Top 9 natural wooden and organic baby toys

One key thing to put into consideration is always to know the kind of toys that you need to buy. As a matter of fact, it is known everywhere that plastic toys are the number one hazards to babies due to the fact that they have chemicals. Some of the organic baby toys that one should look out for should be toys that are wooden and most of them can be found on Amazon. The following are some of the best and most amazing toys that any parent should buy for their toddlers.

Organic Baby Toys

Baby clutching and teething toys must be organic baby toys


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The first toy that any parent can look out for is the baby clutching and teething toys. One funny thing about babies is the fact that they love to chew, or much their toys. As a parent, one thing you need to look out for as the teeth of the baby are beginning to appear are toys that are safe and are free from any chemical. Such organic baby toys are those that are wooden or water-based paint. On amazon you can find the following Grimm’s grasping toy bead ring, Grimm’s rattle fish, fish rattle, Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether, Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys, Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy, Vulli Sophie la Girafe and so much more

Cotton toys and Baby comforters


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It is very much in order to also look for toys that are organically made with cotton. Such are always good and safe for the babies even if they try to chew them. One thing that is of a surety is the fact babies are normally got attracted and are glued to their comforters. They actually even recognize the smell of the comforters and really treasure them hence it would be in order to buy such for them. They include Organic Veggie CrateOrganic Egyptian Cotton Veggies and CrateUnder The Nile Carrot Toy, Marsjoy Stuffed Cats Plush Toys, Sckoon Organic Plush Toy Doll Cat just to name a few.

Fair Trade Soft Toys


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These are designed and stuffed with cotton wool in an animal shaped look. Some take the shapes of leopards whereas others take the shape of giraffes. These soft toys are the best for 1-year-old babies and can last for such a long time. Some of these toys include Joobles Fair Trade Organic Icy the Penguin, Flop the FrogHuggy the BearCutie the Lamb among others.

Gyms and Nursery Toys


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Another thing to look out for when choosing the nursery and gym toys is the fact that they must be wooden toys. Such toys are very good for the early development and growth of the child. They include toys such as Heimess baby gym and VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker with Pink or Blue color, plain toys activity baby gym, and Le Toy Van Dollhouse Furniture & Accessories, Nursery Set.

Wooden play blocks


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Children love colorful toys, so it is very appropriate to but for them wooden blocks, castles, and colorful painted blocks. These are also good and help the child to develop mentally and to imagine and develop cities and large walls. Wooden play blocks that can be bought online include Grimm’s DWARF VILLAGE, Natural Wood Hexagonal Baby Rattle, Fantastical “Casa” Houses, and Grimm’s Balancing Owls.

Bestseller Baby Block Toys


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Push, pull and vehicles


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The baby’s imagination is always tricked by what he or she sees. Look for toys that will intrigue their minds and imaginations and such toys are the wooden toy cars. These can range from wagons to team of horses that are wooden. Some of these toys that you can buy include wooden dragon pull along, tractor and trailerMega Race-Car Carrier,  and Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Set among others.

Learning puzzle toys

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The best way to teach your child is by simply looking for the natural educational toys. These are good for the development and the nurturing of the skills of the child to have a creative and open mind. Some of these products are made in the USA and include Grimm’s star complementary color puzzle, LEGO DUPLO Number Train, Petit Collage Beginner Jigsaw Floor Puzzle, and the rest.

Wooden baby walkers


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One of the best ways to entertain the baby is by taking them around the house using the wooden baby walkers. Wooden baby walkers include Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toy, haba pushing car walker, haba walker wagon color fun, Walker Wagon Fire Brigade just to mention a few.

Active rocking toys


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Any toddler that is very active should be bought for this kind of toys as a gift. Toys such as wobble boards painted beech wood, hobby horse, Go Rocking Horse, PlanToys Plan Preschool Walk N Roll help in keeping the baby very active. Anyone looking for organic baby toys to buy as a gift for a child can put those into consideration.

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