Romantic Anniversary ideas you want to do

So your anniversary’s coming up and you need to do something unique and loving. You don’t want to celebrate your anniversary with just only candle lights or flowers. We have some romantic anniversary ideas to make a memorable anniversary day for you.

Make an Anniversary Trip

Anniversary Trip

Anniversary getaways provide an awesome excuse to take a trip to some faraway destination or check into a nearby for some rest and relaxation. Many couples who couldn’t afford a luxury honeymoon when they got married, can make their dreams come true with the perfect anniversary trip to Maui, Caribbean, Florida or the Pacific years after.

Whether you stay on the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, The South or Southwest, there are lots of exciting weekend anniversary getaways just a brief drive away. In case you have time for a long weekend getaway, visit a beach town in Southern California, South Carolina, Massachusetts or Florida. If you love outdoor adventure, escape into the U.S. Rocky Mountains for good hiking in the summer and ski in the winter.

Get some crafty gifts for romantic anniversary ideas

Crafty anniversary gifts

Celebrate your wife or husband and renew your commitment year after year with a gift that nods to the traditional milestone markers, from paper to get one year anniversary, to lace for 12 years anniversary.

Say it to music

Make your music

There is nothing more romantic than composing and singing a song to your partner on anniversary days. If you are occupied, let do it for you. You provide the feelings, your personal stories, the details and they will create a customized song using the artist and you can select the style such as hip-hop, easy listening, jazz.

Think sunrise/sunset

Look sunrise together

Few things say “love” like only the two of you look the official beginning or finish of a day. If it’s the former, have a thermos of hot chocolate and a couple of croissants to toast the sun’s coming. Go somewhere secluded so that you can be together for one of nature’s most amazing feats.

Announce your love to the world

We are not talking about bus stops or billboards. This is as straightforward as calling into the radio station you listen to, asking the other’s favorite song at a particular time of day and including a message of love. Be certain that you let your honey to be listening at the moment. What the hell, tell everybody you know.

Tap into the power of touch

Couple massage

This is about reserving a couple’s massage. Dim light, aromatic candles, soft music, two massage tables, and massage therapists, so neither of you need to”wait your turn” Heavenly!

Prove you’ve been listening

Listening to your partner and make thing he or she want in anniversary

Your wife loves French food, make a reservation in a French restaurant. Your husband love skiing, make it happen. There are more loving gestures than showing you really have been listening all these years. It is the most romantic anniversary idea.

Fun things to do on the 50th anniversary

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