Reviews of lipstick that girls should have in their makeup set

What is the purpose of lipstick? Makeup for modern women is not too strange. It will help you hide your flaws and show your best facial features. In particular, lipstick is an important part that cannot be ignored. A lipstick layer will make your face more impressive to the opposite person.

On the market today, lipstick has many types, models, and brands. However, ladies should choose wisely, because fakes will affect your health and appearance. Besides, depending on preferences and habits, girls will have the most suitable lipstick types such as Glossy, Matte, Creamy, Stains/Tints to use. Pay attention to choosing reputable brands and quality lipstick types so as not to affect yourself. To make it easy to find the most suitable lipstick idea for you, follow our article!

What Should You Expect From This Post?

For those of you who are not familiar with lipstick and do not know how to find the right lipstick colors, this article is an extremely interesting and useful suggestion. In this article, We will show you the basic lipstick types that women should have their own makeup set. In addition, you can know the trendy lipstick brands and colors that are currently being sought on the brand’s websites and stores. All information about colors, types, prices,  weights, etc. will be provided by us and we hope you will be able to choose a good product for yourself.

Quick Specifications Comparison


Name of Lipstick


Item Form

Item Weight




Glossy Lipstick

Beaming Strawberry


4.25 Grams


-Simple colors and suitable for all skin types
-High humidity
Bright, light color
-A light scent like vanilla

-2-3 hours actual color fastness
-The color is not shown in the packaging
-Easy-flow lipstick

Glossy Lipstick



21.6 Grams


-Natural ingredients
-Fancy design
-Change color according to lips

-Must use another layer of moisturizer below if you want to color as desired
-The colors of all 6 types in this lipstick set are not different when applied to the lips.

Matte Lipstick

Power Move


20 Grams


-Color suitable for all skin tones
-Crayon is easy to store and carry
-The lipstick is extremely smooth and less dry on the lips

-Easy to smudge when eating and drinking
-Easy-flow lipstick
-Expensive price

Matte Lipstick



35.7 Grams


-Sweet smell
-Wet lips
-Not sticky

-Light color, not much color
-Still have dry lips

Lip Stains or Tints Lipstick



98 Grams


-Doesn't feel heavy on the lips
high color fastness
-Suitable for many skin tones
-Cheap price

-Causes severe dry lips
-Difficult to remove makeup
-Darken lips, dark color

Creamy Lipstick

Creme in Your Coffee


17 Grams


-Both matte and lightly moisturizing
-Trendy lipstick colors
-Smooth lipstick

-The waxy substance in the lip balm dries out the lips
-Suits the medium skin tone
-Expensive product price

3.1. Glossy Lipstick

Glossy is the most glossy lipstick of all lipsticks. The lipstick ingredients will contain a lot of nutrients to moisturize the lips. Girls who love lipstick often use this lipstick for lip balm or lock lipstick layers on their lips to create a sexy and full lip.

REVLON Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick

Revlon is an American brand specializing in nail polish and lipstick

small light

Products description:

Revlon is an American brand specializing in nail polish and lipstick. The lipstick collections when they were released made a strong impression from the appearance to the quality inside. REVLON Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick is a glossy lipstick with a mirror shine. Beaming Strawberry (002) is a gentle and very pretty color chosen by many people.

Special things:

The advantage of REVLON Super Lustrous is the simple design and color but extremely high moisturizing effect. Traditional stick lipstick is easy to use. The color of the lipstick is light and keeps the lips moist during use. It stays on the lips for 6-7 hours if you don’t eat or drink. This REVLON Super Lustrous line has 25 options to meet the beauty needs of women.

Pros and Cons:

  • Simple colors and suitable for all skin types
  • high humidity
  • bright, light color
  • A light scent like vanilla
  • 2-3 hours actual colorfastness
  • The color is not shown in the packaging
  • easy-flow lipstick


Final Verdict:

If you choose a Gloss lipstick, you should not miss REVLON Super Lustrous Glass Shine. Quality guaranteed by a reputable brand, natural aloe vera ingredients are very good for the lips. The approximate cost of 7$ for a weight of more than 4 grams is also quite expensive. However, the level will be commensurate with the price you spend.

Flower Lip Gloss Crystal Jelly Lipstick

51U4FopsV1L. SL500

small light

Products description:

Eakroo’s Flower Lip Gloss Crystal Jelly has been a popular item for a long time. The signature of this series is a Lipstick with a flower inside. Customers are impressed by this one-of-a-kind design. People can choose from a variety of flower colors inside, depending on their tastes.

Special things:

This is a magical waterproof lipstick. Natural ingredients are mainly cocoa butter, avocado, vitamin c lipstick, and beeswax, so it is benign and good for the lips. Although the lipstick is transparent, when applied to the lips, it will change color according to the pH of each person’s lips. Pleasant smell and hypoallergenic. In addition to moisturizing, lipstick also has the ability to prevent chapped.

Pros and Cons:

  • natural ingredients
  • fancy design
  • change color according to lips
  • Must use another layer of moisturizer below if you want to color as desired
  • The colors of all 6 types in this lipstick set are not different when applied to the lips.


Final Verdict:

Despite the attractive style of this lipstick type, we do not recommend moisturizing your lips on a daily basis. The reason is the nutrients do not penetrate as far into the lips as other brands and so do not soften them as much. For a lipstick set that will make many people scared, the price is far too low. If you want to test a lightweight moisturizer with a gorgeous design, you can try it.

3.2. Matte Lipstick

Matte is a line of lipsticks with deep pigments and extremely accurate color on the lips. For those who love high color adhesion, a main Matte lipstick will be an appropriate choice. This lipstick mainly creates matte so the gloss is very poor. Therefore, you will easily dry your lips when using this lipstick line.

Lip Crayon Le Monster Matte

31YFZozcgqL. SL500

small light

Products description:

Matte lipstick type is a popular and easy-to-use lipstick line for those who are new to makeup. Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon is designed like a colored pencil. Matte Lip from Haus Laboratories will make you crazy and mesmerized because of its extremely standard color. Moreover, this brand belongs to Lady Gaga, a famous singer and has an extremely impressive fashion sense. The products she uses will quickly create a fever in the market.

Special things:

This lipstick is very hard to fade. Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon has 22 color shades for you to choose from to match your style and personality. Especially, Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon Power Move will make the ladies fashionable and stylish. The ability to be water-resistant and streak-free causes discomfort to users. This lipstick model will cover your lips and make your lips more attractive.

Pros and Cons:

  • Color suitable for all skin tones
  • Crayon is easy to store and carry
  • The lipstick is extremely smooth and less dry on the lips
  • easy to smudge when eating and drinking
  • easy-flow lipstick
  • expensive price


Final Verdict:

This is a high-quality lipstick brand from a famous singer. Although the price according to many customers is very expensive, you will own a beautiful and good lipstick. In particular, the colors in this collection will turn the girls into a true fashionista. This is a product worth your money to buy!

Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid

31auUabzcrL. SL500small light

Products description:

Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is a Liquid Matte lipstick. Maybelline New York has built a solid foothold in the market. Color 05 LOYALIST is a snag and power Western European nude. This is a pretty hot lipstick color but it’s very picky to use.

Special things:

How do I apply lipstick? This is another form of Matte Lipstick with a unique arrow application. You will use the arrow to paint the upper lip, the contours of lips, and then the bottom lip according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The staying power of this product can be up to 16 hours. Although highly sticky, the lipsticks are easy to make up remover. The ingredients and instructions are clearly provided by the company so that customers can rest assured and trust to use.

Pros and Cons:

  • sweet smell
  • wet lips
  • not sticky
  • light color, not much color
  • still have dry lips


Final Verdict:

This is a pretty safe type for Matte Lipstick enthusiasts. Maybelline not only creates standard lipstick lines but also pays attention to protecting lips for women. So you will be completely assured of the quality problem. The price of $7.82 is completely reasonable and average for lipstick from a major cosmetic brand.

3.3. Lip Stains or Tints Lipstick

Lip stains or tints is a line of lipsticks that give a light feel. When you use it, you will feel like you are not wearing lipstick. Lip tint is very long-lasting and often used to highlight the lips. Especially, lipsticks with high adhesion will always make lips peel off easily.

VOLLUCK Wine Liquid Lipstick

51Wrue3LY0L. SL500

small light

Products description:

VOLLUK Wine Liquid Lipstick is the young generation’s favorite lipstick type. Wine Liquid Lipstick is also known by many as champagne lipstick. Everyone chooses this lipstick type because of its light texture and extremely high color adhesion. Besides, the design and price make many customers want to experience it.

Special things:

The wine bottle design is very fancy and easy to carry in a bag without taking up much space. Very good colorfastness. The characteristic of this lipstick type is that it is resistant-water without any kind of resistance. This lipstick set has many colors suitable for many skin tones.

Pros and Cons:

  • Doesn’t feel heavy on the lips
  • high color fastness
  • Suitable for many skin tones
  • Cheap price
  • Causes severe dry lips
  • difficult to remove makeup
  • darken lips, dark color


Final Verdict:

Lip tint will be suitable for girls who have a habit of applying lipstick to the middle point of their lips. Those who wear full lips and pursue a sexy style can also use it. The solution for you is Lipstick color matches with other lipstick colors or types to create the perfect lip color.

3.4. Creamy Lipstick

Cream lipstick is a mixture of satin and matte. Cream lipstick will have the smoothest of all lipstick lines. In particular, this lipstick will not harm the lips but also provide light moisture. However, it won’t have as many conditioners as gloss. This Creamy Lipstick type is easy to apply and has higher coverage than all other lipsticks.

MAC Lipstick Creme in Your Coffee

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Products description:

MAC is a prominent line of cream lipsticks and is loved by women who love beauty. In particular, a lipstick girl will not be able to ignore MAC Lipstick Creme in Your Coffee. An impressive lipstick color and brings haughty beauty.

Special things:

The creamy lipstick from MAC features a high level of smoothness and coverage. Lipstick cream will give your lips a subtle gloss that will not disappear while you eat or drink. There will be no rubbing or irritation when you apply it to your lips. Many girls would want to get their hands on this silky, non-sticky lipstick right away.

Pros and Cons:

  • Both matte and lightly moisturizing
  • trendy lipstick colors
  • smooth lipstick
  • The waxy substance dries out the lips
  • suits the medium skin tone
  • expensive product price


Final Verdict:

Although this is a pricey lipstick, it remains one of the most popular brands and colors in the Creamy Lipstick collection. If you want a gorgeous and typical lip color, you should get this lipstick right away. It’s also simple to apply and won’t fade even when you eat, drink, or chat. You may be confident in this MAC collection.

Tips to choose lipstick for girls

How do I pick the right lipstick? Choosing lipstick for yourself or a gift for ladies is not easy. You will have a number of ways to be able to choose a lipstick that is both high-quality and functional. Pay attention to a few things, you will find the best lipstick:

  • Choose reliable lipstick brands.
  • Determine skin tone to choose lipstick color for dark skin and fair skin.
  • See the mouth and lips, choose the type of lipstick to conceal, and highlight the advantages.
  • Lipstick color should match your makeup style, hair color, or the clothes you wear.

In summary

We have suggested to you some of the hottest lipsticks and models on the fashion market. These famous cosmetic brands are very safe for users and the prices are extremely reasonable.

These will be impressive lipstick samples on These products receive many orders and positive reviews from customers on the web. If you have any comments or contributions to the product review, please contact us.

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