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Luxurious Men and Women’s 100% Cashmere cosy and stylish scarfs 63”x12”

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MATERIAL: 100%pure cashmere,these are the softest, warmest, and most luxurious scarves available.Guaranteed.Superior insulation against cold weather makes this you go to winter accessory while sitll remaining light enough during the spring and fall.
BEST GIFT IDEARS: Classic style easy to wear and pair with other clothes,these are the unique manufacturing process,.Made an excellent gift for men and women on any importance events.
TIMELESS STYLE: No need to worry about this classic design going out of style. these scarves are a wardrobe staple that you will use for many years to come,unisex Design scarves are perfect for men and women of all ages and sizes.


Washing method: strongly recommend mild dry cleaning. Hand washing at normal temperature. Neutral detergent soak for more than 3 minutes, clap gently with your hands. Do not rub, with the intention to steer clear of pilling or felting. Do not wring dry, flat dry, do not hang clothes, so as not to deform.
Maintenance and storage:
1 While you wear cashmere Products, you must be aware of cleanliness. Cashmere products must be washed timely when stained with stains.
2 When the cashmere products you have worn needs to stock as a result of season, they must be stocked after washing, ironing and drying. It can reduce the conditions and scope that fungal moth move. It can also result insecticidal sterilization.
3 When the cashmere products are stocked, they’re stacked and packed. You must not hung them in case of draping deformation. And you must not stock them with other things in the same bags.
4 The cashmere products you have stocked must be shaded in case of fading.it must be ventilated. It also needs cool environment. You must tap the dust and do away with the wet. It can not be exposed.
5 Cashmere, as natural fiber, accommodates many natural proteins, so it is easy to be damaged by worms. To be able to prevent this, the dried cashmere products must be sealed storage in clean plastic bags with camphor. But you must steer clear of direct between mothproofing agent and cashmere scarves.

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