Review of most impressive watches for men

Why are watches important to men? Watches for men are more than just a timepiece for them, it’s a statement of their style and individuality. For their guys, many individuals prefer watches. This is one of the most popular gifts for men, and most boys appreciate it.

There are numerous men’s watch brands available nowadays. The design, style, and price of the products are likewise varied. It will be difficult for you to make a decision as a result of this. As a result, please read the article! We will suggest several pretty appealing watches for men to you!

What Should You Expect From This Post?

Which type of watch is best for males? Watches that allow you to see the date and time are also a familiar accessory for boys for the perfect style. However, many of you are hesitant to know how to choose watches for men to fit. Don’t worry, because we will introduce you to the most purchased and rated watches by users on You will easily choose a watch with the top famous brands and the hottest watch models on the market today. Don’t look anywhere else. This article will provide you with information on the style, benefits, and drawbacks of each watch kind.

Quick Specifications Comparison

Name of Watch



Water Resistance



Brown/ Silver


165 feet


and luxurious design

-Have function Chronograph Watch

-Quite big for big hands

-Not suitable for metal wire replacement

Brown/ Blue


99 feet

-Genuine and good leather strap

-Beautiful design


-Very bad water resistance

-The "winder" on the watch falls off easily



660 feet

-The swiss movement works correctly

-Good water resistance

-The watch face is hard to scratch

-The date window is hard to read

-The strap is a bit rough and hard

-Bolts are damaged very quickly after a period of use



660 feet

-Classic design, simple

-Good water resistance

-The strap is hard to damage

-The adjustment button is a bit flimsy

-Rough machine angle

-Some products leak water



100 feet

-Precision movement

-Perfect dial

-Beautiful, trendy design

-Water-resistant, but not for Swimming

Black/ Silver


660 feet



165 feet

-GPS locator

-Comfortable design and beauty

-Good health tracking

-Drain the battery faster than advertised

-Less memory for entertainment

-Must pay out for application download or audio file

1. Leather watches for men

Leather watches are watches with straps made from animal hides or skins. Different skin types will be treated differently. Leather watches are used on both analog and digital watches. The type of leather strap is very popular because it is beautiful and durable.

Fossil Men’s Grant

Fossil Men's Grant is perfect watches for men lower 100$small light

Products description:

Fossil is a major fashion brand with a line of watches for men. The quartz watch model FS4735 is one of the best watches. Luxurious brown leather strap design, the sparkling silver face is very suitable for elegant gentlemen.

Special things:

This watch model impresses with its classic design, quartz movement with analog chronograph display. In addition, the glass is made from hardened mineral crystal for scratch resistance and high shine. The inner dial is given depth by adding subdials on top of the roman dial. The 2 small dials are subtly inserted to function as a chronograph.

Pros and Cons:

Cheap and has a luxurious design

Have function Chronograph Watch

Quite big for big hands

Not suitable for metal wire replacement


Final Verdict:

The fossil watch will be suitable for those who want to give this gift to themselves or your guys to use on special occasions and can also wear it every day. The water-resistance feature is not too outstanding and not good, so the best way to preserve it is very carefully. At approximately $65 for a Fossil watch, you should give it a try.

Diesel Men’s Mr. Daddy 2.0

516HLL84F1L. SL500

small light

Products description:

Watches of Diesel brand are chosen by many people because of their impressive design and do not follow temporary trends. The soft and durable leather strap makes many customers have to spend a lot of money to pay. A strong and elegant design is the highlight of Diesel Men’s Mr. Daddy 2.0.

Special things:

What makes users love this watch is the youthful blue color combined with the red color from the hour markers and hour hand to create a harmonious and eye-catching overall. Brown leather strap with sturdy buckle and adjustable to fit each wrist. There are 3 sub-dials on the watch with personality styles.

Pros and Cons:

genuine and good leather strap

beautiful design


very bad water resistance

expensive price

the “winder” on the watch falls off easily


Final Verdict:

This will be an extremely good men’s watch from the Diesel brand. Guys who love sport watches will not be able to ignore such an impressive and powerful design. Although the price is a bit expensive, the design and wire part has cleared up the concerns of users.

2. Dive watches for men

Dive watches are watches with outstanding water resistance. The main watch is an improvement from The Field Watch. The hands and numbers of this type of watch are often large and the dial often has the ability to glow.

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster

41LEEysgMYS. SL500small light

Products description:

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Quartz Men’s Watch is loved by many men because of its convenience and high water resistance. The case is made of stainless steel and the strap has an adjustable buckle. This product line from Citizen has a strong and masculine design with large numerals and divisions. These will be good waterproof watches for men that you cannot ignore.

Special things:

Especially in most dive watches designs are the luminous hands and dials. The luminous part from the hands and the dial will help you keep track of the time even while diving or swimming. Besides, this Eco-Drive Promaster Diver model also stores, saves and recharges the energy source for the watch to work at its best.

Pros and Cons:

the swiss movement works correctly

good water resistance

the watch face is hard to scratch

the date window is hard to read

the strap is a bit rough and hard

bolts are damaged very quickly after a period of use


Final Verdict:

This is one of the good watches for men under 300 for swimmers or those who specialize in diving and ocean exploration. You will be quite surprised at its bearing capacity and water resistance. With such a personality design, you can use it every day, and very trendy.

Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV

51eHnJL9S7L. SL500

small light

Products description:

How should a man choose a watch? The sustainability factor is always their priority. A good waterproof watch like the Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV will surely make the guys happy. Classic design with resin band was applied to this model. These watches will be suitable for guys who love the simplicity and are not fussy.

Special things:

The Casio watches are preferred by many people because of their extremely high water resistance. The Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV is well water-resistant up to 660 feet. In addition, the hands and markers use luminous to make it easier to see the time. An anti-reverse bezel is installed in this design and you won’t find it in other brands.

Pros and Cons:

Classic design, simple

Good water resistance

Cheap price

The strap is hard to damage

The adjustment button is a bit flimsy

Rough machine angle

Some products leak water


Final Verdict:

The positive majority of customers reviews about price is extremely cheap from CASIO brand. Therefore, this model is suitable for many customers. In fact, this watch is better than what you pay for. This will be one of many watches dedicated to boys who love to swim or are divers. This product is suitable for those of you who are looking for sports watches for men. You will save a fair amount of money and get a quality watch. These watches are the most waterproof of all watches that you should not ignore.

3. Pilot watches for men

Pilot watches are an effective support accessory for those who work as pilots. The watch will be integrated with the function of measuring time and speed. Pilot watches in addition to basic functions, also add aeronautical support elements. That’s what makes these expensive watches.

Bulova Archive 96B251

51ZwfodbffL. SL500

small light

Products description:

Pilot watches will provide people with a unique experience not found in other items. The Bulova Archive 96B251 has a six-hand calendar chronograph, a stainless steel screw-back case, and a black sapphire glass. The watch’s frequency is 262 kHz, which will help you maintain exact track of your flight data. These watches are chosen by many pilots and cool boys.

Special things:

The movement of this Bulova expensive watches for men is ordered by many for its superb quality and is the symbol of the brand. This is the first and only watch to be on the moon. In addition, the movement of the watch is individually patented.

Pros and Cons:

precision movement

perfect dial

beautiful, trendy design

Water-resistant, but not for swimming

very expensive price

Final Verdict:

This is a quality pilot watch and the best support for pilot boys. Good movement with the functions of measuring velocity and speed, the price will be expensive. If you have the economic conditions, this product will not let you down.

SEIKO Men’s Pilot Watch SNA411

513yav7L4jL. SL500

small light

Products description:

Seiko is one of the best and most quality watch brands on the market today. Therefore, the pilot models of the brand are also loved by many users. SEIKO Men’s Pilot Watch Alarm Chronograph is a luxury-designed pilot watch. The machine has 3 sub-dials to support the measurement of aviation parameters.

Special things:

Chain link metal bracelet will cause a lot of sympathy with a polite gentleman. This can be an accessory that both supports a pilot well and can be used by divers because the product is well water-resistant.

Final Verdict:

It’s rare to find watches for men with aviation functions and can be both water-resistant to a depth of 660 feet and yet so cheap. Whatever your job, with this function, you don’t have to worry about damage. Try to trust this great product from Seiko

4. Smartwatches for men

Smartwatches are a huge step forward in watchmaking and manufacturing. In addition to watching the time, the watch also integrates health monitoring, positioning, receiving emergency messages, making calls, etc. Therefore, it is considered a miniature phone. Smartwatches will have many models and styles for you to choose from.

Fitbit Versa 3 Health and Fitness

31ZOukDXPpS. SL500

small light

Products description:

This is one of the best-selling Smartwatches for men on the market because of its unique colors that other brands don’t have. The Fitbit Versa 3 Health and Fitness Smartwatch functions both as a smartwatch that can connect with a cellphone and as a Health and Fitness tracker.

Special things:

The product is special in being able to make hands-free calls via Bluetooth mode. The product can monitor the heart rate and give warnings to the user. Thistle color is unique and genderless. Although it is a smartwatch, it has a light water-resistance of about 164 feet (50M) which is comparable to that of regular watches.

Pros and Cons:

GPS locator

comfortable design and beauty

good health tracking

drain the battery faster than advertised

no memory for entertainment

must pay out for application download or audio file

Final Verdict:

With a beautiful design and the most basic features of a smartwatch, you should try products from this brand Fitbit. The extremely low price of the product is the factor that makes it a hot trend. Compared to Apple Watch, you will save a large amount of money. However, keep in mind that quality goes hand in hand with cost.

How does a watch represent you?

Watches often reflect a person’s style and personality. The choice of watch is part of expressing who you are. We will have some tips for choosing watches for men. If you keep these characteristics in mind, it will be easier for you to choose the right accessory for you. There are a few things you should pay attention to

Decide on a quality brand that you love.

Choose a strap that is comfortable for your wrist.

Choose the right watch model for the nature of the job.

The color of the watch is suitable for many outfits

The price should be in accordance with your economy.

In summary

We have suggested to you some models of men’s watches from the famous brands available today. The low price watches for men will be what many customers notice in these products.

These will be impressive watches for men on

These products receive many orders and positive reviews from customers on the websites.

If you have any contributions or comments about our product review, welcome to contact us.