Honeymoon gift ideas will thrill your friend in a complete kit

Your best friend is getting married, and you know he/she is too excited to care about those small things that matter a lot while the couple is honeymooning in a distant city, or country. The honeymoon gift ideas we are going to suggest here will thrill them, and make them thank you a thousand times during their stay.

The idea behind a complete honeymoon kit

The honeymoon gift ideas I am going to discuss here may prove to be the best wedding gift your friend has received on his/her weeding. The honeymoon gift ideas will come as a blessing to a newlywed couple who is going for their honeymoon. I am asking you to make a honeymoon kit for your friend that will have every essential thing, which the couple will need during the honeymoon. I am not asking you to gift them a wardrobe or something, you can if you want to, but this is not the idea. The idea is to give them those little things that are absolute must, but which people often forget to carry when going for any vacation.

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The nuts and bolts of the honeymoon gift ideas

Take a small handbag or a small briefcase, and decorate it to make it look like a honeymoon kit that will keep the things you are going too gift in the kit. The size of the handbag or the hard-cover briefcase should be big enough to comfortably accommodate the things you are going to include in the honeymoon kit. You can also write a personalized message and sign it with your initials, on the inside of the briefcase cover.

The next step is to make a checklist of things you would take if you were going for a honeymoon. Strike out the items that your friend may not need. The things that will go into the honeymoon kit will largely depend on your friend and his or her partners preferences. Having said that, I must provide you with a list of essential items that any couple will need during their honeymoon, regardless of where they are going.

The honeymoon kit should include the following items:

1. Waist pouch


2. Knapsack


3. Name Tags


4. Luggage Tags


5. Do knot (not) disturb door hangers

6. Scented Candles


7. Some scented soap sheets


8. Perfume for both of them


9. Male and female contraceptives


10. A handbook about what to do on honeymoon and what to expect


11. Blank Diary to pen down thoughts and experiences
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12. Postcards


13. Some good music


14. Memory card readers to transfer music


15. Image Printer for Smart Phone to save pictures


16. Over the counter medicines for common cold, headaches, light fever, eye drop, dysentery etc.


17. Two straw hats


18. Chocolates


19. Some props


20. A bottle of good wine

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As the list suggest, you can purchase almost everything from the market. When you are going to shop for the handbook about what to do on honeymoon and what to expect you should be careful because this handbook will work as a guide for the couple, and if they like it, they might take a leaf or two out of the book and do the thing suggested in the handbook.

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