How to Buy or Make Practical and Easy Handmade Gift for Mom

If you want to buy a handmade gift for mom, there are almost endless options. If you want to make your own version of popular items, only your skill level and free time restrict what you could do. However, this article focuses on things you could do that are affordable and easy. Even within those constraints there are many things you can make for mom’s favorite hobby, to help her organize things, and more.

10 easy Handmade Gift for mom

Brainstorming Comes First for a Wonderful Handmade Gift for Mom:

You might have the perfect thing in mind, like a bowl or bracelet. You can go to a ceramics class and make one easily enough. But what if you really aren’t sure what to make? Maybe you realized that you don’t really know what to make. Try answering some questions to get gift ideas:

1. What are her hobbies?

2. What minor inconveniences does she have to deal with?

3. What has she mentioned that she wished she could do, or stop doing?

4. What minor problems around the house has she mentioned?

Spend a couple of minutes on each question and you can probably tease out a couple of practical ideas. Searching the Internet for “homemade gifts for mom” or a similar phrase will lead you to some DIY gift ideas. And don’t worry about being “handy” or “crafty” either. You’ll find that one or two of your ideas hardly take any talent or skill at all.

Ten Easy Choices:

Still stuck? There are plenty of handmade items that appeal to a wide range of women. You can find ideas that don’t take much skill and don’t take exotic tools or materials to make. Consider these popular options:

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1. Scarf(ideal in colder climates)


2. Purse (many women enjoy having multiple purses available)


3. Bookmark(an obvious choice for the voracious reader)


4. Glass bead bracelet and matching necklace


5. Clay bead necklace or bracelet


6. Silver necklace and bracelet


7. Bowl, decorative(for candy, fake fruit, et cetera)


8. Flower vase (great project for that pottery class)

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9. DIY soap (yes, this is possible)


10. Candles (yes, you can make your own scented candles and a candle holder)


You can make these items yourself of course. Look for instructions on YouTube and patterns on a variety of Web sites. Of course if you have never knitted anything, a scarf isn’t a last-minute thing. None of the items really are. Hello Glow and Pinterest, for example, have plenty of pictures of stuff you can create if you are into beading or knitting already.

All of the other ideas are easy to handle. Check Pinterest and YouTube to find out what you need. You may have many of the tools or raw materials on hand now. For example, beadwork calls for pliers, which you probably have, and beads and wire, which are easy to buy from the craft store.

Many Handmade Options Exist:

No matter the occasion, you have plenty of easy options if you want make or buy a handmade gift for Mom. This article points out how many options there are even for the novice do-it-yourself-er. Many craft stores sell the tools and raw materials online, so it should be easy to do that craft project.