Perfect Gifts for Grandparents

Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, a special occasion, or if you just feel generous, finding custom gifts for grandparents can be a challenge. All too often we end up buying something they don’t really want or need, and grandparents being who they are will always say they love it, regardless of what it is!

But what if you could give your grandparents something really unique and personalized? I recently gave my grandparents a personalized photo puzzle and the look on their face when they saw it told me that I had chosen something special for them.

Many people of older generations enjoy completing picture puzzles as it keeps the mind active, but instead of giving your grandparents a puzzle of a dolphin or a landscape, you can make it extra special by having the puzzle custom made from your own photos. Putting photos of grandkids in the picture puzzles will excite your grandparents – after all, there is no grater treasure than the grandchildren.

custom gifts for grandparents

You can order a personalized photo puzzle online easily and quickly. Choose from single photo puzzle or opt for the more endearing multi-photo collage puzzle that takes a selection of photos made into a photo collage layout and creates a puzzle from it.

Here are some great ideas on what you can do to find your custom gifts for grandparents, fill your grandparents’ stockings, spending little, or no money at all!

1. Scented candles:

The perfect present for every occasion. Your grandparents sure will love this beautiful detail that will enlighten their home as well as their hearts. A scented candle transmits all the good feelings you want to express, especially at Christmas. There are thousands of models available. There are candles with flowers, with Christmas pictures, with seashells, stones or anything else you can imagine. You can choose the color, the size and the shape, or the essence. The best part is, you will always find one scented candle that fits your tight budget.

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Bath & Body Works, Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle, Eucalyptus Spearmint

2. Homemade cookies:

Don’t you love your grandma’s cookies? Well, this Christmas, you can surprise her by cooking them yourself! The cookies won’t take you much effort and they will taste delicious! Make sure you wrap them in a beautiful Christmas package, and remember to add a card with all your best wishes.

3. A book:

Seniors always enjoy some quiet time, and that is why a book will be a much-appreciated present. Make sure you pick an edition printed in big letters, so, even if your grandparents wear glasses, they can still enjoy the reading!

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4. Mugs:

For just a couple of bucks you can choose some lovely mugs with your grandparent’s names or a special picture on them. Most photography stores and large drug stores provide this service. With this present, in a way, you can always join them for tea!

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5. A kitten:

If you and your family live far from your grandparents, chances are you don’t spend much time with them during the year. How about giving them a present that can keep them company and return all their love when you are not around? A kitten is easy to look after and is certainly easier than a puppy! You can get it for free, and the few supplies needed do not cost much money. However, you should make sure they really want a kitten and are allowed to have one where they live before you give it to them.


Wonderful Gifts to make your Grandparents WoW

Personalised Grandad Stamp Cushion with your favorite design


Personalized Silver Tone Initial Cufflinks

Personalized Silver Tone Initial Cufflinks - Letter M
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Personalized Couple’s Mug:

Create your wonderful designs or send this cute picture to order


Couple Personalized T-Shirt for Grandpa and Grandma


Personalized Engraved Kitchen Tool designed by your Ideas


 Couple Sweaters for Grandma and Grandpa

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Treasured Passages: A Letter Book Between Grandparents and Grandchildren.

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Personalized Engraved Photo Frame

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Grandparents House Rules Wooden Sign with Jute Rope Hanger

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Design your Engraved Sign to give Grandparents


Use this design: “Grandma And Grandpa’s House Sign, Welcome Sign”

It can be difficult to think of unique and special gifts for grandparents so ordering a personalized photo collage jigsaw puzzle will truly make you stand out from the crowd; and make your grandparents’ eyes light up when they see it!

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