Excellence in The Art of Great Gifting for Passionate Children Can Be Attained With Custom Farm Toys

When you are looking for great ideas for toys to give as a gift for kids, be sure not to overlook the custom farm toys. A perfect gift for a child that finds joy in discovering universes otherwise not necessarily accessible for an urban kid. They provide a mesmerizing experience and with a great chance of developing in a long-lasting hobby. But don’t be fooled – they are a great gift also for a child that is also raised with a farming background.

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What Are Custom Farm Toys

The farm displays and the custom farm toys are replica of what life in a farm looks like. They enrich a child’s life by offering the opportunity to recreate what he or she sees on real farms. And they offer a great chance to develop work-related responsibilities even from a small age. The custom made buildings and trucks done at different scales have built in details that can fascinate any child and any adult for that matter. They also teach them a great deal about farming in the process.

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What to Know When Buying Custom Farm Toys

So, if you discover custom farm toys for sale, don’t hesitate. But as there are many places where you can find them, especially online, stop a minute to understand what to look for when you want to introduce a kid to miniature farms. First of all, you have to understand that there is a difference between best custom farm toys for collectors. Those toys are not necessarily suited for children under the age of 12 and custom farm toys for kids that are more child-friendly. Then, you have to consider durability to cover safe play for both indoor and outdoor use, how they combine with other same-scale toys and accessories, and sound and light features that can enchant the younger children. Last, but not least, take into consideration the scale and whether big or small is the way to go for the perfect gift.

Custom Farm Toys – 1 /16 Scale And 1/64 Scale

While the big 1/16 scale toys can be more appropriate for younger kids, the small 1/64th custom farm toys allow less space of play and the possibility to arrange various buildings, vehicles to create realistic 1/64 farm displays. To understand the difference between custom farm toys at 1/16 scale and at 1/64 scale, the same tractor will have a length of 12 inches in 1/16 and 3 inches in 1/64.

Ertl John Deere Carry Case Value Set

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John Deere Sandbox Vehicle 2pk, Truck and Tractor

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Ertl John Deere Harvesting Set, 1:64 Scale

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Custom Farm Buildings

When building a farm display, you have to pay attention to custom farm buildings. They are the key assets that mark the important spots of farm life. You can either shop for separate custom farm building structures such as barns, sheds, houses, garages, manure pits, grain bin and what not. Another way to make sure you have your kid has enough farm buildings to start playing with a proper farm right away is to give a set as a gift, as it contains many pieces, including buildings.

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Farm Animal Action Figures – Big Bucket of Farm Animals – 50 pieces in set!

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Ertl Farm Country Grain Feed Set


Custom Farm Trucks

Oh, the fun custom farm trucks bring. Every child likes to play with vehicles, as they can be moved around. During farm play this becomes especially true as the trucks can perform a set of tasks. With a trailer truck, a tractor or a pick up truck. Your child will have a blast while bringing the grain from the field, moving animals or reducing hay. The vehicles can be equipped with pins to add more implements.

Ertl John Deere 8″ Monster Treads Shake N Sounds Combine

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John Deere 15″ Big Scoop Dump Truck with Sand Tools


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If you want to give a child a toy that can captivate him for hours and hours and also teach him or her a few basics of living life in nature, look no more. Custom farm toys are a great gift idea, for both the beginner and the passionate little farmer.

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