How to gift Personalized Engraved Ring With Love Message

A ring speaks volume about the intensity of a relationship. Gift a Personalized Engraved Ring and the occasion becomes special. Gift a special ring and the occasion becomes very special. The gift of a personalized ring has seen many pairs of moist eyes, open mouths, tight hugs, and sweet kisses.

Make him the lord of the ring or her the lady of the ring

Though this gift idea is unisex, it requires two different styles of rings for each of the sexes. Using just one type of ring, a circular ring with engraving on it is also permissible for both the sexes, but I have assumed in writing this gift idea that you will choose different rings for different sexes.

The idea is to gift a ring on the valentine day with a personalized message engraved on it. You can also gift this gift on your marriage anniversary.

Personalized Engraved Ring

The resources you need for meaningful personalized ring

Despite all its attractiveness and all its emotion quotient, this super gift is not going to make you sweat. This is one of the easiest gifts to create. To create this custom ring, all you need is a little bit of creativity, an ability to search the Internet, a romantic heart, and a strong desire to make him or her feel special. If you wish, and you have a knack for jewelry designing, or you know someone who can do this work for you then you can even consider getting the ring designed.

Personalized Signature Ring

The Personalized Engraved Ring in the making

To create this custom gift, you need to begin with conducting an online research for the company that specializes in creating rings with the personalized message. Alternatively, you can also get the ring designed, as stated above. Visit a local jeweler to get the ring crafted. Even if you are planning to get a ring created for your beloved, I will suggest you conduct a research on the Internet to know the design options you have. It is better to search the Internet for the designs of the ring before requesting a friend or a professional to design a ring for you than to wait until the person churns out a ring from his or her imagination. The later approach will be more time-consuming.

I will suggest you search the Internet and make a list consisting of 5-10 ring designs, and then approach the jewelry designer to get one of them designed. Sometime during the process, you also need to visit the jeweler and see if they have enough talent to craft the ring with the required delicacy. The jewelry designer, as well as the jeweler, will ask about the material you want to use for the ring. Depending on your taste, budget and the designs requirement, you can go for either silver, gold, white gold, platinum, titanium or mixture of any two metals. A stainless steel ring also looks classy, so this option should also not be ruled out. Wooden rings also a good choice.


The process of finalizing the design, getting the blueprint from the designer, and getting the final output from the jeweler will take some time. If you are in a hurry, you can search for the company that can engrave a personalized message you want on the ring using a laser gun. As said above, there are many online companies that can help you in getting this done. These companies do have a good range of different kinds of Personalized Engraved Ring ideal for either of the sexes.

At any convenient time, before the ring goes to the jeweler or to the online company of your choice for crafting, you need to write a personalized message that will get engraved on the ring. Keeping in mind the longevity of a ring, I will suggest you write a message that is timeless. I will suggest writing something like Happy Valentine Day or Happy 10th Marriage Anniversary. Instead, write something like I think of you when someone says Love or For me love means you.

One word of caution: Seeing the limitation of the medium, limit the number of words in the personalized message to five, and ask the jeweler to fill the engraved message with a contrast color. For example: if you are using stainless steel, silver, platinum or white gold then the text engraved should be of pitch-black color, and if you are going for gold then use cherry-red to paint the engraved message. Do not hesitate to experiment, but do a test run of the color combination on a sheet of paper or on a computer before finalizing the color combination.

In many cases, you do not need to go to a jewelry designer to get your ring designed, instead what you can do is search a Personalized Engraved Ring design from the Internet, and go directly to the jeweler to get your ring made.

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