Halloween Toys for Pets

The night of witches is approaching and the shops have been filled with disguises and articles so that all we can enjoy this celebration, including our pets.

This year, Trixie, one of Europe’s leading pet accessories brands, has launched a new line of dog toys inspired by Halloween night.

It is a collection of six different models, of varied materials and with sound:

– Three models of tower-shaped latex. They have a figure inside that appears when the toy is pressed and, at the same time, it emits a sound. It measures 11 cm in length. The price is around 5 dollars.

– A plush witch with cotton cords as arms, perfect for throwing and gnawing. In addition, they help to clean the teeth. It measures 30 cm. approximately. The price is around 8 dollars.

– Two pumpkin-shaped teddies.

You can also get these Halloween toys online shop like Amazon, which also has a special promotion in which you get one of these toys for a minimum purchase of 39 dollars.

In this shop, you will also find other toys dedicated to Halloween, skulls of latex, spiders, and Skeleton Pet Costume… For cats, there are canes with pumpkins or spiders … The prices of these toys range from 2 to 6 dollars.

These toys are a good option if you intend to give your dog a new toy and, incidentally, celebrate Halloween in a big way.


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