Recommended awesome toys for kids: What to Keep in Mind

The toy teaches and amuses the children, but only when it is a toy suitable for them and not imposed. If forced to play with something, the children will hardly experience the burden of pleasure associated with the game. These are the guidelines for choosing awesome toys for kids correctly.

What should you care about awesome toys for your kids?

Suitable for age. Toys usually indicate the recommended age. It is not advisable to try to advance stages, buying toys for a higher age, unless the child has previously shown clearly that he is able to assume the rules and the operation of the toy. If the child is not able to understand or enjoy the game, it will be frustrated and the function of the toy is lost. The child should be able to meet the challenge proposed by the game without too much effort.

Depending on kid’s¬†interest. Each child has marked interests and abilities. It is necessary to take it into account when choosing the toy because only then will the child have fun playing.

Insurance. All the toys that are marketed in the European Union are subject to quality standards, which are certified by the CE logo. It is advisable to buy from accredited sites and check that the toy is not dangerous for the child.

Pedagogically successful. The toy should not transmit sexist, racist or violent values. That is all those values that are not accepted socially.

Stimulating. The awesome toys for kids must propose new challenges to the child, new learning, new forms of creativity. If the toy is too complex or does it all alone, it is not stimulating and, surely, the child will lose interest in it very soon.

Without imposing the adult criterion. In addition to children’s preferences, other toys can be chosen that, under the adult criterion, are interesting to promote other skills, but always without imposing them on the child, as this would lose its playful and formative value.

Do not get carried away by advertising. It is important to ensure that the child does not have too many toys or to be led to choose them only by advertising pressure. When it is so, paradoxically, it can end up getting bored.

Check the condition of the toy. Although the toy meets all safety standards, it is advisable to check its status from time to time if it has deteriorated over time and posed a risk to the child. The 10 essential toys for the child.

Remember Tips to choose Awesome toys for kids, which are Essential

Toys are a fundamental tool in the child’s development. They promote their physical, intellectual, social and emotional maturity. But not all toys are suitable. The most important thing is to choose those that meet all safety standards.

Buy in a secure site. All the countries of the European Union are subject to regulations that precisely define the characteristics that a toy must fulfill in order to be safe. In this sense, buying in a facility that offers guarantees is the first step to making sure that it will not pose a risk to the child.

Recommended age. Toys must indicate for which age they are recommended. It is especially important to check if they warn that they should not be used for children under 3 years (or 36 months). In this case, the reason why they are not safe (for example: contains small pieces that can cause axis) must be stated.

The symbol CE. All toys complying with European Union safety regulations must be accompanied by the CE symbol, together with the name, trade name, and brand of the product. In addition, they must include the address of the manufacturer or its distributor in the EU.

The strength of materials. Among the safety measures that a toy must have is that it does not puncture, cut or can chip in time.

Non-flammable materials. Awesome Toys for Kids should be made of non-flammable material. In the case of costumes, the fabric can not burn if exposed to a heat source, such as a spark or a flame.

They can not explode. The manufacturing process of the toy must ensure that under no circumstances under any circumstances of use can it explode.

Non-toxic materials. The materials of which the toy is made can not be toxic if the baby comes in contact with it or sucks it. The maximum levels of certain dangerous substances are laid down in Community legislation.

No small parts. If the toy is intended for a baby, it can not contain small parts (eyes, bows, buttons …) that can easily be detached. Likewise, if you have a sound that is activated when tightening, the toy must be made in one piece.

Be careful with the packaging. The packaging of the toy can also be dangerous. Therefore it is recommended to quickly remove boxes, bags, and cards to avoid the risk of axises, especially with younger children.

Batteries in a secure compartment. If the toy has batteries, they must remain in a compartment that is inaccessible to the child. Swallowing a battery can be very dangerous for the health of the little ones.

Resistant materials. The materials used to make the toy must ensure that the product can withstand twisting or be falling without breaking it into small pieces dangerous to the child.

Filling inaccessible. If the toy is stuffed (as in the case of stuffed animals), the filling must remain inaccessible to the child.

Wide output. When toys allow a child or several children to enter them, as in the case of houses, the exit from the inside should be wide enough so that all the children that fit inside can leave.

Watch out for the ropes. If the toy has ropes, as in the case of trawlers, when the child is starting to walk, the length of the rope can not allow the child to wrap around the neck.

Darts and pistols. Toys involving a shot, such as darts and guns, should ensure that they do not produce damage even if they hit a person. The dart and arrowhead can not be sharpened and the material has to be elastic.

Awesome Toys for Kids with sound. If the toy emits sound, it should not be too loud to disturb. If it is unpleasant for the adult, it will be unpleasant for the child. Very high or low sounds are not recommended.

Electricity under control. When the awesome toys use the electric current, they must carry a safety plug and keep the cables insulated so that there is no danger of electrocution. In addition, the maximum allowed volts is 24.

Protection assured. The scooters, skateboards, and skateboards must include in the packaging a legend warning that they must be used by the child with the corresponding safety equipment: helmet, shin guards, elbow pads …

Under adult surveillance. Some toys for kids may look innocuous, but they are not. Therefore they indicate that they should be used under adult supervision. It is advisable not to skip this indication, especially if it is experimental toys that include chemicals.

Easy to wash. The toy should be easy to wash, as it is an article of very frequent use that can accumulate numerous germs.

Check the condition of the toy for your kids. Although the toy meets all safety standards, it is advisable to check its status from time to time if it has deteriorated over time and posed a risk to the child.

That all you should care to find awesome toys for your kids. I hope the knowledge is helpful with you and give you more ideas to choose the best toys for the lovely little one of your family or gifting for children.

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