How to Choose the Best First Mothers Day Gifts?

Do you know when mother’s day is in 2021? It’s on Sunday, May 9th. This is always an important holiday. It becomes more special for those who are celebrating for the first time. Let’s make that day memorable by giving her the best first Mothers day gifts. However, choosing thoughtful gifts for moms can be a bit tricky. At that time, just think about something functional and practical to ease the burden of her life’s new stressors.

For me, when brainstorming gifts for new moms, I will focus on presents for mother and baby, for example, something like a photo book to capture the memories, the couple or family outfit, the stylish love necklace, so on. Besides, personalized gifts and self-care sets like pajamas, bathrobes, candles, etc. are always an amazing idea. Don’t worry if you still do not know what to get for Mother’s day, let’s take a look at our list of the most spectacular first mothers day presents.

Sentimental Gifts for Mom – New Mother and Child Love Heart Necklace

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Blovin 925 Sterling Silver Love Heart Pendant Mother’s Love Necklace is one of the most meaningful first mothers day gifts. It symbolizes the infinite love between mothers and newborns. Crafted in high-quality 925 sterling silver and decorated with a 0.01 ct Diamond Accent Stone. Don’t need to wonder whether this mother’s day jewelry is safe for mother and baby to wear or not because it is made without harmful metals, such as nickel and lead.

Get 925 Sterling Silver Mother and Child Love Heart Pendant Necklace

First Mother’s Day Outfit Gifts For Mom & Baby

First Mother's Day Outfit Gifts For Mom & Baby

Although the world has ten thousand kinds of feelings, the most moving is still the mother’s love. This couple of T-shirts is a great way to express the love between mother and newborn daughter or mother and newborn son. Let’s surprise your wife, sister, friend, or any new mom for her first mother’s day. Made with high-quality fabric, durable and soft, these products are deserved to be unique gifts for mom.

Get First Mother’s Day Outfit Matching Set for Mom & Baby

Unique Boba Wrap Baby Carrier Gifts for Mom


With 95% Cotton like a favorite T-shirt, Boba Wrap Baby Carrier is easy to take care of and durable. This is a sentimental gift for mom who wants to free up her hands but still keeps her newborn calm, soothe and feel asleep or stay asleep. Moreover, this design is suitable for almost all moms and dads of all shapes and sizes. Last year, I bought it for my sister on her first mother’s day when my niece was about 6 months. She was so excited about this present because it is very easy to tie and breastfeed in. 

Get Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, Perfect for Newborn Babies

Nursing Pillow and Positioner Gifts for New Mom

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Designed by a mom, The Boppy Pillow helps her arms and back free. Plus, this nursing pillow supports moms a lot while nursing, cradling, or bottle feeding by placing the pillow around mother’s front or side waist. It comes with a removable, breathable pillow covered with an easy-on-covered zipper design. Moreover, this one is also suitable for parents to use during the flight.

Get Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Lion King Short Sleeve Bodysuits for Baby

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Perhaps moms will be very excited when receiving these cute gifts for babies on her first mother’s day. These gift sets include 5 colorful short sleeve bodysuits which are printed Simba, Timon, Rafiki, Pumbaa, and other iconic Lion King characters, symbols, and catchphrases. The lap shoulders with 3-snap closure help mother to easily and quickly change diapers for her infant.

Get Disney Lion King Baby Boys 5 Pack Short Sleeve Bodysuit for Newborn

Milk Frother, Automatic Foam Maker for Coffee Gift for First Mothers Day

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With this device, mothers will become barista making delicious coffee in the comfort of their home. With just one push on the button, moms can create a wide range of drinks such as cappuccinos, hot chocolates, latte, coffee, macchiatos, flat whites; hot, warm or cold milk. Thanks to the extra-safe double-wall design, the non-stick interior, and a detachable base, the cleaning becomes very easy.

Get Milk Frother, Miroco Stainless Steel Milk Steamer

Ideal First Mothers Day Gifts – Perfect Keepsake Hands Casting Kit 

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For those loving to keep the shape of hands and feet of newborn babies, this Keepsake Hands Casting Kit is one of the most wonderful first mothers day gifts. Mom can easily create holding hand statues of a small family including parents and an infant, or mother and baby, or even 2 to 4 small kids. The molding material is cool-setting, non-toxic and non-allergic so moms don’t need to wonder whether it’s safe for an infant or not!

Get Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Aveeno Baby and Mommy Essential Daily Care – Perfect Gifts for Mom 

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Including seven items, these cheap gifts for mom help to pamper mothers and nourish babies. The set comes from Aveeno, so it is tear-free, soap-free, and paraben-free to gently clean; Thanks to the active naturals colloidal oatmeal, the baby’s skin can be moisturized for 24 hours. Moreover, oatmeal baths are highly recommended for those who have sensitive skin conditions. I think that Aveeno Baby and Mom Daily Care set is a spectacular gift idea for first mothers day.

Get Aveeno Baby Essential Daily Care, Variety of Skin Care and Bath Products to Nourish Baby and Pamper Mom

Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray – Special First Mothers Day Gifts

Thanks to the extendable sides, the Bathtub Caddy Trays can fit most bathtubs. The biggest extendable sides are up to 43 inches and non-slip silicone grips to prevent the tub caddy from sliding. Being made of high-quality bamboo wood and covered by a thin protective coat of lacquer, these cool gifts for mom have plenty of compartments, slots, and trays for different items to use. A long bath with a wine glass and some fruits is a great way for new moms to relax after a busy day.

Get ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Incredible Gifts for Mother – Tea Kettle Infuser

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Buying this gift set, you have not only a teapot but also four double-walled glass cups, with three sample bags of loose leaf tea including green tea, blooming tea, and jasmine tea. The tea maker inside the teapot comes with a stainless steel tea strainer basket for holding loose leaf tea or tea bags. My mom really loves drinking tea, therefore, I think this set is a perfect answer for the question of what to get mom for mother’s day

Get Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set

Short Sleeve Sleepwear Pajamas – Impressive First Mothers Day Gifts

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Made of super soft and cozy fabric, Ekouaer Pajamas Set brings mom the freedom to move around whether sitting or lying and keeps moms easeful while sleeping at night. It is suitable for almost all moms, therefore, it becomes one of the best mother’s day gifts in 2021. Moreover, with the design of button-down sleepshirt hits at the hip, it’s so convenient for new moms to breastfeed their babies. Being casual and classy, it will not make moms feel embarrassed when a guest suddenly takes a visit.

Get Ekouaer Slip Pajama Set for Women

Good Gifts for Mom Baby’s First Year Memory Book

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One of the best ways to capture the memories of a family is by keeping them in a photo book. The imagery of Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book is so gorgeous and appealing to look at. It also has a great format by starting off with some simple stuff about the pregnant journey like a picture of the ultrasound and mom’s belly. There is space for filling the baby’s name and date of birth, handprints, and footprints, birth announcement, and hospital bracelets, etc. In spite of being an inexpensive mother’s day gift, it is a precious keepsake for the children to flip through when they grow older. 

Get Elephant ‘Hello World’ First Five Years Memory Baby Book

Mothers Day Jewelry – I Love You Forever Necklace

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With the loving message “I love you forever” covered the crystal, this is one of the most thoughtful gifts for mom. These necklaces are designed about the joys of life and the timeless beauty inspired by Dreams and Love. Whether you are next to her, or when you are apart from her, the necklace symbolizes the deepest love. Moreover, it’s a fantastic present for your wife on her first mother’s day. 

Get “I Love You Forever” Purple Heart Pendant Necklace for Women

Attractive Fragrances Classic Cedar Leaf Candle Gifts for First Mother’s Day

The main ingredients of this first mother’s day gift are lavender, rosemary, sage, cedar leaves, and a touch of eucalyptus. The candles are crafted with proprietary premium wax formulated to burn evenly and cleanly. The candles come into four sizes: votive, classic, 3-wick, and 4-wick luxury. The glass vessel is designed to improve the beauty of its surroundings. The scent from the candles will make new moms relax.

Get NEST Fragrances Classic Candle

Wirefree Breastfeeding Maternity Bralette – Last Minute Gifts for Mom

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For a new mom, constantly changing her bra just to breastfeed is so complicated. Therefore, it’s very necessary to find a nursing bra that is comfortable enough for everyday wear. I believe that the pack of 5 Lataly Nursing Bras is one of the best presents for moms. With adjustable straps, seamless and buttery-soft fabric, these mother day gift sets are breathable, moisture-wicking, and also help prevent sagging. 

Get Lataly Womens Sleeping Nursing Bra – Wirefree Breastfeeding Maternity Bralette

Personalized Gifts for Mom and Baby Goodnight Little Me Book

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Kids, especially infants, love exploring new things. Therefore, buying this book as a fantastic first mother’s day gift is an amazing idea. “Good night Little Me” Book corporates baby’s name on the cover, in the story, and even in the illustrations. Moreover, the year this book will be given and the sender’s name is also on the cover page. The infants surely love the beautiful and colorful illustrations by Mary GrandPré – the mother of Harry Potter illustrations. 

Get Goodnight Little Me Personalized Book

Classic Turkish Bathrobe – Warm First Mothers Day Gifts

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Classic Bathrobe Turkish Hooded Robe is an incredible one to wear after a wash, pool, gym, swim, or at the beach. Made from 100% high-quality cotton with extra-long fibers in Turkey, this last-minute gift for mom will absorb moisture with terry loops inside the robe. Especially, it will become softer with each wash thanks to the durable quality of Turkey cotton. A self-fabric belt with two belt loops can be adjusted to the mother’s preference.

Get Arus Women’s Hooded Classic Bathrobe Turkish Cotton Robe

Cheap Baby Memory Book Baby Journal Gifts for Mom

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Baby Memory Book is a combination of a baby journal and a baby photo album with all of the scrapbook-type details already printed right into the pages. Parents just need to add photos of their baby and brief points of each event along the way. This is a personalized gift for mom and dad who are looking to simply follow the growth of their little newborn boy or girl. It will become a beautiful keepsake baby book. 

Get Baby Memory Book Baby Journal and Photo Album Baby Books – First Year Memory Book

Thoughtful Skip Hop Diaper Backpack Gifts for Mom

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Thanks to the spacious interior, mom can put everything inside this diaper backpack such as spare outfits, diapers, and snacks. The front compartment includes two multi-purpose packing cubes and allows for extra storage. Moreover, these perfect gifts for mom are equipped with cushioned and comfortable shoulder straps, an easy-grab top handle, and convenient stroller straps for wearing as a backpack or attaching to the stroller.

Get Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack – Multi-Function Baby Travel Bag

First Mother’s Day Gifts Bamboo Reusable Unpaper Towels 

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As you know, babies are messy and it can take a lot of towels to clean up after them. Unlike other paper towels, biodegradable paper towels absorb spillages and mess far easier. This is a perfect alternative to paper towels, which help to reduce waste. Being eco-friendly and super versatile around the home, reusable cleaning cloths are a fantastic tool for any care of newborns without affecting the environment. Plus, these great mother’s day gifts are machine washable and dry really well.

Get Reusable Unpaper Towels Washable – Bamboo Nature Friendly Paper Towels Organic Cotton

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