Personalized Office Stationary make the stay in the office more pleasurable

Each one of us spends most of our waking hours in our workplaces. This is the reality of the modern life, which we cannot change. However, we can do a small adjustment, and make the stay in the office more pleasurable by gifting Personalized Office Stationary for White Elephant gifts.

What’s the idea?

The gift idea I am going to discuss here is aimed to achieve that goal only. We are discussing here about gifting customized office stationary to your dad, granddad, husband, boyfriend, or to any loved one. The idea is to make your loved one’s office space look more personal by making small changes in the environment in which he or she works. I am asking you to gift a set of personalized office stationary. This gift will always keep you at the back of his or her mind while she is busy creating that important presentation or churning out the last quarter’s sales report. Customizing the office stationary is not going to be very difficult.

What to brand?

Let’s start the process with customizing the mouse pad then move to personalizing paperweight, passing through a personalized coffee mug, personalized pen Engraved with Name, super cute eraserpersonalized business accessories.

How to create Personalized Office Stationary?

To create a Personalized office stationary, all you need to do is to create the design, and the rest of the work can be outsourced to the company specializing in creating customized stuffs. There are many such service providers on the Internet. Just Google it and you will get a list of companies that will help you create a customized coffee mug, mouse pad, and even paperweight. You can locate these custom printers in a shopping mall as well.

Custom Mouse Pad


To create a custom mouse pad, you need one or more photographs, multiple pictures. If you want to make a collage of pictures reminding the recipient of the wonderful time he spent with you in the years gone by, and one picture. If you want to elicit just one emotion by reminding the recipient of any one particular occasion.

The first step in the process of creation is to optimize the picture using Photoshop, or any similar software after that resize the image to size of the mouse pad. You can also include the message that you want to convey, or some design element to make it more beautiful. You can consider using some vector floral borders, or maybe consider using some abstract border to beautify the mouse pad.

Custom Paperweight


I will suggest using minimalist design for the paperweight. Rather no design at all, just a small message and a very light, engraved border at the bottom of the text. I will suggest you to use a stainless steel paperweight for this purpose; one that has velvety base. You can go for any shape: square, round, hexagonal, or you can also use heart-shaped paperweight. Write a one-line message using calligraphic font, and add a very light border at the bottom of the text. The message can be anything, you may want: “Love You Dad,” “Miss You,” “Thinking about You,” etc. The only consideration should be the length of the message. It should not exceed 4-5 words in length. Do not go for the obvious one that I wrote above, be creative and let your personal touch be felt through the message. You also engrave your message by yourself with supporting of engraver tool.

Custom Coffee Mug


Personalizing a coffee mug is the easiest of all as lot many companies and even small shops in big shopping malls offer such services. I will suggest using a picture on the coffee mug, rather two pictures. One of the people whom you are gifting the customized office stationary. And the second one will be your or may be of the person the recipient likes most. Use a three-word message as well, and that’s it. But before sending the pictures off for printing on the coffee mug, optimize it for quality and size using Photoshop.

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