Recommended toys for Kids More than 9 years

From the age of 9, the child lives very important changes in his body, in his mind and in his emotions as he approaches adolescence. It is a time of great transformation. Do you want to know Recommended toys for Kids More than 9 years?

In this last period of his childhood begins to look at the adult models, therefore, the example of the family is fundamental. Parents are still your reference, but you are getting closer to friends and your involvement with the group grows. At the same time, he is forging his own identity before others.

Feelings live with great intensity. It is time that you begin to define hobbies and dedicate yourself to them with insistence. He is especially attracted to games and creative toys for kid in which he can unleash his originality.

How games and toys influence your Kids

The games not only serve to distract and amuse the children, they also influence their learning and their social adaptation. Board games can be very educational and help the child develop their motor, mental and sensory abilities. Do not your children know what scrabble, trivial or chess is? Know the benefits of traditional games.

Connect with children. Through the game, parents can connect better with their children, so family board games are recommended. Also in this type of games, children, according to their age, may need help to understand the rules and their operation. Playing in groups with your child sharing laughter, achievements and frustrations tighten the bonds and their trust in you.

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Tolerate frustration. Board games force children in a fun way to comply with the rules of the game; To have patience and wait their turn; To work as a team and share the activity with other children; Coping with failures and frustration and also improving their self-esteem through achievement.

Encourage memory, creativity, and concentration. Board games also educate. They allow the child to develop his logical and mathematical thinking; With some games, they can practice vocabulary or learn new words and knowledge; Others help improve memory, creativity or concentration.

Chess. This game enhances concentration, memory, and organization; Helps to adapt to different situations and to have initiative, solve problems and make decisions; To analyze multiple alternatives of answers and to synthesize the most appropriate one. Also, the player has to imagine different positions and choose a strategy.

Scrabble. This word-forming game promotes vocabulary and the ability to mentally add up the number of letters in each word. It also helps to think strategically, to write correctly and to acquire social skills, as it is a group game.

Puzzle. The puzzles incite observation and encourage mental agility, concentration, and patience. In addition, some studies claim that they may be a way to prevent Alzheimer’s, so they are recommended for both children and adults.

Who is who? This game, which consists of guessing the opponent’s character through questions about his physical appearance, allows the child to develop his memory and also the association of ideas.

Video game. First, you have to know if its content is suitable for the child’s age. It is advisable that you play with your children to know the subject in more detail and to see the influence that can have on them. It avoids the violent or discriminatory and opts for those who encourage sports, dance or social simulation. Moderate your exposure time to the screen!

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Other games. Games as traditional as the Jenga allow developing the manual dexterity, the pulse, the strategy and the observation. Other games like Trivial, Clue, Pictionary, Monopoly are good for encouraging patience, tolerance, memory, and strategy.

Games for adults. Board games are not just for kids, they are also highly recommended for grandparents. Dominoes, letters or chess help older people to strengthen their memory, concentration, agility and in some cases their motor skills, as well as encouraging and entertaining them.

Top 10 popular toys for kids you will love

Toys for children over 9 years old

In general, children opt for activities involving movement, and girls, for quieter ones.

Through play, parents can connect better with their children. It is highly recommended to dedicate a family time to table games. In this more relaxed environment, parent-child relationships develop more fluidly.

Although it is very likely that the child shows that they are not interested in more than just a type of toys for kids from 9 years old, such as video games, it is convenient to insist that you should try with other products.

Recommended toys from 9 years old:

Games that stimulate creativity (jewelry, modeling, perfumes, soaps …)

Skill games (juggling, diabolo, spinning tops …)

More sophisticated car circuits

Complex constructions

Magic games

Table games

Memory games

Games of Chance

Deduction and reasoning games

Questions and Answers

Strategy and reflection games

Mathematical games

Language games

Bicycles, skateboards, skateboards …

Sport games

Puzzles, depending on your age

Remote Control Cars

Fashion Accessories

Games involving electronic or mechanical assemblies

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