Is green tea good for losing weight? Yes, in the Right way

People around the world drink tea and it is also popular gifts for tea lovers. Tea has many health promotion substances, which bring down inflammation and protect against heart disease and diabetes. Further more, many people wonder if drinking cold or hot green tea will make differences, then it supports you to losing weight. Do you want to know what the answer for Is green tea good for losing weight? You just have to read this note to learn more about this interesting topic.

We are in the middle of summer and that obviously makes more than one decline when it comes to drinking a rich green tea. Is that, of course, with the high temperatures are many who pass from drinking something hot. And also many who think that this impressive thermogenic infusion (that is, it helps to burn fats) can lose its properties if you drink it cold.

Green tea, which comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis, is an ancient infusion that has multiple benefits and properties to lose weight. It is a very good complement of low-calorie diets for weight loss. Green tea contains substances called catechins, which is known as powerful antioxidants. These substances help to reduce the generation of free radicals, protecting your cells and molecules from damage.

To help you lose weight, green tea acts in the following ways

Helps to burn fat. This is because it prevents the functioning of the enzyme responsible for the destruction of noradrenaline, a key hormone in the process of eliminating fats.

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Accelerate metabolism. Because it increases the time of action of noradrenaline on certain adipocytes, it increases thermogenesis and oxidation of fats.

Facilitates calorie expenditure. Green tea contains caffeine, which further increases caloric expenditure and oxidation of fats.

Surely, green tea is good for losing weight.  However…

It has some Contraindications of Green tea

Green tea has a high percentage of caffeine and tannins. While both substances are responsible for many of its benefits, they are also the cause of contraindications and side effects of green tea. That is why you should avoid consumption in the following cases.

  • Arterial hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Ulcers and other stomach problems
  • Irritable bowel
  • Kidney failure or prostate problems
  • Anemia
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Children

It is important that in any case of doubt consult your doctor before taking green tea.

How to drink green tea which is good for losing weight?

The most common and easy way to take green tea is by preparing an infusion, although you can also consume it in tablets, leaves, and powders.

To prepare green tea, follow the next steps.

  1. Boil 1/2 liter of water
  2. Place 5 grams of the leaves of the plant or tea bag.
  3. Let stand for 10 minutes.

For its effect to be effective, you should drink 3 or 4 cups per day of tea, distributed after each main meal. I mean after breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner.

 What kind of green tea is best for weight loss

Which Ways of taking Green tea to lose weight

However, there are other variants for taking slimming green tea. Taking the properties of green tea to lose weight and how to take it, you can incorporate it into your diet to lose weight, whether in infusions, capsules or powder for losing weight naturally.

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Remedy with bicarbonate. One of the ways you can consume Green tea leaves to lose weight is by preparing this remedy with baking soda. The bicarbonate brings its alkalizing properties that will work wonders to burn fat.

Green Tea Power is Beaten with avocado. On the other hand, if you prepare a delicious shake with avocado, you will not only be able to drink something very rich and energetic but also contribute to your body the excellent properties of these components to lose weight.

Green Tea Power is Beaten with avocado

Using Green Tea with honey, lemon and ginger is very good for losing weight and it is very delicious. Have you tried it on the mixture with lemon and ginger? Well, if you have not already done so, do not stop. Its properties are really incredible. Not for nothing, as these three components boost each other, resulting in an excellent recipe to lose weight.

Green Tea with lemon and ginger

Cold drinks for Summer

Let’s go parts as there are two versions. There are theories that drinking hot liquids helps burn fats. Others, meanwhile, say that cold drinks force the body to expend energy to match the temperature with that of the body. True or not, the properties of green tea will be the same, drink it cold or drink it hot.

Cold green tea for SummerPlus, cold green tea is a fabulous drink to help you lose weight during the summer. You get up in the morning, prepare a pitcher with a pint of green tea (six cups of water, three tablespoons of a good green tea, 2-3 minutes of rest and water at 75 ° Celsius) and let it cool. Then you drink it throughout the day. Not only will you find in it a good help for your diet, but also a great sedative for your summer thirst.

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And you can not only consume this great cold green tea alone or with ice. You can sweeten it with some calorie-free product. Also, it will not come to you badly and some other issues to give flavor and good properties to your tea. You can try a green tea with cinnamon, one with lemongrass and even with a green tea ice cream.

What can be important when it comes to preparing cold green tea is that you do it to take it throughout the day. Once that time has passed, the infusion becomes too rusty and better replaced by another. But, anyway, do not miss out on drinking this huge ally. And do not forget something very important: green tea will give you good results only as a supplement to a diet with physical activity.

I hope you have the answer for Is green tea good for losing weight? If you want to find some ways to make your delicious green tea cup. Browse for more.

5 Ways of drinking green tea for weight loss