Give tea gifts to your guests in your wedding

The memories of marriage are an important theme for the bride and groom, they are looking for originality, a product that can be personalized and that appeals to the guests. Today we suggest you give tea bags. It is very easy to find an awesome gift for tea lovers.

If you are looking for an original, versatile and novel guest remembrance, giving tea or infusions can be a great idea. You just have to think how to give them away and that’s it, you leave your guests happy. Today we tell you some advantages of giving Tea as memories of marriage and present ideas to make it a success.

Many people like to drink tea at all times of the year. In winter a rich infusion always comes well or in summer an iced tea is just what the body asks us to refresh ourselves and feel good.

Women are generally lovers of tea, so if you want to make a gift for men and another for women you can see this alternative for girls and boys to give them a rich coffee, otherwise you can use this idea for both without any problem.

For your gift to make sense you can make a tasting of ice or hot teas depending on your tastes. This tasting should be of different rich and exotic flavors that you will then receive to take you home.

Patty Paper

The presentation will depend on the format you decide, for example, if they are tea bags you can customize them with the date of your marriage or any logo you have decided with your initials, names or photos. If they choose to give away tea to prepare, this can come either in a paper cartridge or in a plastic or metal bottle.

Another idea that seems to interest me is to have assortments of teas to prepare in a space buffet and give a container to the guests to mix them to their liking, this will make it more dynamic and fun, that you should have someone in charge To lead everything.

What do you think about the idea? Definitely delicious, different and with lots of personalities. The important thing in these cases is to do with the detail that people remember your marriage as something special and to thank your company on such an important day.

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