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Wax and Oils Soy Wax Aromatherapy Scented Candles 8 Ounces. Singles

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Environmentally Friendly Natural Soy Wax (Non-toxic) in 8oz tin
Long lasting Burn time – up to 24 hours, A great choice candle for Home, Meditation and Yoga
Hand made in the USA



Soy candles are comprised of soybeans. due to this fact they don’t seem to be poisonous like paraffin waxes. They’re biodegradable. They’re longer lasting and burns cooler because the soften aspect for soy wax is somewhat less than paraffin, petroleum or beeswax. It’s renewable, sustainable, environmentally Pleasant, and biodegradable, water-soluble. The utmost really helpful burn time for soy Candles is four (four) hours consistent with burn. Burning longer than this time is unhealthy particularly while mixed with flawed wick trimming. An improperly trimmed wick can create a top flame and temperature forming a deep soften pool that can fatigue even our warmth-secure glass through the years. Every time sooner than you gentle your soy candle, trim the wick all the way down to _Ó. Don’t permit wick trimmings to fall into your wax soften pool. At all times burn candles in spaces loose from drafts. Burning Herbal-based totally candles will lead to much less poisonous air, complications and lung inflammation than with their ubiquitous paraffin cousins. Plus, no black soot in your partitions or tables whilst you experience eco-Pleasant candles!
Environmentally Pleasant Herbal Soy Wax (Non-poisonous) in 8oz tin
Lengthy lasting Burn time – as much as 24 hours, An excellent selection candle for House, Meditation and Yoga
Handcrafted in the us