How to make Love Letter in a Bottle is A super romantic Gift

She is stranded in the world of mere mortals and watchful social guards. The swarming seas of shopping malls and glaring, blinding traffic lights are stopping her from reaching you. She needs your help. Be her savior. Send her your love poured onto a piece of paper, roll in a scroll, corked up in an elegant bottle on this Valentine Day or her birthday. It is really a Romantic Gift for her birthday or Valentine.30

This personalized romantic gift for her consists of two parts: form and substance (read content). I will begin with discussing substance (content) of this super gift and will move forward towards describing the form.

Writing letter (substance)

Write your love letter as a romantic Gift for her

More than anything, what’s the content of the message delivered in the bottle will matter more to your girl; hence, you need to cherry-pick the words for the personal message. In this case, focus more on the depth of the message and the eloquence of the writing style, instead of focusing on the length of the message.

The core essence of the message could be a plain heartfelt I love you, or it could be I wanted to say how much I missed you since yesterday evening when we last met. Do not make the letter look run of the mill. The letter should not imitate the mechanical phrases written on any greeting card. Make the letter personal as if you have poured your heart into every word written there.

You can use an old-looking paper or a parchment paper to write the personal message, and if you wish you can carefully burn the edge on any one side of the scroll to give the letter an authentic old world and shipwrecked feel. You can even submerge it into the yellowish muddy water to give it a more authentic look.

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Crafting bottle (form)

The bottle in which the message will be delivered is not only a delivery vehicle in this case, but it is an integral part of the message. The beauty of the bottle will express how much effort you put into creating this beautiful super gift; hence you should carefully choose the shape of the bottle you will use to deliver the message. Craft a short but elegant personal message and get it laser engraved on the surface of the bottle. Purchase a nice cork, a big alloy key, and also collect some sands, shells, and pebbles that will go inside the bottle.

Getting a personal message engraved on the bottle’s surface is not a big deal. You can easily find a person or shop that does laser engraving or do it yourself by this engraver tool. You can also search the Internet for the same, and for the bottle, you should visit the antique shop in your city. Alternatively, you can purchase the bottle from an online Antique shop. The bottle is printed your personalized message is also a good idea. I will suggest going for a fancy-shaped bottle. I would prefer a colorless Egyptian looking bottle. A colored bottle with distinct shape will also serve the purpose. This is basically a matter of personal choice.

Love letter in bottle

Complete your romantic Gift for her with Message in the bottle (bringing form and substance together)

First, take the letter with the personalized message and roll it into a scroll. Use a fancy ribbon to tie a knot around it. Keep this letter aside, and take sand, pebbles, and shells. Put them inside the bottle. Now it’s time to put the scroll inside before corking it up. Wrap the super gift either in a red, shiny satin, or put it in a red velvet pouch. You can also use red, transparent wrapping plastic.

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Instead of using decorative ribbon, you should hang the big alloy key, the key to your heart, in a gold chain or a golden string coiled around the neck of the bottle to make this personalized gift more romantic.

To make the romantic gift more special, you can also consider getting your name and a key to my heart embossed on the key. This obviously depends on your taste and your budget.

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