Oh Baby, Toys for the babies from 0 to 6 months

Toys for babies that have proved their worth! Do babies need at all toys? Actually not really, and just only the selected toys. Because we are honest, the simplest regular objects are the most interesting for the babies. So for months, the PET bottle was quite high in the course. The PET bottle, your baby’s favorite toy. No child needs masses of toys.

What next to the PET bottle and the cooking spoon still well received. I would like to show you today. All things that were intensively performed in the first eight months.

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Colorful wooden stroller chain made of wood with little bells from Heimess

As much as parents love the wonderful, discreet crochet chains for the baby carriages, the children do not like it or do not even notice it. The colors are usually much too covered and no sound is given by themselves. In addition to the children’s chain of Zebra, this colorful wooden model with three bells is attached. If you push the stroller, they will ring very softly and unobtrusively. Mimi loved it. A good purchase that has proven itself. Part of what I will definitely keep.

Colorful "Ladybird" Stroller Chain

The Oball

Not nice, but hotly loved – the Oball. Made of plastic, colorful and easy to grip for small baby hands. For weeks, I have been reluctant to buy this ball. Why? Mimi loved him. She has always grasped him, kept him, amazed him. On the road with a band secured on a pram, you do not run the risk of losing it.

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Multicolored Oball Toy Ball

Baby Faces book

You know it already, the Baby Faces booklet. A small book of hard cardboard with baby faces. A baby was always fascinated by the pictures. The book accompanies us every day and we look at it again and again and again. At the same time, it is much easier to understand the various moods, such as happiness or sadness.

The beautiful book you can get here:


Bite-rings were a big issue here. Mimi accepted them gratefully and diligently. It was important to me that the teething rings are free from harmful substances. A selection should also have our little girl and we decided for the teething rings of Sophie la giraffe, Hevea and for a model of wood. We also had the beautiful soft teething ring of life factors and one of the Juicy Pacifier. Mimi’s favorites? Sophie and the Juicy Pacifier. The teething rings of Hevea (made of natural rubber) and Sophie were tested by the eco-test as ‘very good’ in December.

You get the Sophie teething ring here:


Colorful stacking and bathing cups

The small cups are still the absolute hit. A Baby always has her in her hand, trying to stack the cups or stick them into each other. And they can not be missed in the bath. So simple, so good. A cupping set can be obtained.


Clutching Toy

It was once part of a toy box. And yes, Babies love this part. The handle is so narrow that it can grip and hold it well. The ring itself is not too heavy. Give Mimi the Clutching Toy and she will be satisfied.

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Clutching Toy was also very popular here. We did not have much choice. But it was very fond of the small wooden ring from Heimess.

Clutching Toy is a great toy for your baby



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