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Fashion is undeniably an important concern for both men and women. When it comes to fashion, we often think of clothes first, but shoes also play a role in perfecting your style. Choosing a shoe that is not only beautiful but also functional is essential when it comes to sneakers for women.

In the past, sports shoes with strong lines often did not satisfy women. However, with increasingly sophisticated and diverse designs, designs have contributed to making sneakers for women one of the indispensable choices of every girl.

Women’s sneakers are shoes that are specially designed for women. This type of shoe is known by other names such as tennis shoes, athletics shoes, gym shoes, sports shoes, running shoes, or training shoes. These shoes are designed to be suitable for sports or fitness-related activities.

However, today this type of shoe is not only used for sports but also for daily activities. The name sneaker is used to describe a shoe with an extremely flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic materials. The upper is made of leather or synthetic fabric. Therefore, when wearing shoes users will feel extremely comfortable.

The demand for sneakers is increasing day by day. This product line is used by a large number of young people and is understood in the sense of fashion shoes. To meet the needs of users, famous shoe brands have created extremely fashionable and classy products. Especially in the sneaker segment, there are many different designs and models for customers to choose from.

What is the difference between sneakers and running shoes?

Generally speaking, sneakers are used as running shoes. This means that they are designed to provide forward movement. On the other hand, trainers are used for versatile training such as plyometric training, gymming, weight lifting, and aerobics training.

What are the uses of sports shoes?

  • Sneakers ensure safety.
  • Sneakers are suitable for many styles.
  • Sneakers are suitable for all occasions.

Classify Sneakers for women

Basically, women’s sneakers are divided into the following lines.

1. Low-top sneakers

This type of shoe has a moderate height that does not cross the ankle, so many people love to choose it. Because of the moderate height, the popularity of the shoe is quite high. In addition, this type of shoe is also classified into two types: skate shoes and running shoes.

2. Mid-top sneakers

If the low-top sneaker style is designed not through the ankles, the mid-top shoe has a high design above the ankle. This gives a luxurious and cool feeling, so it is very popular with young people.

  1. High-top sneakers

This is a shoe with a higher height than the above two types of shoes. Because they are designed higher to cover the eyes of the legs. Therefore, this type of shoe is extremely suitable for walking in the cold winter. In addition, shoes are also commonly used by people who play basketball.

Some of the most popular women’s shoes on the market






Low-top sneakers

Stretchy Flyknit

-There are so many different color palettes.

-Stylish and modern.

-Very comfortable shoes.

-Lightweight shoes.

-Slightly narrow towards the forefoot.

Low-top sneakers

Suede canvas

-Design that is youthful, simple, and not out of date.

-Designed in a very simple and elegant way.

-Low price but excellent quality.

-This is a shoe that is only suitable for young people.

Mid-top sneakers

Canvas fabric is woven from hemp, OrthoLite cushions

-Extremely convenient, durable, and versatile.

-The diamond-patterned soleplate helps to create grip and limit slips effectively.

-Reasonable price.

-The fabric is so absorbent it's inevitable and it's bad to have to wear it in the rain.

-Not suitable for running or exercising.

Mid-top sneakers

Supple skin,

OrthoLite insoles, Rubber outsole

-Slim design, especially fit women's feet to ensure a tight fit.

-The super-soft leather upper feels smooth to the touch.

-Easy to coordinate because of its simple color.

-Not suitable for jogging.

High-top sneakers

Fly Leather (traditional blend of polyester and leather fibers)

-Stylish and luxurious design suitable for young people.

-Smooth steps and show form always fits your feet well.

-Extremely high anti-slip ability, bringing safety to users.

-The price of these shoes is quite expensive.

High-top sneakers


-Simple form with high-quality materials brings comfort and convenience.

-Exudes coolness and a strong personality.

-Wear a cool pair of SK8-Hi with any outfit.

-The leading shoe in the sport of skateboarding.

-Not suitable for running.

-May cause heat to wear when the weather is hot.

Low-top sneakers for women

Nike Women’s Air Zoom

Nike Women's Air Zoom is one of best sneakers for womensmall light

Considered a shoe that characterizes speed, allowing the user to achieve maximum speed without consuming too much energy. And of course, for those of you who are passionate about sports. If you want your speed to outperform your opponent, you should definitely learn about this female zoom Nike shoe!

Quickly seize the opportunity, after years of research Nike has released a technology that can be said to completely change the sports world. And the birth of Nike Zoom shoes has contributed to significantly improving sports performance.

Nike Zoom women’s shoes were born about 20 years ago. It gives a whole new look to sports shoes. They use cushioning to support bounce and limit impact on the foot. The extreme responsiveness of the Nike Zoom Women’s Shoe makes athletes fall in love. Even when using it every day, many of you say: “Feeling like not wearing shoes?” Is this enough to make you nod in recognition of the excellent technology on these shoes?


  • These shoes are perfect for running.
  • Buffer construction dampens vibrations and quickly returns to the original state.
  • Zoom Air technology provides maximum support for the foot, improving speed.
  • Use a cushion that supports bounce and limits the impact on the foot.


  • Slightly narrow towards the forefoot.

Vans Women’s Low-Top Trainers Sneaker

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Vans is an American fashion brand specializing in skate shoes, clothing, and accessories, founded in Anaheim, California, and owned by VF Corporation.

The super famous Vans shoes are actually a billion-dollar skateboard brand from the United States. Right from the style and design, we also see the familiar lines of young, dynamic, healthy, and super cool American guys.

Class, the pinnacle of classics – these are the words for the Vans super product line. What is worth mentioning about these board shoes is that the material can satisfy any fastidious person.


  • Designed in a very simple and elegant way.
  • Active and healthy shoe form.
  • Canvas fabric combined with suede at the toe and heel. These are the two materials that can be said to be the most durable in the low-cost shoe segment.
  • Low price but excellent quality.


  • This is a shoe that is only suitable for young people.

Mid- top sneaker for women

Converse Women’s Chuck Taylor All Star Madison

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The converse is a famous shoe brand leading the world, with timeless designs. It has never been out of date, it is the most popular shoe model in the world, suitable for all walks of life, and can be combined with many outfits. Converse shoes are so popular, according to statistics, up to 60% of the population. Every American owns at least one pair of Converse.

Converse’s most iconic and beloved product line is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star line. The product line was designed to honor Chuck Taylor – the once-famous basketball king, so far, with the legendary signature line on the shoe body, the Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes still prove their appeal. In the second half of 2015, the company released a Converse Chuck Taylor II line launched with a more modern trend but still with the purpose of honoring Chuck Taylor with many new and stronger colors than the old product line.


  • The OrthoLite insole has good elasticity and strength and has the ability to create air bubbles to help your feet always breathe when wearing.
  • Extremely convenient, durable, and versatile, is a useful item for you to be more confident in every stride.
  • The diamond-patterned soleplate helps to create grip and limit slips effectively.
  • Polished ivory rubber soles add a vintage touch to the commemorative shoe line
  • The shoe body is made of Canvas material but is woven more tightly, creating a softer and more durable fabric.


  • The fabric is so absorbent it’s inevitable and it’s bad to have to wear it in the rain.
  • Not suitable for running or exercising.
  • It will feel quite hot in the summer because of the high neck.

Adidas Originals Women’s Adidas Sleek Mid W

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In 1948 Adidas was founded in Germany with a basic design with company words and 3 horizontal stripes. The company cooperates with many famous athletes in the world. With the purpose of bringing the brand closer to users.

Smooth strides. The trendy design and minimalist lines of these Adidas Sleek Mid shoes are exclusively for women, but everyone is captivated. The supple leather upper hugs the foot and the rubber outsole is neatly contoured. 3 Perforated Stripes for a clean and sharp look.


  • Slim design especially fits women’s feet to ensure a tight fit.
  • The super-soft leather upper feels smooth to the touch.
  • Easy to coordinate because of its simple color.


  • Not suitable for jogging.

High-top sneakers for women

Nike Women’s Basketball Shoe

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Women’s Nike sports shoes are products favored by women because of their fashionable, stylish and comfortable designs from Nike’s exclusive technologies. The world’s leading sportswear brand gives women more options when it comes to Nike’s continuous release of sports shoes. Women’s Nike shoes are usually smaller than men’s Nike shoes, and the colors will stand out and look more feminine. The company’s designs are almost suitable for all types of feet for users to easily move and move.


  • Stylish and luxurious design suitable for young people.
  • Smooth steps and show form always fit your feet well.
  • Extremely high anti-slip ability, bringing safety to users.


  • The price of these shoes is quite expensive.

VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes

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small light

There is no denying the influence that skateboarding company “Vans Off The Wall” has brought to the sneaker community around the world. With Vans, classic designs like the Sk8-Hi have become historic monuments to the brand’s culture. Although popular since the 60s and 70s with the purpose of supporting skateboarding, until now Sk8-Hi has not stopped entering the fashion world with many diverse customer groups.

The precursor comes from Skateboarding – a popular art sport associated with street culture in the 60s and 70s. Therefore, Sk8-Hi still possesses a classic design and features suitable for skateboarding activities. The shoes have a simple form with high-quality materials for comfort and convenience.

Ensuring simple, neat, and flexible expenses, that’s why Vans Sk8-Hi is naturally in the top of the top shoe models of skaters. With so many options, the SK8-Hi is a shoe that brings safety and comfort to skaters, but in terms of fashion, it exudes coolness and a strong personality. Not only that, but the design also keeps up with new fashion trends, so you can wear a cool pair of SK8-Hi with any outfit.


  • Simple form with high-quality materials brings comfort and convenience.
  • Exudes coolness and a strong personality.
  • Wear a cool pair of SK8-Hi with any outfit.
  • Vans Sk8-Hi shoes – the leading shoe in the sport of skateboarding.


  • Not suitable for running.
  • May cause heat to wear when the weather’s hot.

The product review is a summary of the most popular shoes on the market today. Owning a sneaker for women is no longer strange to every girl. Not only helps the feet ensure safety, but also helps the girls express their personalities. Sneakers for women are really very convenient not only to wear when you exercise, run but also can take for a walk depending on your needs. Hopefully, this article will help you make the right choices when you intend to own a pair of sneakers.  Visit here for a collection of sneakers.

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