How to find the best Mens Wooden Rings

Mens Wooden rings are beautiful and eco-friendly gifts for him, which can be alternative to metal rings. Especially, it is so meaningful with your good boyfriend, husband or dad who cares about the environment. Wood rings are also great choices for men who suffer from metal allergies. You can easily to have personalized gifts for him by craft wood rings with personalized features such as engraving on the inside or outside with engraver tool or knife, add with gemstones or diamonds in the center.

Men wood rings for him

Men’s Personalized Mahogany wood rings

Mens Personalized Mahogany wood rings

This natural and Eco-friendly ring is hand made from Mahogany Wood. It has a beautiful minimalist design and handed polished to make it more brilliant. The wooden ring is protected by valuable natural waxes. Furthermore, the Mahogany Wood ring is very lightweight, comfortable to wear and a perfect gift for your anniversaries with beautiful engraving on the inside.

Personalized Olive Wood Men Ring

Personalized Olive Wood Men Ring

Olive wood is symbolized for peace and goodwill, and this ring has a beautiful minimalist style, is handmade from Olive wood, handed polished and protected by polishing wax. Buy the unique wooden ring for him and don’t forget personalize it with your message.

Black Ceramic Flat Top Real Koa Wood Ring

 Black Ceramic Flat Top Wedding Ring with Real Koa Wood Inlay

The ring is made of real Hawaiian Koa Wood and Black High Tech Ceramic, so it is super smooth, lightweight, polished and scratch resistant. You will get plenty of compliments when gift him this ring.

Titanium With Pure Light Brown Cherry Hawaiian Koa Wood Domed Ring For Men

Titanium With Pure Light Brown Cherry Hawaiian Koa Wood Domed Ring For Men

This wooden ring is a great gift for your special men. The ring made from Hawaiian Koa Wood and aircraft grade Titanium, so it is lightweight and durable. Especially, it is extreme biocompatibility, and hypoallergenic.

Mens Tungsten Ring with Sandalwood Inlay Ring

Mens Tungsten Ring with Sandalwood Inlay Ring

The ring is compiled with Genuine Sandalwood and Tungsten. It looks beige and luminescent. Tungsten is 4 times harder than titanium, makes the ring tougher and very long lasting. This extraordinary ring is worthy to give your beloved lifelong man.

Natural Deer Antler Ring with Black Koa Wood Inlay for Men

black koa wooden rings mens


This ring has a unique design, which is split between natural black koa wood inlay and deer antler inlay. The handmade wood ring is a perfect gift for weddings, engagements, or anniversaries.

Deer Antler and Koa Wood Ring Titanium for Men

Deer Antler and Koa mens wood rings

The ring is well-made and looks durable and lightweight. The unique design is made of natural deer, Hawaiian Koa Wood, and Titanium. It makes an elegant gift for masculine men.

Titanium and Hawaii Koa Wood Inlay Rings

Titanium and Hawaii Koa men wood ring

Hawaii koa wood features rich texture and unique. It combines with superb craftsmanship to create the gorgeous men’s wooden ring. The ring is protected by a crystal clear resin and strength of titanium and has a long time Warranty, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The ring is a perfect gift to so your unique sense of style.

Bevels and Black Walnut Wood Rings for men

Bevels and Black Walnut wood Rings for men

This beautiful men’s wood ring is made from real black walnut wood and tungsten. The quality is so fantastic by the most scratch resistant and oldest material using in jewelry. This gift is perfect to show your love and commitment to your special anniversaries. Don’t worry to buy it by the Lifetime Warranty, Free sizing, and No exchange fee.

Men’s Deer Antler Ring, Tungsten With Koa Wood, Abalone And Antler Inlay



This men’s wooden ring has a unique design with 3 layers, Koa Wood, Antler, and Abalone. The beautiful ring also includes Waterproof Epoxy, strong durable scratch resistant. It is very appropriate for masculine men.

Maple Wood Inlay High Polish Ceramic Domed Ring

Maple Wood Inlay High Polish Ceramic Domed wooden wedding rings for men

The ring is made from Maple Wood and rich color ceramic to have a gorgeous overlook. This ring has a higher scratch resistant than metal rings to keep perfection over time. This gift is so worth for your penny to buy the Maple wood ring for him.

Black Tungsten Carbide Wood men’s Wedding Ring

Black Tungsten Carbide Wood mens wedding Ring


The well-made men’s wooden rings are made from solid material and have a beautiful design. It looks elegant and comfort by high polish smooth face. The wooden inlay is also sealed to avoid wood chipping. The man will love this ring for its originality and quality.

Deer Antlers Titanium Turquoise Wood Ring

Deer Antlers Titanium Turquoise Wood Ring

The beautiful ring will excite him by its unique design. The ring is made of wood, turquoise, and titanium. It is polished and has a silver color and puts off a brilliant shine. Turquoise symbolizes of wealth in many ancient cultures, and the ring is a great mix of sleek style and natural materials. The men wooden rings are perfect gifts for him on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays.

The best men wood rings are made from colorful hardwoods. Some good wooden materials you can trust are oak, ash, birch, hickory, eucalyptus, sandalwood, maple, applewood, cherry, aspen, dogwood, poplar, elm, walnut, or Hawaii koa wood. You will have wood rings with a variety of styles; they also include plain wood bands, colorful inlay designs or braided patterns.

Some special designs of wood rings are encased in titanium or tungsten to made then become more durability and stunning. However, the environmental benefits of men’s wood rings can be lost if the wooden rings are crafted with gemstones, metal, gold, platinum, or diamond because the rings are not obtained 100% by sustainable means and eco-friendly resources.

Sometimes you heard about “Bentwood” rings. It means the process to bend and form wood rings; it is not a type of wood.

Some useful tips to care your wooden rings

It mostly depend on the type of your men’s wooden rings, how it produced, I have some general recommendations, you should follow to care your rings or remind him:

  1. Remove the rings before bathing, swimming or dishwashing.
  2. Avoid the rings from chemicals, abrasives or hard knocks.
  3. Wooden rings should be exposed to a high humid environment for a long period. However, you can wear them when hand-washing.

How to buy the best men’s wooden rings for him

It is very important to make sure the ring sizes are exact because wooden bands cannot be resized. The way to check his ring size is twice, two weeks apart, at late in the afternoon or evening.

Check the guarantee policies of the provider. Do they offer extra services like refinishing services, exchange or replacement, or more?

It often takes a long time to create handmade wood rings, about 6 to 8 weeks. So you should order before at least 4 to 6 months for important events, to make sure you have the perfect rings.

You should ask the provider about whether the rings contain ingredients derived from animals or insects if the men are gifted are vegan.

You can take your time to consider what unique features or designs for your men’s wooden rings. Some people craft a ring made of wood that has sentimental value. For example, wood is from the tree you plant, where you have first met.

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