club

Take your significant other to a jazz club should they enjoy live music. Hunt online for a local institution if you don’t reside close to a jazz club. Do not forget to ask your significant other to dance.

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7. Make a movie marathon in bed

Make a movie marathon in bed

Get all of his favorite movies, fill some bowls with popcorn, and ta-da! You are ready for a movie marathon. Dedicate to being idle and being together. He’ll love the downtime and he will be glad that you took an interest!

8. Make a Candle-Lit Dinner

Candle Lit Dinner

“After a long day on the job, surprise your man with a candle-light dinner. He would enjoy that.

9. Dinner In A Waterfront Restaurant

Waterfront Restaurant

Another method of breaking the chains of boredom would be to surprise your man with gifts, film or game tickets, or just booking a surprise dinner at a waterfront restaurant.”

10. Watch A Game With Go Or Him Golfing With Him, In A Surprising Way

Go Golfing with him

Surprise your guy by sitting down and watching the game with him or go with him when he goes golfing.”

11. Make him become a Man Bath

a man bath

From “How To Run A Bath For A Man: The Way To Surprise Your Man With A Relaxing Bath”:” Want to surprise your man with his idea of a relaxing bath? The tricks of how to run a bath for a guy differ greatly than those for a girl.”

12. Put Plastic Tokens At A Drawstring Bag

Put Plastic Tokens At A Drawstring Bag

“Surprise your man with tokens of your love. Buy a bag and several sheeting. On every token, write another action you will complete for him like a kiss, back massage, cook dinner or some other romantic acts you prefer.”

We hope that you find many great activities to do with your man on his birthday. Let us know what makes you most interested and want to do for your boyfriend.