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Seville Classics Bamboo Bath and Vanity Set

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Soap/lotion pump dispenser: 3-inch by 3-inch by 7-1/4-inch
Cotton box: 3-1/2-inch by 3-1/2-inch by 3.9-inch
Waste bin: 8-inch by 8-inch by 11-3/4-inch


The easy and sublime glance of this 5 computer Bamboo Bathtub and Vainness Set will praise any restroom. Manufactured from renewable bamboo, this blend set includes a trendy hand towel tray, a Cleaning soap/lotion dispenser, a cotton field, a tissue Duvet and a wastebasket. The Cleaning soap/lotion dispenser best is comprised of stainless-steel and holds roughly 8 oz.. The Towel Tray measures 14-Inch by means of 17-half of-Inch and one inch tall. The Cleaning soap Pumps measures three-Inch by means of three-Inch by means of 7-1/four. The Tissue Duvet measures five-1/four-Inch by means of three-1/four-Inch and five-half of-Inch. The Wastebasket measures eight-Inch by means of eight-Inch and by means of eleven-three/four-Inch. The Cotton ball holder measures three-half of-Inch by means of three-half of-Inch and by means of 3.nine-Inch.
Cleaning soap/lotion pump dispenser: three-inch by means of three-inch by means of 7-1/four-inch
Cotton field: three-half of-inch by means of three-half of-inch by means of 3.nine-inch
Waste bin: eight-inch by means of eight-inch by means of eleven-three/four-inch
Tissue Duvet: five-1/four-inch by means of five-1/four-inch by means of five-half of-inch
Hand towel tray: 14-inch by means of 7-half of-inch by means of 1-inch

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