How to Personalize Her Environment to make a Memorable Day

It’s her birthday, and you have an urgent meeting in a town 500 miles away from home. You do not want to go there, but you have to, and you even do not want to make her feel bad by leaving her alone on her birthday, but you have to. However, you can still make her day special with wonderful things to give for her birthday, Christmas, Anniversary or Valentine. You can still say how much you care. Read the Super gift idea till the end to know how.

Personalized gift idea

You can provide many reasons, if why do you give a gift question is asked, but each one of us will at least agree when I say, we gift because we care for the recipient, or at least we want to convey that we care for them. The super gift I am suggesting here will do exactly that. It will tell your beloved how much you care for her, and to what length you can go for her. I am asking you to make her birthday special for her by personalizing her environs. Make her feel special and pampered today.

Personalizing her surroundings

You will not need many tools to create this super gift. All you will need is lots of time and love for your wife. The idea is to make your presence felt on her birthday despite the fact that you are 500 miles away from her fulfilling your official duty. Word of caution: Do not let your plan leak out. If she gets to know about your intention, the fun of giving this gift will be gone. A surprise is the main ingredient. You have to perform as an undercover gifting agent. Take sufficient time in your hand to make her birthday special. You can give this gift even if you are with her, in the city.

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Surprising messages

Start with morning, and make a list of things she typically does after waking up. See what all you can modify. If she wakes up and goes directly to the bathroom to wash her face, a surprise should be waiting for her near the bathrooms wash basin. A message like Good morning honey, you look beautiful today or Love Letter in a Bottle, that will make her day. Happy birthday! A tight hug! could be placed there. If her second step is to fetch water from refrigerator, a rose with your message should be waiting there to greet her good morning. If this step is followed by going to kitchen for tea, a card, or just a message saying how much you miss her tea today should be placed beneath the tea container.

Morning surprise for her

Make a list of the work she does in the afternoon, evening and night; at office, at home and see what all you can customize. Do not rush to wish her happy birthday yet, let the gift culminate up to a very warm happy birthday in the night. You should not forget to customize her cell phone ring tone, alarm clock, landlines ringtone, and also leave a warm message in the answering machine pre-programmed to play when she leaves for work. The car she drives should have an I love you card waiting on the driving seat, and her music player should also play your message followed by her favorite music (or the music that has a romantic value for both of you) once she turns the ignition on.

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Prepare for her bathroom in the evening

Cute Gifts

Send flowers to her office and a big cake to your home in the evening. Ask her friends to send her your love, when she reaches office. You can also ask her cell phone company to call her and greet her, and to play her favorite tune after calling her. Arrange for sweet, lovely message as well. You can buy a short messaging pack and ask the seller to send her some beautiful messages at sporadic intervals. This custom gift will keep her happy and entertained throughout the day. She will feel, you are right there, beside her, all day, despite your being out of town on business.

Her day should culminate on your calling her, just after she enters home and sees the cake. Call her and just say, Happy Birthday. It will do the magic, her eyes will become moist, her voice will quiver, and her heart will be over joyous.

Show how you care about her

You can also think of installing 2-3 cameras one each in the bedroom, kitchen and living room to record her expressions and reactions. Pre-program the camera based on her daily routine, and watch the recording with her once you are back. On the cost of repeating I must say: surprise is the key element of this personalized super gift. If the plan is leaked, the super gift will not have the desired effect.