Beware of appearances, this little cube of Sony is the new toy for kids of the future

Inspired future generations of engineers in robotics is the goal of Sony’s new “toy” for kids. The result of five years of research, this object of simple appearance wants to propose virtually unlimited possibilities.

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Build, play, inspire. Here are the ideas behind Toio , the new toy of the Japanese firm Sony. In appearance, this object is extremely simple, even simplistic. It is just made up of two white cubes on small wheels. Yet behind this sobriety, it hides a lot of technologies. Toio responds to movement, can detect the location of others and can be programmed as well as remotely controlled.


Toio was thought to be the toys of the new generation for kids that are already bathing in a technological universe. The developers wanted to allow the children to explore all the possibilities of this object and to learn to master it so as to do what they want.

With Toio, you can also create robot battles, play board games or race obstacles. Sony has even partnered with Lego and allows children to build Lego structures on their robots. Enough to accompany their creativity and see them create their own personalized robot.


Among the interesting possibilities of Toio, there is also a capacity developed by the team responsible for the educational program PythagoraSwitch. Their idea is simple: a piece of paper that encourages children to join their two cubes together. Once connected, the interacting cubes literally take life through different movements.

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This simple addition of a sheet of paper tenfold the possibilities of Toio and illustrates well how this new toy was thought to make way for the inventiveness of its users. Toio is a real sandbox where every child will be able to express themselves and use their cubes to find new features. Thought like a toy suitable for future generations, Sony has already put on sale a limited amount of Toio for a price between 200 and 300 dollars.

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