Easy and Unique DIY Gift Ideas For a White Elephant Exchange

If you’re hosting a white elephant party this year and want a unique and easy gift that will definitely be sought-after I’ve got some great homemade white elephant gift ideas to tell you about and I’ll show you how to get started. All of these projects are classic DIY gifts that are meant to make an impression and showcase your creativity. If you’re trying to bring to most desired gift to your exchange this year keep reading for three easy and striking ideas.

Everybody needs coasters but they’re often so boring and rarely get used as a result

These coasters are not boring though, one of my favorite gifts to give to my friends and family are coasters made out of wood with a nice lacquer finish to keep them glossy and preserve the wood. To complete this project all you need is a straight branch that’s around three and a half inches in diameter, a hand saw or tool to cut through the branch, a piece of sandpaper, and some wood lacquer. All you do is put the wood in a cool dry place and allow it to dry out completely before you cut to prevent the wood from breaking. After the wood’s dry you cut it into about two inch wide slices. Once you have enough slices that you want to work with sand down the top and bottom of the piece of wood to smooth it out. Once you’ve smoothed the wood cover one side of the slab in lacquer, let dry, and then cover the other side with lacquer and once both sides are dry you’ve got a completed set of organic, homemade coasters. If you really want to make them stand out find rare trees in your area or transplant a tree with colorful bark into your garden.

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A custom set of kitchen utensils is great for a chef or cooking enthusiast.

Custom kitchen utensils are a common idea that has been marketed by larger companies for a while now, but nothing stands out like handmade kitchen utensils that have unique patterns or are designed to specifically match with a friends’ kitchen and tastes. There are a plethora of ways to make colorful kitchen utensils but the easiest way to bring this idea into reality is to buy some wooden kitchen utensils, a few acrylic colors that you like, heat resistant gloss, and some tape. The first step is to tie tape around the bottom of the utensil towards its functioning area and then pour the acrylic paint into a bowl and dip the top half of the utensil into the paint, let dry on an elevated surface like a rack while not allowing the painted half to touch the actual rack. This is where you can get creative by either painting patterns with a brush or dipping into different colors to create a gradient. Once you’re satisfied and the paint’s dry use a brush to apply clear, heat resistant, gloss.

When in doubt sock monkey!

Another great gift idea that’s a little too complicated to cover in this article but still relatively simple is creating a custom sock monkey. Sock monkeys are cute and folksy to have around especially when they’re handmade by people in your life and have a personal significance. One of the coolest things about crafting a sock monkey is how unique you can make it by using different colored socks, weird shaped buttons, or interesting stitching patterns. While this gift isn’t very useful it’s still very original and is an opportunity to practice your sewing skills!

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Hopefully you can use one of these ideas to make an impression at your white elephant exchange but if you’re looking for something different it’s important to remember that the most wanted gifts are the ones that serve a function in a unique way or that are entirely creative and scream unique so don’t be afraid to explore, experiment, and take a chance on your own ideas that you might not find information to make easily.

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