61 original, useful and cool gifts for people who travel

Gifts for people who travel, world travelers, and globetrotters will make them happy. World travelers must save money. Finally, the money for beautiful travel and short triplets are to be spent. That is why they are looking forward to any attention, no matter how big or small they are. If these attentions are also original, useful or quite cool – perfect gifts for travel lovers.


Offer creative and original travel gifts to your friends or relatives who love to travel

What do you give to a traveler, a world traveler or a frequent traveler? It is always difficult to find a creative gift idea. We are looking forward to using useful or cool travel gadgets we use in our travels. Sometimes it does not have to be useful, but it must also be fun.

Are you looking for Christmas gifts or would you like to give inspirational travelogues? Then have a look at our gift ideas for Christmas and our travel book inspiration.

You will surely find the right gift for your friends or relatives. The gift ideas are all about travel, adventure, and world travel.

You can find the perfect gifts for all world travelers and much more here:

1. Head pillow to sleep everywhere

head pillow gifts for travelerAdmittedly, the design of the pillow in alien design is very quirky. But it should be extremely comfortable and keep the noise. You can sleep almost everywhere, okay, and you look like an alien. If this is not an original and funny travel gift, I do not know.

2. XD design anti-theft backpack

Original Bobby Anti theft backpack XD Design

The XD design anti-theft backpack looks not only cool but also has a few very clever features. The material of the backpack is cut resistant so that thieves can not cut the backpack easily with a knife. The zipper is concealed on the back, so you have to look for it as an ignorant. There are also hidden zips and an integrated USB charging port.

3. Tours & holiday activities

Giveaway simply vacation activities with rent-a-guide. There are countless options. Offer a tour in Amsterdam, like the Rotlichenviertel Crime Tour. Or a tour of the Colosseum in Rome. A guided tour of the Louvre in Paris, a guided tour of London or a desert safari in Dubai.

4. Scratch map – Rubble World Map

The world map for Freirubbeln is a funny gimmick. It is perfect to see where you have been and still want to go. You can see here, too, how little you have seen so far from the world. That spurs you up for your next trip! Click here for the Rubbel world map.

5. Scratch map – Rubbel World Map – Deluxe Version

The Scratchmap Rubbel Weltkarte in the Deluxe version comes in 82 × 60 cm, thus XXL. Here is the XXL Scratch map also in the German language.

6. Rubble travel book

In the travel book with 8 scratch cardsyou even have a travel book with you.

7. World maps Laundry bag

This stylish Laundry Bag with world map look comes from the creative forge of Kikkerland, New York. It is not only beautiful, but also practical to keep your luggage in your luggage and to separate dirt washing. It can be stored up to 20 liters volume and 3 kg. With inside pocket, laces and carabiner. The bag is also available with aircraft pattern .

8. Koi-Nobori travel laundry bag

The Koi-Nobori laundry bag is the perfect gift for all Asia travel lovers.

9. World Map Washing Bag Set

The 4-pack World Map Wash Bag Set is an ideal gift for world traveler to keep order or to store laundry.

10. The coolest sleeping masks at all

No matter if monkey, wolf, unicorn, owl, fox, panda or giraffe – these sleeping masks are the hammer! The cool sleeping masks of Ööloom from Estonia can be found here.

11. Clever: Water and tear-proof city maps for major city centers

These city maps are the best! They are resistant to water and tear. You can fold or fold it as you want. They do not break. There is a great selection of metropolises such as New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and much more.

12. Moleskine city notebook with a city map

The City Notebook by Moleskine is mega! The notebook is available for different cities and you can plan your city trip before. Or afterward, draw where you were everywhere. Very convenient! There is a map of the whole city, single maps, the subway network, and a road map.

13. Kindl travel cover

These Kindl and Kindl Whitepaper cases are available in different designs. With inspirational quotes or colorful illustrations, and protect your Kindl on all travels.

14. Kindl travel cover the second

Another cool Kindl and Kindl Whitepaper cover set with various motifs and illustrations.

15. Travel Power Bank

The Anker Travel Power Bank is now an integral part of our travel luggage. Especially on multi-day hikes, it keeps our smartphones alive. So we can easily make videos and photos without end. No longer imagined and enough for ten full battery charges!

16. Safe Travel: Travelsafe

The Pacsafe Travelsafe The Ultimate Packing List for World Travel How to pack your backpack properlyis absolutely top against Langfinger and casual thieves. Both for bus trips and hotel rooms. Fits perfectly into a daypack and stows laptop, camera, and all important documents. Half of us during the whole world journey.

17. TanSafe – Portable beach safe

The TanSafe looks like a conventional suncream and fits comfortably into your beach bag. It has enough space to store most smartphones, credit cards, keys and cash.

18. Cash Stash Money Ver

The Cash Stash Money Box is a useful little helper to hide your money.

19. Safety bag/hip bag

The flat belly pocket with RFID locking system saves all your valuables. It provides interior nets and secretarial compartments. With RFID-blocking inner material, it makes your credit card and car key data safe from theft and protects it from being read out.

20. Smartphone Camera Adapter

With the smartphone camera adapter, you can leave your large and heavy SLR camera at home. The adapters offer a wide-angle, fisheye and macro lens for little money. You just clip it to your smartphone Kameralinse, done.

21. BallPod Camera

The BallPod is not a conventional tripod. It is a kind of stress ball that you can mold. This allows you to lock the camera in the most impossible places. It adapts to every surface and the camera does not fall. Cool part! It comes in blue, green, black, purple, white or yellow.

22. GorillaPod Camerastativ

The Joby GorillaPod The Ultimate Packing List for World Travel How to pack your backpack properlyTripod has flexible, flexible legs and is compact and lightweight! It can be attached almost everywhere. Available for small and large cameras.

23. Fotokurs – Learning to take pictures online

Give a photo course to learn how to photograph online as a voucher. Our bloggers Jenny & Basti from 22places show in the online course that you do not need expensive photo equipment to make great photos. Even a beginner’s camera is enough. The course awakens the fun of photography and shows what is really important in photography.

24. Large cork globe for pinning

On the big cork globe, you can spur future and already traveled destinations.

25. 100 Things You Must Do Before You

The poster 100 Things You Must Do Before You is another type of bucket list and offers great inspiration and inspiration to set new goals. You are offered 100 things you should do before you die, and when you do, you can take off the sticker. Gradually a colorful poster is produced.

26. 100 Places you must visit before you

The same is also available as 100 places you must visit before you .

27. World map for surfers

The world map for surfers offers information on the best surf spots around the world and also makes a good impression on the wall.

28. World map: The world from a German perspective

“The World from a German Perspective” is a fairly cool poster of Frank Höhne from the book of Germany .

29. Pin City

Pin City is a wall fleece. You can pinpoint where you were or want to go and pinpoint memories. Pin City is available for Barcelona , London , New York , Amsterdam or Hamburg .

30. Remote Stretch Spardosis (Personalizable)

This makes saving fun: whether as a coffee cup in the office, as a travel agency for a dream holiday or as a personalized travel gift idea. This wanderlust Spardose is for reiselustige Weltenbummler and can be provided with individual names.

31. Spardose

This cool Spardose should stand in every household of travel friends.

32. Magnetic world map

With the magnetic world map, you can beautify your refrigerator and plan your route directly in the kitchen.

33. Departure Board

The Departure Board is a poster that can be customized. It is almost an image of a real airport board and you determine what should be in the 10 lines.

34. Self-configurable light box

THE inspiration for every day. Be creative and create the lightbox with original sayings that motivate you or your loved ones or simply sweeten the day.

35. FIND IT! WORLD Travel Poster

The FIND IT! WORLD Travel Poster is a huge word puzzle consisting of all 197 countries . You just have to find them and mark them with a pen. Either the countries in which you have been or where you want to travel.

36. GO! WORLD Sticker

The GO! WORLD Sticker Poster is similar to the Rubbel World Map . But here you simply take the appropriate country as a sticker and do not have to ruble.

37. Campervan picture frame

With the campervan picture frame, you make every Campervan traveler happy! Is something different and a funny idea.

38. Travel Organizer Envelope

What basically looks like a letter is actually a travel organizer . Perfect for anyone who likes to organize all his documents together. Whether it is a passport, flight ticket, vaccination pass or credit card. Everything fits into it and looks stylish.

39. Guide of chance

The guide of chance is a guidebook for all who have seen it all. You can buy it without knowing where it’s going. It is completely reusable , even for other destinations. It shows you places that you will not find in any other travel guide. He gives you stories that nobody else can tell.

40. I-pack-my-suitcase Notepad

The perfect checklist for holidays and travel luggage as a practical notepad .

41. Hakuna Matata pouch

The Hakuna Matata bag is a must for all Africa fans! Super practical, quick folded and also water repellent.

42. Wanderlust T-Shirt

This unisex t-shirt will surely reinforce your wanderlust.

43. Fernweh Passport Cover

Here ‘s the perfect case to protect your passport.

44. World Map Fly

This stylish world map fly is the highlight at every party.

45. World Map Shower Curtain

A world map shower curtain for all travelers!

46. Fleecy inflatable neck squirrel & pillowcases

Ideal for any trip. The inflatable neck squirrel and neck pillow with fleece cover is designed to inflate and can thus be optimally stowed away. It does not take up any space. You can blow it as hard or soft as you want. It also offers a pocket for MP3 players, glasses, handkerchiefs, etc.

47. Inflight Comfort Kit

If it’s not just a pillow, here is the whole kit with inflatable neck pillow, padded eye mask and soft foam ear plugs in stylish packaging.

48. Spork eating utensils

Perfect for on the go and beautifully colorful: dining set Spork The Ultimate Packing List for World Travel How to pack your backpack properly → Knife, fork and spoon in one.

49. Keeps the technique dry: Noak’s waterproof protective covers

Ideal protective covers for travel and outdoor activities. The Noaks protective covers provide safe protection against water, moisture, sand, dirt, snow, and mud.

50. Outdoor Survival Kit

The Outdoor Survival Kit provides a set of high-quality survival tools that provide great help in an emergency situation. For example, Eg flashlight, compass, whistle, knife, rescue cover and much more.

51. Outdoor water filter

The mountain water filter is the perfect companion for camping in nature or hiking. It can be optimally attached to drinking bags, common drinking bottles, as well as drinking systems or m can also drink directly and comfortably from the water source.

52. Hanging parachute nylon

The hanging mats made of parachute nylon are an extreme lightweight and perfect for on the go.

53. The most useful thing on the world trip: A headlamp

The headlamp was the most useful utensil on our world trip and was used very often. Especially in places where there is no electricity, it illuminates the way to the toilet, the path on a hike or acts as a reading lamp. It does not have to be expensive and in colorful colors, there are also: Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

54. Useful before the trip: Digital baggage scales

Before a trip, you are very unsure of the weight of the luggage. With the digital luggage scale you can develop a feeling for how much you should really pack.

55. Multifunctional cloth – the egg-laying woolmilchau

Whether as a scarf, as a dust cover, as a sun protection, as a holster in the aircraft or as a sweat band. A multifunctional cloth is versatile and therefore quite handy on world travel.

56. The Everythingkönner Kulturbeutel

A foldable wash bag for hanging with various zipper and slide-in compartments for all hygiene items. Click here for the culture bag,

57. Microfiber travel towel

A travel towel saves space and dries quickly. It does not get any better! The Travel Towel is also available in great colors. Click here for the travel towel,

58. Microfiber sleeping bag Inlet

The Microfaserschlaatsack Inlet consists of breathable material and increases the heat output of the normal sleeping bag by 3 ° C. The inlet is light and fast drying.

59. Flexible laundry line with clips

The flexible clothesline with clips The Ultimate Packing List for World Travel How to pack your backpack properly can be used almost everywhere. Especially at the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal she was very useful to us. But also at camping sites or in cabins.

60. Camping cup

This camping mug is not only cool, but also useful for your next camping or hiking adventure.

61. Time instead of stuff

If you do not want to give your loved one any material things, just give away the time together! Offer a joint cooking evening or a common hike. Look around and let yourself be inspired: time instead of stuff . We were very pleased with the trip around the world, a surprise leave from our friends.

Gift ideas for people love to travel, World travelers and Globetrotters

Traveling in remote countries is not only fun but also gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons. Travel offers you insights into different countries and foreign cultures. Most travelers need to save money and usually have no time to worry about other things. Our gift ideas for travelers are creative, practical, original and useful. We have put together a variety of gift ideas. Whether world maps, notebooks or travel pillows. These gifts make the hearts of all worlds-goers beat faster. The best travel gifts for many travel lover!

Practical and useful gifts for friends, acquaintances, and family

Nowadays, everyone is traveling with their camera and smartphone, taking photos of their travels. One can simply keep the travel experiences simple today. To make things even easier, there are some practical travel gadgets. For example, the cool tripod from Joby or Smartphone lens attachments is a great gift. You will also find smaller gifts here, such as sleeping masks or inflatable pillows. With us, you will definitely find the perfect gift!

Further gift ideas can be found at our Christmas gifts for world travelers and our travel book inspirations.

Are there still gifts for people who love travel and world travelers that we have forgotten? Leave a nice comment and share the post.

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