How to make your Memorable Anniversary Gift on the Bed

This is going to be fun. The super Anniversary gift we are about to discuss here will drive you down the memory lane to the destination, rather, to the source from where everything started. It has been many years since, and lots of memory got piled up; some sweet and some not so sweet. Take the opportunity presented by this special occasion to inject again the freshness of a honeymooner to your relationship.

Watch some romantic Bed sheets Gift

The gift idea for wife or husband, we are talking about is quite simple, and I warn you, do not let the deceptive simplicity of the idea cast you down. This gift will be very powerful in inducing the right emotion from the recipient. The perfect gift will not only make her day, but it will be with her for really long time.

I am talking about gifting a lovely satin bed sheet. A satin bed sheet with a custom print made from the photographs that will convey the story of the wonderful time you spent together on your romantic honeymoon. I am suggesting you to use bed sheet, the accompanying pillow and blanket covers as a medium to convey the very first chapter of your love story. Every night, the bed sheet will make you relive the moments on which time has put a thick layer.

Personalized print bed sheet is a perfect Anniversary Gift

Great for Wife or Husband

Although, this gift has been conceived with female partners (wives) in mind; this can be gifted to the male partners (husbands) as well.

This gift idea is designed for the couples who are married for at least 4-5 years. You can give this great gift for her or him on the day of your marriage anniversary, may be on the 5th marriage anniversary or the later one.

Anatomy of the perfect Anniversary Gift

I am happy that till now I have been able to hold your attention. Without wasting any more moment, we will move forward, and learn how to make this Perfect Anniversary Gift. To make this gift, you will need a plain satin bed sheet, some sweet honeymoon photographs, a little knowledge of Photoshop or any image enhancing software, and the willingness to give your love a precious gift.

We start with selecting a good quality, light color bed sheet, preferably white. The second step leads us to our digital photo album. If you did not click pictures using digital camera, you can also use printed photograph; just scan each of them on at least 300 dpi, and enhance the photographs in Photoshop. If you still have the negatives of the picture then I will suggest you to get the negative scanned using a good quality negative photo scanner.

Start selecting the images you want to put on the bed sheet, but before doing that decide a theme for the bed sheet. Depending upon your personal taste, you can either choose pictures of cozy and intimate moments, or the time you two spent riding a boat, watching the beautiful sunset, walking hand in hand, screaming on a joyride etc., or you can consider using a blend of the two. I am not setting any rule here because this is your gift, and you need to put your own feeling in this perfect gift.

Arranging the selected pictures will follow the picture selection process. Use the picture that you feel was the defining moment of your relationship in the center of the bed sheet. For example, you can use a picture of your first kiss, your first day on honeymoon, your engagement or the time when you proposed her at the center.

Make a montage using this picture in the center, and arrange rest of the pictures thematically around it. You can also add scanned copies of greeting cards, love letters or the digital version of each one of them in the montage. Use a clear handwriting font to retype the love letter you sent or received through e-mails, e-cards that you sent or received, or the transcripts of sweet chats that you had. Based on your preference, you can also add some design elements to the montage. The central picture of this montage will be quite big. It should take up the whole central area. Anything in excess of 20X24 will do.

Once the montage is ready send it and the bed sheet you selected for printing. Be careful in selecting whom you are going to give the responsibility to do the printing work. The printer who specializes in creating custom printed bed sheets or cloths should only be chosen for creating this gift. If you don’t know one already then search the Internet and business directories for such printers. Finding a printer can be a bit challenging, but this will be worth the effort.

Who can Give this Perfect Gift?

A husband and also a wife can be the one who should consider giving this Anniversary gift.

How to be more romantic on the bed

Other Occasion

This perfect Anniversary gift can also be given on valentine day, but the valentine day should not be the one that comes immediately after the marriage. Wait for at least 2-3 years before this gift can spell its magic.

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